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  1. CaptainGuy

    A Question With Implications: What Do the Huergar Eat?

    with extra ichor sauce.
  2. CaptainGuy

    arcania gothic 4

    I played Gothic 4 and bought Two Worlds II when they came out (a month apart from each other) and felt like Two Worlds II was superior for the most part.
  3. CaptainGuy

    hi all, sebs twitter :)

    "All weapons and armor have been deemed illegal to possess in the City of NakedMageania." Make it happen, SV!
  4. CaptainGuy

    The Sword of Tears - Riposte

    I had a chai tea today for the first time at work. Was quite nice. I thought it tasted like Spice Cake Tea but my coworker was like "You're full of shit it's disgusting". What a loser. Also, congrats to whatever Guts got the sword. If it gets banked until the end of the world I'll be super...
  5. CaptainGuy

    Top 10 in each class

    Best Cliff Diver: Raok
  6. CaptainGuy

    Is Hawq only good for killing nakeds and afk ?

    Hey, no, correct yourself. *I* am the master of cliff diving. Every time I find myself outnumbered it's off the cliff and totally safe before you can say "God damnit, Raok just jumped off the fucking cliff again!" You could always read landing technique and follow me off, but noooo nobody...
  7. CaptainGuy

    Bounty Hunting - The Missing Profession.

    Easily exploitable.
  8. CaptainGuy

    The Sword of Tears - Riposte

    This is the sword of tears' true power.
  9. CaptainGuy

    PC Ogh per unit and rubbers

    If you live in the US, just go to your local planned parenthood/health clinic and they should give you some rubbers for free. Seriously though, I've seen Rubers for 80g and that's about it. Seems a fairly stable price. There's at least two on the market in MK if mine hasn't sold yet.
  10. CaptainGuy

    WTB Cuprum stacks 45g/10k

    Jesus, I felt nice selling it for 50g per 10k when everyone was selling it for 70g. Asking for 45g is way too low, imo. If you feel its so easy to get then mine it yourself instead of telling everyone how easy to get it is.
  11. CaptainGuy

    Demonic Pillar Event

    Nothing like mass noob slaughter to bring in more noobs.
  12. CaptainGuy

    The Sword of Tears - Riposte

    All these days of the week and you had to pick one I'm working on :( It's okay I hopped in to Grey Hall TS and chatted with them about it for a bit so they'll probably join in the fun. They'll totally be protectors. Don't want anyone less-than-saintly to steal the sword of Malturn's Bane or...
  13. CaptainGuy

    The War Starts

    Right? First day back to work and I have to go to sleep, bam massive fight happens. What the heck, server? Nice video, though. Fight looked like fun shame I was asleep at the time. Also wow, did I just read three whole pages of completely irrelevant raging?
  14. CaptainGuy

    Hunting the HawQ's

    Yeah, it was over when he locked himself in that wooden cage. Shame Kingmax dc'd, it was pretty fun. I finally stopped playing in a tiny window after this because I brought shame to my family with the amount of fizzles I kept getting.
  15. CaptainGuy

    Metal Gear Solid V : Phantom Pain

    It's 50% off on Steam for the weekend :)
  16. CaptainGuy

    We still getting hotfixes or what?

    It's been suggested numerous times. The response is always "donation goals need to be things we can mostly outsource".
  17. CaptainGuy

    Top 10 in each class

    Yeah because you're a gimp build. Gotta go mounted extractor, man. Have you ever seen what a portable Crusher can do on a properly maxed mounted extractor?
  18. CaptainGuy

    The cookie cutter guide

    I don't think it's a requirement just to be "viable", but I absolutely believe they're both extremely valuable and often overlooked. You don't think you need landing technique until you're fighting near a cliff and the other guy jumps off to safety.
  19. CaptainGuy

    hi all, sebs twitter :)

    If the clayman is that current model that pops up when players are at a distance, they need to change it to something that doesn't stick out from a mile away. I vote Sheevra Female.