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    Bim Bam Boom
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    new valhall

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    Shop & Services

    Important: All items listed are currently in Tindrem You can negociate prices ( but i don't/barely deliver ) All price discussions are done in PM. If no price mentionned : YOU NEED TO START PM WITH OFFER (you are free to do Golds/Mats/Items offers in PM) All trade cod/reception will be...
  4. Keurk

    Guards : have they been buffed ?

    Question in tittle. since yesterday i am experiencing huge issues getting away from guards in place where i could ,before, be able to escape. Happened in various places. Elite guards thunderbolting me for 80 and such things. Anyone know about this?
  5. Keurk

    LF the mortal online OST from this trailer in HD

    the best quality you link to me, the better it is ! thx <3
  6. Keurk

    Fist weapons ( slash and blunt ) in Tindrem

    PM with an offer
  7. Keurk

    Buying 5 K ironsilk

    PM me for details
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    Buying Direptor armor book

    PM me with price and location
  9. Keurk

    Buying Lictors armors : Tindremic and Khurite lictors sets

    PM me with your offer. Im not interested of sets with pieces bellow 85% durability.
  10. Keurk

    Trade my 4 rubers for your Tind Guard book

    in MK