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    In Game Support Notices

    Please, if you are trading a guild keep contact in-game support before you initialize the trade, as the NPCs will be lost and will not be refunded.
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    In Game Support Notices

    There was a statement, but it seems it was removed a GM can put you jail for any reason to discuss reports, if you leave the jail by any means you will be banned for failure to follow in-game support instructions.
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    Payment Issues

    Since our SSL is expired, the payments will get stuck in processing, if you make a payment and it does not work please contact me in Discord, or here with the Payment ID and I will push it through.
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    Skill Issue

    Please make sure you check your characters and get the missing skill points fixed, by Tuesday, Feb, 12 there will be no more setting skills for players.
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    Limited Support

    This Thursday is the US holiday Thanksgiving as such there will be limited support and longer than normal wait times, Please be aware of this and sorry for the inconvenience.
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    In Game Support Notices

    There is an issue where certain boss creatures are not fighting back, due to unknown reasons, if you decide to exploit this you can be banned, please report the AI, so that it can be moved and fought correctly. The GM's will randomly be watching the spawn if you are caught you will be banned...
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    In Game Support Notices

    We have decided to change the 48hour timer for unbuilt houses, we can not find any logic to keep that timer, so until the change is made in the code in-game support will verify the house was unbuilt, no items present, and destroyed then proceed to lower the decay timer. Anyone can make this...
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    Arena Closed until Further Notice

    I have decided to close the arena to give the developers time to resolve the numerous exploits that are being used. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause the banks will be put outside to get your items.
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    In Game Support Notices

    Due to technical limitations if your pet dies, due to fall damage, glitch or a bug support will not be able to confirm the death and therefore will not be able to resurrect the pet. We apologize for this inconvenience, but as this system was abused in the past, we are forced to make this policy.
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    Subscription payments are not being applied immediately, we are working on the problem in the meantime you can send me a message with the payment ID, and I will push it through.
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    Account Problems

    If anyone has an account they can not access, or items missing from the breech please contact me directly I will do what I can to get it resolved.
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    Payment not working

    If anyone has any sub payments that are suck on initiated please contact me and I will push them through.
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    Requests to Reset Murder Counts

    Please do not request this from my game masters. We will not reset counts for any reason, If you have decided to be a murderer then you must face the consequences no matter how long you have been away from the game.
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    Anyone Log In Yet?

    I am going to restart it , something is wrong not letting anyone in.
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    Server Reboot

    I am going to attempt to reboot the server every three hours as to avoid players losing there items due to the unexpected crash our developer is working tireless on trying to fix. I am hoping this removes lot of the stress due to unexpected item loss.