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  1. Viscount

    Sarducca map and Mount traits

    As a returning player, I have some very basic questions regarding updates within the past couple years. In the past, I've refrained from asking questions on the forum. But today I'll give it a shot! Sarducca I haven't yet explored this continent! (Sad, I know). Besides a crude drawing, I can't...
  2. Viscount

    (Yet another) State of the Game Thread

    tldr; What is the current state of Horses/Breeding mechanics. The armor system. PvP in general. And player numbers. Bonus points if you can compare to the state of affairs around 2015-2016. -------------------------------------------- MO was my first MMORPG. Something about it keeps calling me...
  3. Viscount


    I have tried WoW, Rift, Archeage, and a myriad of other similar games. I have tried all of these but I could not stand them. Where is the freedom and depth of a game like Mortal? I usually quit, disgusted after following so many exclamation marks and giant floating question marks until I vomit...
  4. Viscount

    You are all Twitchers (yet another grief play thread)

    I'm reading a book on grief play in MMORPGs. The author seems to believe that griefers cause a few negative outcomes. These are outcomes which he believes should be removed from games... Some of these bad things include: Distrust - The griefer causes players to be less willing to help others...
  5. Viscount

    Animal Breeder Contract?

    It appears that each breeding grounds comes with one, dismissible animal breeder. However, I wish to station two NPCs at one breeding ground. I know that grandmaster breeders may be found as a drop (elite sators?) I know that a second novice breeder cannot be found in the vendor contractor NPC...
  6. Viscount

    WTB Silk, Guardfur in Bakti

    There is currently a buy order at the Bakti trade broker for the following goods: Guardfur at 40c per unit Total Qnt: 10,000 Silk at 150c per unit Total Qnt: 8,690
  7. Viscount

    WTB Pansar Scale 300g

    WTB 1 stack of Pansar scale for 300g. In Bakti. Seller found
  8. Viscount

    WTS Molarium, Incisium

    2 stacks of Incisium = 40g per stack 3 stacks of molarium = 32g per stack All for sell at the Bakti trade broker I will not deliver, but I will hold your materials for up to 24hrs should you wish to travel for pickup.
  9. Viscount

    WTB 5k Silk

    A buy order for silk at 1.20 silver per unit is at the Bakti trade broker. A total of 5k silk is ready to be purchased You may also pm me for negation
  10. Viscount

    Full Armor Reports

    Armor Reports Use and Purpose The following reports are an armor crafter's observations on the armor types. These reports may be of use for any armor crafter. They are also of use to the buyer, who may not otherwise have a chance to understand these armors. Current state of the reports Each...
  11. Viscount

    Sarducaan Guard Armor: A Report

    OUTDATED THREAD See here Sarducaan Guard: General Report The following is an armor crafter’s notes on the quality and use of sarducaan guard. Strength and Mitigation With respect to the other light armors, the armor is...
  12. Viscount

    WTB 5k Ironsilk

    WTB 5k ironsilk in Bakti for 250g or best offer. Purchased. Stack for 400g
  13. Viscount

    WTS Incisium, Keeled Scales

    1.5 stacks of Incisium = 40g per stack 2 stacks of Horned scales = 35g 2 stacks of ironbone = 15g each 2 stacks of Keeled scale = 14g 12 sator spears = 4g each. All currently at Bakti trade broker I will not deliver these items outside of Bakti. I will remove the items from the broker and...
  14. Viscount

    WTB Silk

    WTB 5k silk for 60g or best offer. In Bakti
  15. Viscount

    What is your Mage/Hybrid's....?

    What is your hybrid or mage's armor weight? I see the 4 and 5 weighters sell a lot, but as I've never been in a guild with many mages/hybrids, I don't know what the pvp'ers prefer. So I'm wondering, what armor weight does your mage or hybrid go for?
  16. Viscount

    Viscount's Armor

    MIssion statement: To outfit customers with the most optimal armor for their weight class. Est. June 2015 255 armor sets sold! Shop Status: CLOSED. Due to out-of-game commitments, I'm forced to close the doors of my shop. My subscription will end on September 1st, 2015. I have a large amount...
  17. Viscount

    Direptor Book for 300g

    WTB Direptor Lore Book for 300g at Bakti. Seller found
  18. Viscount

    WTB Ironsilk

    WTB a half stack (5k) of ironsilk in Bakti for 235g Seller found
  19. Viscount

    WTS Molarium, 40g

    Molarium in stock: 4 stacks 3 stacks 40g per stack. Purchase at the Bakti trade broker. (Ironbone also for sell at the broker for 15g a stack)
  20. Viscount

    Armor Sets @ Bakti

    Shop located at this page: