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    Older player Reunion, out of curiosity.

    Im new here. How do I open map, please? And how I go third person view, please? and where are the quests, please?
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    Cant create an account

    Bad timing. The server went down yesterday and has been down for 12 hours. They are working on it. Edit: Did you check the Terms of service box?
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    Problem with mo2 population

    Your prediction is not unrealistic. But I heard it 10 years ago and here I am playing MO2.
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    MO2 Serious desync?

    For proper testning?
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    April 27 - Mortal Online 2 Feedback

    Under gameplay you can select key directional or mouse directional.
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    Problem with mo2 population

    You finished uni, left Russia for EU, play MO AND you speak good english. There should be a statue of you in Moskow, Sir.
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    Speed Question

    Only melee. Your int affects spell power a bit, Idd recommend at least 40 int. Psy and int also give more mana. In archery the damage is all about what bow you use and your strength lets you use more powerful bows.
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    Speed Question

    The difference wont be just 4 points if you make the fastest char possible. The creation screen doesnt take into account maxing ur dex and running skills. I dont remember the exact number but you can be about 15 points faster than a thur Khur, and thats a huge difference. You will have low HP...
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    Speed Question

    Speed is affected greatly by your dexterity and some races have a much higher max dex then others, thus higher max Speed.
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    Problem with mo2 population

    200 bucks a month and you still sub 2 accounts? Very Nice. Big pp. You are welcome in floor gang. (pewdiepie reference) PS: my comments about poor people is a comedic way to defend the high price tag. Its like saying that people with big hands arent welcome to eat pringles because the can is...
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    Problem with mo2 population

    Payment for the game keeps out the poor kids, sub is a must since updates are included. The game slogan should be "Mortal Online 2, no poor people". EDIT: I do hope that they can add in game sub tokens, just like current reroll-tokens. A very good way to let poor people do our dirty work to be...
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    Has anyone made a complete list of every "boss" in MO?

    Of course a discussion about bosses ends up being about me.
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    Corona Lockdown

    6k deaths yesterday. And Its just geting started in africa and india.
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    Corona Lockdown

    This is one of those posts that are too messed up for me to bother trying to explain things. Very entertaining tho.