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    That's because "You know nothing, John Snow." :p
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    Why is butchery even a thing?

    I agree, especially where the veterans are concerned, but I think its misplaced. MO was never supposed to be like that and they got spoiled....and besides, it was 5 YEARS ago. Sheesh! Everyone just needs to get over it already and join in with the "How do we fix it" crowd. :)
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    Why is butchery even a thing?

    Breeding pits, sitting next to a butcher, sitting next to a vendor did the damage.....not the butcher system on its own. The band-aid fix has somewhat mitigated this now. Does butchery need some development love? Yes, and there have been suggestion upon suggestion posted in these forums on the...
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    Why is butchery even a thing?

    I'm not gonna write a huge post....but I will quote myself from previous threads.
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    Why is butchery even a thing?

    I quoted myself and highlighted the part you obviously missed. By the way, I don't think you have enough F-bombs in that paragraph....add more next time. :D
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    Why is butchery even a thing?

    You go to a Data Mining site to get all the info instead of figuring it out on your own then complain. That makes ZERO sense to me and just that shows you how you really want to play. Also, no one ever said Butchery was perfect...I'm pretty sure (as I've already mentioned) there are many...
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    Requesting Guild Cooperation in Creating Stronger Economy

    Honestly, this all sounds well and good but its not gonna happen.This is MO.....we ain't got time for that. ;)
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    Why is butchery even a thing?

    And what is the core gamplay you speak of? PvP? As to the economy, there have been many threads and suggestions on how to fix the effect that butchering behind walls has caused.......but in case you haven't noticed, there has been at least a partial fix and its effects are already being felt.
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    Why is butchery even a thing?

    Building your character IS depth.....getting all the needed lores for whatever you are looking for IS depth. Just because you don't like it or don't want to do it does not mean others do not like it and don't want to do it. The same goes for You say there is not...
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    Why is butchery even a thing?

    Thank you for this.....I was reading all these "butchery is a useless mechanic" type posts from my phone and they were driving me nuts! This goes back to the old argument of what is expected from Mortal Online. I contend there is a large segment of players that just want PvP Online....and...
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    Sarducaa Mining/Extraction

    The bridge was build able and thus destroyable....but it needs to be a player driven event, not GM managed. Also, your lack of content statement has me in stitches.
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    Sarducaa Mining/Extraction

    Your right.....Nothing to see here. :D
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    Fighting on windowed mode.

    Or a full screen windowed mode.
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    Fighting on windowed mode.

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    SV seriously ? 15 min waiting time with subbed account ?

    I just logged in a second a Q for 15 minutes but it took me less than a minute. Not sure what the issue is for everyone else. o_O
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    cannot verify account...omg

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    Pet AI Pathing

    Yeah, it's pretty bad at the moment. Had to put in 2 support tickets last night because my horse got stuck on the bottom of the ocean. :mad:
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    MO Crashing, Rendering thread

    Verify your files
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    Looking for guild focused on business

    JUNO if you want to see Sarducca. :)