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  • Howdy! Call me bork. Contact me with some mail in game or on here!
    preferred play-style: PVP & PVE
    previous guilds: Wessex
    other games played currently: Wildstar. Chivalry : Medieval Warfare
    name of main character, and alts, along with the main professions of your characters: Thaale (Mage) Halvaar (Main. Profession yet to be determined. Whatever you guys need, I'll do it!)
    reason for joining JUNO: I like your story!
    Hello, I am intrested in joining your guild. I am a new player, ftp for now and wish to be part of a social community that share my common interest. That looks to be Juno.
    age: 49
    preferred play-style: pve
    previous guildes : none
    other games played currently: swtor, but focused on mo for now
    name of main characters: Slaegur Slag Hauler, alt Snjall Crafter
    reason for joining JUNO: community
    Hello Halafox, with this post i would like to apply to enter your guild. Im 23 and my char name is Visserys. I have only 1 char Visserys
    preferred play-style: trading, pve, pvp
    previous guilds: none
    other games played currently: WoW, Skyrim, Dragon Age...
    reason for joining JUNO: I would like to get better in this game.
    Hello brave and glorious leader of Juno. It is I, The LARP King, noble adviser and trusted friend of Iuhrn/Kelvatura. I am the first of several allies that the good lord Iuhrn will bring to the Juno table if you would have us.
    Hello Halafox, my new character spawned in Tindrum, is that too far away to sign up to Juno?
    age: 25
    preferred: fighter, tamer, just about anything
    previous: None
    other: Lots, a mix of RTS, RPG, 4x
    names: Ashare is my main. But I'm going to start up a fighter soon.
    reason: I've been playing since the game first came out off and on. With it opening up to Steam I'm hoping the game will pick up some. Beyond that, just looking to become part of something bigger.
    age: 16
    preferred play-style: PvE, Adventuring, PvP (mostly the first two.)
    previous guilds: None.
    other games: Mount & Blade: Warband, Reign of Kings etc
    Character and main professions: "Darcassan", Riding (barely started)
    reason for joining JUNO: I really like the idea of joining a serious RP guild, to play with other people and RP with them. Im also joining for training purposes, as I am pretty new to the game.
    age (15 and older please): 18.
    preferred play-style: PVP,PVE,Crafting,Support.
    previous guilds: None on this game.
    other games played currently: Too many to write down.
    name of main character, and alts, along with the main professions of your characters: Asinao No alts.
    reason for joining JUNO: JUNO Looks like a very fun and serious guild.
    age (15 and older please): 26
    preferred play-style: PvE hunter, butcher, tamer
    previous guilds: none
    other games played currently: heroes of the storm, gw2, lol, etc etc
    name of main character, and alts, along with the main professions of your characters: Nykolas (no alts)
    reason for joining JUNO: seems interesting
    FrostByte Age: 30
    Playing Style: Trade, PVE, Raid
    Prev. Guilds: n/a
    other games: not atm
    Characters: FrostByte - Merchant/Craftsman
    Reasons: to have fun and build friendships and be a part of a guild family
    Age: 26
    Prefered play-style: Small scale pvp, adventuring and taming.
    Previous guilds: None
    Other games: None
    Characters: Main Casara is a mage, alt Bryson is a duel wielding sword fighter, alt Casien is a weaponsmith, alt Faasnu is a tamer.
    Reason for joining: To learn more about Mortal and help ou t the guild and other members as much as possible.
    age: 31
    play-style: Exploration, crafting, pve
    previous guilds: Mostly solo but was in CROM briefly
    other games: None
    characters: Malkar(butcher/lite armors) Bryck (slaghauler/weaponsmith) Morinia (lockpicker/tamer) Athros (footfighter)
    reason for joining JUNO: Make new friends with similar play style and gameplay ethics. I like casual RP and am interested in the empire building ideas of the principality :)
    Hey, sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've been busy in real life. Am I still welcome in Juno?
    What does the Fox say?
    age: 26
    Preferred play-style: PVE, Crafting, friendly pvp
    Previous guilds:
    Other games played currently: currently this is the only mmo.
    Characters: Amilda (Mounted axemaiden), Naudia(tamer), Kimula (armorsmith), Kirsi (slaghauler), Sunshou (Butcher)
    reason for joining JUNO: I've been playing for only about 2 months. I would love to find friends in the game to grow with and help. I also enjoy rp from time to time.
    age: 17
    preferred play-style: PvE, Crafting
    previous guilds: Never been in any
    other games played currently: Survivalist, Fallout 1, Fallout 2
    name of main character: Trollop- PtP Butcher, looking to change to a different crafting profession soon unless I can find business
    reason for joining JUNO: I'm joining because I want to make new friends and learn new things from the guild.
    Age: 21
    Play Style: PvE, Adventuring, ocassional small-scale PvP
    Other games: Dark Souls, ESO
    Characters: Valus (Dismounted Fight/Archer), Kohltain(Woodcutter, Bowyer, Armor Crafting),
    Reason for joining: To get a sense of belonging with like minded players and to break a long solo-gaming habit. Want to learn from those more experienced about what I haven't picked up myself.
    Age: 24
    Play Style: PvE, Trading, Duels
    Previous guilds: [SUN], [SOLO]
    Other games: CS GO, GTA 4, Arma 2
    Characters: Oghiem (Ground Fighter), Roran (Miner/Tamer), Tristenio (Weapon/Armor Crafter)
    Reason for joining: I'm looking for a guild to fulfill my needs in-game practically and mentally. JUNO's goals and interests and my own are the same, so, this is my best option.
    play-style: PVE
    previous guilds: Greyfox guild i think it was called Rebels.
    other games:I'm playing this until the subscription end in 28 days.
    name of main character, and alts:Main is ZedTasker pure fighter, Spear and bow user, Alt is Tasker he is butcher/Armor crafting.
    reason for joining JUNO: I'm making -0 profit in bandits killing because i keep getting stabbed in the back by selfish assholes.
    age (15 and older please):19
    preferred play-style: animal tamer
    previous guilds: none
    other games played currently: DayZ
    name of main character, and alts, along with the main professions of your characters: smokeyjoe
    reason for joining JUNO: I would like to join to learn more about the game and help build JUNO into the biggest trading empire in all of mortalonline
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