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  • hey i need a man to make a macro let me know if you would be willing to help me out?
    Do you play mount and blade CRPG?
    got the greathorn invite hansel
    Considering coming back, but it really hinges on available relations in game.. How does this look for my App?
    Fighter Name: Exyle
    Age: 17
    Playstyle: Kiting w/ spears and swords...
    Experience in MO: A Year and a half? If including breaks, 2 years.
    Training Is mandatory
    Agreed on the gear part. However "free" isn't really the word. I consider it more earned than free.
    Yes, resources, yes.
    Recruited by TrothGar
    Name: Poisoned
    Age: 28
    Playstyle: Mounted Archer
    Experience playing MO: 2 months
    but very experienced with FFA pvp MMorpg
    Training is Mandatory: Agreed
    Loosing gear out of group battles forfeits: Agreed
    Contrubution to rescourses: Agreed
    I would like to apply for your guild. In game name is 'Walk'. I have a fighter, and I'm 17. I already have Team Speak. I have subscribed account.
    me and my friend probably want to join you (after trial)..i want to do mounted combat, he is on foot i think..i only want to use 1 teamspeak. having 2 open is annoying..
    I want to apply for the guild.I am a fighter i am 13 years old and my name in the game is JasonGrace i just started playing the game a week ago and i am looking for training/help.I also have skype and teamspeak. I would appreciate it if you would let me into the guild have a nice day.
    Hey Strilan, I am kujia's friend. Looking to get into Mortal and I just made a fighter. Installed teamspeak also.
    Strilan, Sounds like you have a great thing going here. I would be stoked to train with you guys 24/7 to become one of the best. Looking for structure, brotherhood, and most importantly a great time in game. Please hit me up in game. I'll be on Vanuu (melee) for most of the time, or possibly a dex mage alt I'm experimenting with named Intel.
    Strilaaaaaan! What's happened!?
    So, is [TyR]annus the less mentionable part of GUTS, or do you just not update your profile? (You need a personal assistant, perhaps?)
    Strilan, I did get mad at Bernajos, and I apologize, I went over-board with it because I assumed he wouldn't take it seriously. Don't take it out on Omni though, they're your friends.

    Don't abandon them because of me.
    Hey! I don´t know how to contact you private, but me and 4 of my irl friends are interested in the Jungle house if you are still interested in selling it. We are able to pay in gold. Please answer here or pm me and let me know what you think! =)
    you still have that house in the jungle , i got 2k ogh i can trade you.

    willing to trade first =)
    Banana Hammocks! Let's get friendly!
    If you want to play with me, join [GUTS] Guttersnipes! Every member that joins will be "Another victory for the Guttersnipes!"
    Hi, my name is Logator, and I would like to join your guild. I would like to become a fighter, right now I am Pay2Play.
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