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    Killing Orrns Best Player

    nice editing
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    Statement from the RPK opposition

    Takes very little responsibility, promotes SALT as caring and hardcore by not building walls and moves to propaganda to get sympathy and recruit and rezerg. ok then. GG
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    Statement from the RPK opposition

    Grab yourself some punctuation and a case of Xanax plz
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    Chicken Spirit Event

    A quick vid what you'll have to deal with ...
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    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

    Not excited to see a copy paste of the current game like everyone else is. MO worked vs competion on release and beta - now you are playing catch up to other games trying to keep your head above water with virtually no player base. If this was something that is needed it should of been...
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    SV Bring back The sword of Tears in the up Coming Event ......

    Thanks for repositng this vid. Forgot about it. Miss those times and the players and content that came with it. :(
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    Mortal Online Smash Edition! Every Scrub Is Here!

    :D There's a come to vadda classic line from Retox if u know him. Another classic clip
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    MR Vid - Closed Beta Log in for Massive

    In case you missed the announcement.
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    Patch Notes

    Some interesting adjustments to poles. Which i'm not happy with. I’d like to still test long poles before I criticize - but i don't think using historical references on weapons is the right way to go for making a change. Again I'd like to test. The big adjustment is “Fixed issue with...
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    Patch Notes

    * Tweaked the synch on Risar attacks. Nice sv. Interested in testing this tweak. Been needed for a while now.
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    This game is a hot spot for boredom and idiots. Shit happens.
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    I really like the vibe of manga Atsu. It's so cool seeing red pkers role into town,do business when other reds (who are most of the times enemies) also do business. It's kind of a civilized yet chaotic. It's equally as interesting seeing new players and simple farmers doing their own thing when...
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    GK is populated

    Make sure to post this on the steam site.
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    Fighting on windowed mode.

    Great thread stril. This happens lots when running a few clients which is 90% of the time these days. What I usually do is run one in full screen and one in Windows but it doesn't swap back to the full screen mode when alt tabing.