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    Payment Issues

    Since our SSL is expired, the payments will get stuck in processing, if you make a payment and it does not work please contact me in Discord, or here with the Payment ID and I will push it through.
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    Skill Issue

    Please make sure you check your characters and get the missing skill points fixed, by Tuesday, Feb, 12 there will be no more setting skills for players.
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    Limited Support

    This Thursday is the US holiday Thanksgiving as such there will be limited support and longer than normal wait times, Please be aware of this and sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Arena Closed until Further Notice

    I have decided to close the arena to give the developers time to resolve the numerous exploits that are being used. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause the banks will be put outside to get your items.
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    In Game Support Notices

    Due to technical limitations if your pet dies, due to fall damage, glitch or a bug support will not be able to confirm the death and therefore will not be able to resurrect the pet. We apologize for this inconvenience, but as this system was abused in the past, we are forced to make this policy.
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    Subscription payments are not being applied immediately, we are working on the problem in the meantime you can send me a message with the payment ID, and I will push it through.
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    Account Problems

    If anyone has an account they can not access, or items missing from the breech please contact me directly I will do what I can to get it resolved.
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    Requests to Reset Murder Counts

    Please do not request this from my game masters. We will not reset counts for any reason, If you have decided to be a murderer then you must face the consequences no matter how long you have been away from the game.
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    Server Reboot

    I am going to attempt to reboot the server every three hours as to avoid players losing there items due to the unexpected crash our developer is working tireless on trying to fix. I am hoping this removes lot of the stress due to unexpected item loss.
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    Server Crash

    The nodes went down as I went to reboot to resolve it the server crashed. I hope to get it back up soon and sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that support can not compensate for crashing as they have no way to prove anything please read here for...
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    Pet Compensation

    As of late there have been many request for gamemasters to respawn dead pets. I want to make some things clear so there is no confusion anymore. While it may have been that at one point we decided to just restore all pets that customers claimed died to bugs, it was massively abused as there...
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    Territory Control Structures

    As per this patch note: It is no longer possible to build TC structures directly inside of keep locations. Guilds with TC inside of their keeps will have the structures refunded once the hotfix is published. Gamemasters will be going around removing TC structures from inside the keep itself...
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    In Game Player Support

    At this time we no longer require any player support we thank those who have helped us in the past. It's possible we might open up support to players again but for now it's not required.
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    In Game Petitions

    Please help us to help you, If you can give us the map you're on when you describe your issue it would help us to solve the issues faster as most of us have 5 mins before we can load in each time we teleport.
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    Banned Accounts

    Anyone that was banned and still not released please send me a PM. You should have your access back now.
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    Bad Password /AccountName

    We are aware that our users are getting this its part of a directed attack at our login services, we are working with our host to try and resolve it, please we ask that you be patient with us as we do our best to resolve this as quickly as possible.
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    Using DropLoot

    When you use the function /droploot , there should be some things you should be aware of I have decided to post these so everyone is forewarned it seems we are still having players who do not know. The timer is only 5 mins when you do the command make sure your not in a structure if you can...
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    Donation Cape

    It has come to our attention the donation loin cloth, and lion cape has accidentally been set to be able to trade it. This is not allowed to buy or sell these and we can tell if you are supposed to have this cape. Anyone found with one who is not supposed to have it it will be removed without...
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    IRC Information Please read this for those who want to use it and connect you will need to follow these instructions.
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    Arena Opening - Super Saturday event

    The Mortal Online staff invites you to join us this Saturday. We will kick off the fun by opening the Tindrem Arena complete with gladiators to challenge your fighting prowess. There will be a request from an important person that you must attend at about 20:00 GMT +2 that day as well So...