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  1. NineOneSix

    What would bring you back to MO?

    I would say two things could bring me back. 1. Being able to use the forums again, having not been able to since early 2017. Well, post-breach, that is now sorted. 2. Being able to access any of my old accounts. Nope. Two x Ogh 100 crafters, more than a stack of Ogh and all the tiers down from...
  2. NineOneSix

    Oce based player LFG

    Elysium has players across all timezones, including a couple of Aussies and a token Kiwi (me). We live far from civilisation in mud huts. We wear grass skirts, ride terrorbirds and swim with the dolphins. This is a homicidal suicidal genocidal guild. Check us out...
  3. NineOneSix


    Consider also the valley west of Herj keep - it has a hill, the cliffside, and a fairly open field with a few mining nodes here and there. Quite an interesting spot for a large engagement I think and it presents some options for dealing with mounteds.
  4. NineOneSix

    CK Mining and Refinery (Buying and Selling materials)

    It is a bit of a pain to get any significant amount of jadeite. That combined with the fact it is somewhat useful allows it to sell at that price even though for many it is simply a by-product. As always, regardless of how difficult it is to get, people will not pay more than what it is worth in...
  5. NineOneSix

    RPK Siege at 3 lakes

    Its Thursday afternoon. Prime time begins in a few hours, and when server goes down it will be bed time...
  6. NineOneSix

    Since when is DA RPK?

    Me too! Whats up with that?
  7. NineOneSix

    Character Archetype Overview

    Good summary, but you might want to fix this bit
  8. NineOneSix

    Mounted combat with low str?

    Look for videos by Trismagi, usually called fun with lances. That is a Tindremene MC hybrid I believe. You can probably pull that off with an alvarin but its kind of expensive with the low dura on lances.
  9. NineOneSix

    WTB cronite - I can collect

    AIM came through for me this time. Thread closed.
  10. NineOneSix

    WTB cronite - I can collect

    Thanks for the offer, AIM is trying to make amends now so I will let you know if that does not work out. PMed you about the sang.
  11. NineOneSix

    WTB cronite - I can collect

    Bump - still needed due to non-delivery of previous offer
  12. NineOneSix

    WTB red bleckblende in GK, or sanguinite

    Bump, and increased offers
  13. NineOneSix

    pre patch bull horses

    They are pre-patch since they exceed the attribute cap, but as stated earlier they are less than perfect examples. Well and truly less. These are the horses that you used to fire sell cheaply on brokers or send to your miner-gatherer while you have another try at breeding out the low...
  14. NineOneSix


    WTB chalk glance. I sent you a PM.
  15. NineOneSix

    [A]rchon vs RPK!

    Beans are not issued. You give beans or get beans. There is no other way.
  16. NineOneSix

    Stop Changing Naming Rules

    Its also worth making your racial mix the last name, if its something non-standard that you might not remember after a year.
  17. NineOneSix


    I would wager that the extraordinary amount of attention being given to them is encouraging repeat performances.
  18. NineOneSix


    Neither ID or Ely dictate the day to day activities of Dred. You will have to resolve it with them by force or diplomacy.
  19. NineOneSix


    The problem with MK is the distance to resources. Any taxes on the citizens are more than offset by the convenience and time saved in accessing resources. I think AIM would be quite happy to cover all their upkeep tbh, creating this city is not something I would do with a pure profit motive...
  20. NineOneSix

    Looking for guild focused on business

    I heard that Aim are desperately in need of delivery guys, you could check them out.