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    Only 90s kids remember sausage lake.

    never forget
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    Only 90s kids remember sausage lake.

    Could have sworn there was a post on the top of the forum about them developing a new game. I must be insane.
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    AngrySully - Greatest shit poster to ever post.Pretty good at the game too.
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    Only 90s kids remember sausage lake.

    Implying that there has ever been a period of time where the game wasn't a buggy piece of shit. Mortal has always had its highs and lows. It was more fun in the beginning. The core aspect of the game and the political shenanigans were what made it fun. And being part of the start of what the...
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    Only 90s kids remember sausage lake.

    Game was best before it released. Prove me wrong.
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    Mortal Online 2 Discussion

    Mortal Online has been plagued with game limitations from the very start. As someone who played from Pre-Alpha to well within release I am glad to see this. Good Luck Star Vault. edit: mods please don't remove my title. I love it in its broke html state. It reminds me of the good old days of...
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    Skill System

    This thread needs to get locked.
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    The first OFFICIAL King of Nave?

    Kubalay is the king
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    Nave is a big snore

    I was gonna sub again but I think I'll just wait now.
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    So, what do you guys do with your gold coins ?

    Ill take your gold, I need books.
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    Skill System

    Stop talking about perma death.
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    Skill System

    I can't believe you think I'm serious. and yeah I haven't played for a while. I'm not autistic though.
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    Skill System

    no man it will fix everything
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    Hey Mors Omnibus

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    Skill System

    Here we have it folks. Permadeath is the answer to balancing the skill system.