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    Banging n chasing

    I think he warned not to watch on full screen because of what happened in the video. One group gets totally annihilated without a real chance of fighting back (I assume new players or just bad luck/coordination/whatever) so it's not really worth your full attention.
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    cannot verify account...omg

    Just pm him the information on the forums.
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    Blood on armor? ?

    What kind of interaction did you actually have with the corpses, if I may inquire?
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    Toxic Comunity

    You will hand his ass to him several times?
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    Can't figure how to perform Perfect Block

    Perfect block is now called parry :)
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    Has playerbase picked up?

    You and me both, bro.
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    Hiring PP Farmers

    You kind of can but you would need to set up a guild, wardec Ich and let them kill you to transfer it over.
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    I am considering spending a lot of time in mortal. Why or why not?

    And once you lose your pants, you aint gonna get them back upon resurrect (unless they changed this at some point)!
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    Pliz fix this..

    There are so many bannable offenses in the game you are not aware of, that you are taking a big risk of being banned everytime you log in.
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    Seb has been doing a lot of praying the past few months. Has he finally found faith?
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    Making Mortal more immersive.

    Female characters should get a 10% increase to vendor prices for a week every month because they are bitchy.
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    There is something called glass furnace and it's already well secured, sorry :)
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    The first thing you have seen after update

    I noticed that they removed the mouse sensitivity option altogether.
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    Anyone else stuck in the loading screen?

    It depends on where you log in. I was able to login to Meduli fine but when I log in to KotO keep I get the same problem. Node borked?