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    Full Wipe for MO 2?

    We currently have a discussion regarding the Mortal Online sequel. Please use that thread so that we can gather feedback without having to peruse numerous threads on the same topic. Thanks!
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    A Warning Regarding Using Any Pets

    Hello everyone, Do not use any pets there is an issue with the aggro and will cause problems. This has been happening a lot in Tindrem with players using them to attack the Discordo NPC. Until Star Vault is able to adjust the attacks of any pets please do not use them to attack while you are...
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    Patch Notes

    You would already have been getting several game errors with client closings well before this, if this were the case. Nothing has changed with this detection other than how it's handled.
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    * Pigs now have a locally allowed flag, so guards cannot be called on them.

    Just to assuage some fears here, there is no chance for false positives here with the system and again, anyone using the type of software that will flag this will absolutely already know what it is and what it's used for. This isn't exactly software that comes bundled with Windows. We also log...
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    * Pigs now have a locally allowed flag, so guards cannot be called on them.

    I'm not sure how to more clearly explain that. Software that's used to cheat in games. Hacking memory, injector software, that type of thing. If someone uses this type of software they already know exactly what it is.
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    * Pigs now have a locally allowed flag, so guards cannot be called on them.

    It just means that using cheating software will auto ban the account when it's detected now. Before, it would close your game with an error message. We've decided to just ban the accounts messing with this stuff now before anything even happens.
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    * Pigs now have a locally allowed flag, so guards cannot be called on them.

    Exactly why we didn't change this (though we also were considering making undead Locally Allowed at the start). But yeah, this would go wrong pretty quickly and would be worse than the guards getting in the graveyard on a much larger scale.
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    Few Updates in todays Patch Notes

    We also feel it's necessary to point out another change. This is important!! Any account that is detected by our server to be running hacking software will AUTOMATICALLY be permanently closed by the server. These accounts will not be released. Be VERY careful about the type of software you...
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    I cant launch Mortal Online!

    Please check the game's System Requirements. Our game will not run on a 32 bit operating system. It requires a 64 bit OS.
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    Forum getting spammed?

    Please use the Report function and we'll handle it ASAP. Thanks.
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    Ability to be Robbed (drop all items button)

    We have this already. The command is /droploot Be warned, the bag only lasts five minutes.
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    Unable to start ! Unknown error (0xd8)

    Mortal Online requires a 64 bit version of Windows.
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    Free 2 Play Houses?

    You need to have a Sub in order to place a house, be traded one or pay upkeep on one. You can be Premium and still own a house if you let your sub lapse, but you won't be able to pay upkeep on it with your free account.
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    New Players: Join a Guild Today!

    Welcome to Mortal Online! And welcome back to our returning players. We'd like to point out the Guild Section of these forums to help new players situate themselves better in Mortal Online. Players who join a guild early on have access to a wealth of information, tools and resources from...