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    Missing important vendor in MK
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    does sophistication unlock anything in game

    You're still way in front of me. I don't speak any other languages past the Tarzan stages.
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    does sophistication unlock anything in game

    They do rhyme. Now if you wanted them to also match syllables, that is a different thing but in this case easily achieved with adjectives e.g. sharp kris, long kris, short kris, etc. I can't remember the correct terminology for all of this right now, I learned it way too long ago, but it is all...
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    Rat Pass

    or...just get it at Ichorport. :cool:
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    WTB messing stacks

    I'm pretty sure he meant 90g for each.
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    Economy crash in metals.

    Stop thinking you have to do everything sequentially. Do them concurrently instead and your overall time spent will reduce significantly.
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    house or tower, west central location

    Looking for a house, or ideally a tower, in the central western part of Myrland. Preferably somewhere between Meduli, Vadda, and Tindrem. Please PM me.
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    WTS TC structure blueprints

    Good Trader. :)
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    Griefing Group
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    What? NTC is Now Openly Hostile?

    o_O Uh, towers can have butcher's tables. I have one in mine.
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    wts 6000 cuprite gems

    100% Trusted Trader. I've had many deals with Kenvic in the last couple of years, always totally reliable.
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    Direptor Armor Book

    bumper coz
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    PC Grey, Firm, Whitewood

    greywood is significantly better than firmwood for building. it's nearly as good as dapple in that regards, but of course cuts faster.