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    What really killed Mortal Online?

    TC... Mounteds hitting you for 100 dmg even in ogh helmets Dual strike was also a disaster. Broke the real good ol' combat movement Sarduca or whatever the fkn disaster deserts name is Not fixing critical bugs/abuses in time The list can continue. But hey, 8 years ago was a blast!
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    WTS Steel

    I shall bid 1gold and a sling of tehmudjins hair in the name of bektar. Hmu.
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    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

    Ive played LiF alot i understand the point with JH but it wouldn't be the same thing on MO2
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    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

    CLEAN WIPE Most important thing will be to wipe it.. people shouldn't have riches transferred, account bind stuff yes but not what is grinded. Why? Read below. POPULATION When MO2 releases it will bring alot of new players, aswell as veterans BUT vets from early mo/mo overall shouldn't come...
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    Fear of Bektar

    I Remember when RPK made demi try to siege us, first they got rekt and only destroyed a wall, then how many ours did it take to siege them back? 3? or was it less?
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    RPK Siege at 3 lakes

    First theory is bad, Who teh fuk would hire rpk to siege something? the whole theory is stupid.
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    RPK Siege at 3 lakes

    so pointless thread #attention
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    Full on Mintos

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    Leave the Cliff Jumping to the Pros

    That's actually nice. First rpk video I think is good.
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    Full on Mintos

    ye, right.
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    Full on Mintos

    oh ye, last time I checked I killed RPK warriors naked
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    Pluros Stream of ELITE PVP!!!

    No its about the discussion above.
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    Full on Mintos

    Wow, I don't find words of how bad you are, and that is very bad