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  1. WaterSurfer

    DOOM building on Greater Natorus

    Me and RPK! went blew it up last night, we didn't like DOOM building anything on Greater Natorus and yet after that. They continues, what are you doing, DOOM? Taking Greater Natorus as big benefit from the server? I'd imagine my extractor has no escape route, since it is only one in and out. :mad:
  2. WaterSurfer

    Proposal to change the Breeding Ground system

    Change the Breeding Ground system Issues: 1. You put bad stat or good stat parents into breeding ground and get babies with no result, compare to you get from breeding in the stable. 2. Breeding ground system has no reward system, due to lack of tiers in NPC Breeder and non-gender required. 3...
  3. WaterSurfer

    H2O's Bazaar

    Meduli: 708 Cuprite - 210g 20,000 Scraps - 400g per stack or make an offer
  4. WaterSurfer

    Need help to build a PC

    Aloha folks, I have someone help me to pick parts for to build a PC. In my opinion, its too much, because I basically only play Mortal Online. I need your feedback and suggest for the PC build that will be good enough to play MO without any lag, probably with high quality too. Here the build...
  5. WaterSurfer

    Shield wont block arrows

    I fought a MA as foot spear with shield guy, I tried to block and he was able to shoot to go through to hit my torso.
  6. WaterSurfer

    Nyx Poor Quality mines

    Is that normal?
  7. WaterSurfer

    WTS Elite Guild Guard Contract

    ^^ PM me
  8. WaterSurfer

    Items didnt bank

    I took items out of house bank and put them in Meduli bank. I came to Vadda, and relog, I got items in my bag which was banked in Meduli.
  9. WaterSurfer

    WTS Pansar Scales

  10. WaterSurfer

    Spell Book cant open after being used

    I can't open Spell book for 2nd time, after I opened once. I have to relog to be able to open Spell book...
  11. WaterSurfer


  12. WaterSurfer

    WTB Granum

    I'm looking to buy 300 stacks of Granum Buying location: Vadda, KotO keep, or Meduli pm me prices Mahalo!
  13. WaterSurfer

    Books on sale!

    9 - Ironsilk Lore book - 8g 1 - Dominate IV book -12g 1 - Creature Control III book - 10g Only in Tind, Meduli or Vadda
  14. WaterSurfer

    No Cap members in guild with a keep

    I think it will be good there is no cap # members in the guild, if the guildstone is placed in Keep.
  15. WaterSurfer

    WTS Tind House t1 deed

    Tind House Tier 1 Deed for 280g SOLD
  16. WaterSurfer

    WTS Cuprum

    2 stacks in stock = 45g per stack SOLD
  17. WaterSurfer

    WTS Direptor Armor book and Ironsilk lore book

    Direptor Armor book - 1 in stock - 250g Ironsilk Lore book - 5 in stock - 10g
  18. WaterSurfer

    Fixed No collision between NPC and Siege Equipment

    When NPC (i.e. Gatekeeper) attack siege equipment, NPC "teleport" into center of siege equipment and attack it. We are not able to kill NPC to stop him from destroying siege equipment. Clearly that there is no collision between NPC and Siege Equipment. I spoke with GM Sauda and he did test it...
  19. WaterSurfer

    WTB Draco armor book

    PM me