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    Seperate PvP from PvE

    You could potentially have a skill under like Survival or something that goes along with the relevant Zoology lore to do more damage to and take less damage from NPCs/creatures (even Simia but it shouldn't work on players). Not only would it give a PvM specialisation (like you could be a foot...
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    Are we Toxic or not? Is the Mortal Online Community Toxic to new players?

    The nature of the game leans it towards being toxic to be honest, it's more of a 'how much' really. The open PvP and full loot elements will naturally gravitate it that way, but obviously that's why people are even here in the first place for the most part. That's not to say that all people who...
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    Anyone want a character planner?

    Awesome. Thanks a lot!
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    Fix NPCS

    Agreed. The PvE in this game has always sucked. I've wanted to like it and tried so many times with so many different templates to try and like it, but just about everything about it blows. From how NPCs function and behave, to the fact that you can't even really 'specialise' in PvE to the fact...
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    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

    If this is pulled off then you could easily draw some new blood and a lot of old blood back. Give people some titles/capes/loin-clothes etc for what they've done in MO and wipe the rest. There's a chance to wash away a lot of shit and actually learn from the mistakes made over the years. I'll...
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    Taming would be a great one for most players and, even as someone who has never liked the taming play style (though trying to get into it at the mo), I think taming templates in general need a reduction in primaries. As an example, have Animal Care be a secondary and Veterinary be a secondary...
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    This patch might make me dust off my accounts for a bit. Shame it's come so late but still better than nothing. I still think there are areas that require the fat trimming skill point wise (with a view to look more towards primaries being tied to specialisation) but obviously there's other areas...
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    Character Archetype Overview

    Returning player here. What are the recommended skills for a Paladin style hybrid? I'm thinking of going for poleaxes as my main weapon type but how much Ecumenical and other magic supporting skills do I need? How much heavy armor skill do I feasibly need?
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    New hybrid builds?

    Returning player here, decided to give a hybrid a whirl. What are the general recommended skills for a hybrid? I've got a pure Sard (pretty much a finished foot mage from ages ago that I was fucking round with) and pure Tind that I'm going to make into one.
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    WTS: 10k Cuprum and 5k Galbinium (Meduli)

    Cuprum: 4g per 1k Galbinium 9g per 1k Also looking to sell (pm offers): 20k Gabore Powder 40k Bleckblende Ideally looking to sell out of Meduli but may be willing to travel depending on offers. Would prefer to meet up but can do COD post if needs be.