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    Witcher 3 gameplay footage (35min)

    Dude most of the world is literally some faggot spamming Speed Trees with a brush and putting some bandits down somewhere in there. If that constitutes awesome graphics all SV would have to do is multiply all trees one hundred times, slap a "sick graphics, only with 3k€ build!" sticker somewhere...
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    Making Mortal more immersive.

    Hahaha, just no. Go force your wannabe life simulation on someone else.
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    The European Army

    Europe should be for Africans and Arabs too, because when I think about being born in either of both places I'd hold the opinion that me and my family have a right to live in Europe. For that reason I'd get a good education, enter a job with good pay so I can afford to smuggle myself there for...
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    frogboyswe - Announcement of Loan Default

    You're a thief and I don't respect you.
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    Butchery Yields

    Maybe someone can add the yields of Sarducaa mobs?
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    Gems gained through mining

    This is excessive baiting.
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    Gems gained through mining

    I am not concerned with pretty visuals, tell me the inner value of the gems!
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    Favorite 3 Games / Raffle Idea

    These are the actual prices: Outlast - 7€ Gun of Icarus:Online - 2,31€ Chivalry:Medieval Warfare - 7,29€ Dark Souls:Prepare to die edition - 12€ Rising Storm - 6€ Lucius - 3,90€
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    LFG building in Sarducaa

    >not paying to spend time with others Edit: Thread can be closed now, I got an invite.
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    LFG building in Sarducaa

    I think paying 200g for something that is usually for free is expensive.
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    LFG building in Sarducaa

    Too expensive.
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    Your Favorite Songs?

    Yours reminds me of this... Now that I think about it this is literally Mortal Online the music video.
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    LFG building in Sarducaa

    I am looking for a guild which settles in Sarducaa. My chars are: Fighter Butcher/Armourer Extractor/Weapons Smith Tamer/Might go Alchemist with his one I am looking for a small-medium sized guild, preferable in a early stage, who are planning on building a city in Sarducaa. I am ok with most...
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    The European Army

    European army? Yes. |Big, modern, strong Going for a US like structure where European nations become states? Yes. |We one huge nation now Tearing down the walls of Fortress Europe? Yes! |We need our own black minorities! ??????? Become USE, 2040 Black president : DDDDDDDD