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  1. Speznat

    Farming materilas and high tier armor

    Rhias FTW, Party Hard Rhias hitting hard Like:
  2. Speznat

    The Person Above Me | Forum Game

    The Person Above Me - Tell something you admire or hate about the person above you, but you are only allowed to use one word. Rules: Example senstance for the next poster: Speznat is a Shitspitter Shitspitter = Speznat or something like Shittspitting Speznat or the best version just...
  3. Speznat

    Looking forward to MO2?

    :eek: good combination skills watson. but maybe they merge the shit maybe not who knows xD
  4. Speznat

    Looking forward to MO2?

    so we have different opinions so we should settle that with a round of rust and using the rust weel of descide we write on it: your opinion is the correct one, my opinion is the corrct one, met each other and slap us simotaniously in the face, and the fourth we both login an delete 1 stack of...
  5. Speznat

    Looking forward to MO2?

    you forgot one important thing. do you really think exploiting stops just because they released the same game with nearly the same stuff on a new engine i guess evne more exploids and stuff could happen. wipe dont matter so much as you think wait 2 months and we have the same economy as now...
  6. Speznat

    Looking forward to MO2?

    i like it that stuff should transfer, they claimed never wipe and its not an MO2 its mroe an engine update it will be the same game with a part changes part not and news graphics thats not a different game so progress of people that invested countless 10 thousends of hours shouldn't be time...
  7. Speznat

    Lumberjack/bowyers Looking for active guild

    just a hint, whitewood is worst for building better use greywood or dapplewood. if you have any questions about the game mechanics or somethign post your question here in forums under the question section or write me directly if you like. good luck. :)
  8. Speznat

    Why was MO development split between 3 games?

    we are all behind you and your team, you can do it. Im sure you are able to make the best MMO possible that many people enjoy and will breka the eve online population. Im sure this can happen, if you do it perfectly you made this a great game once you can do it twice and better. I think i speak...
  9. Speznat why still just why? why redirect?

    @Herius please fix this its nessary to look like a proffesional game developing company not some fast clicky squarespace stuff that anyone can do in 2hours.
  10. Speznat

    Mordhau Pvp Video

    i would love to see such graphics and gameplay in the conzept of mortal. hopfeully for MO2 they make that stuff.
  11. Speznat

    Testing Grounds

    worst change in history in my opinion is the mines nerf. and the buthcery carcass instruction. hunting before felt fucking good you didnt needed the fucking butcher char, and you had around double the yield than now. because sv nerfed the carcass aamount. the mines: steel prices were low more...
  12. Speznat

    Testing Grounds

    youre new here or? we beta testing this game since 10years. and one more thing, TC is in gernal not bad its bad how its implemented, RUST for example have exactly the same system from an neutral point of view. but the thing is in rust its more dynamic, to destroy stuff you have a little more...
  13. Speznat

    A fix for Pets

    Make that Pets do in PVE more damage, jst in PVE more damage not agianst humans, than dominators and tamers with molvas or other big creatures are not useless fucks in dungeons or group pve gameplay. thats always sad that a full tamer with everythign max lose with 2 molvas against 3sewer rats i...
  14. Speznat

    Make veterinary and akreps less useless

    whats actually more sad if you take 2 molvas and try sewers an the molvas die in there because they drag 3rats and die form it even if they are 10times bigger and should be stronger in pve thats sad. pets should do in pvp less damage and in PVE more damage that dominatars and tamers are not...
  15. Speznat

    So, I have an idea to pump some Life into MO

    certificate that you are a noob thats actually a good and funny idea xD i like it, if someone can call himself a proven noob xD yeah thats cool party hard :)
  16. Speznat

    The devs are back PARTY HARD Welcome back Henrik and Sebastian

    We missed oyu since months what are you guys doing all the time? we believe in you that MO2 blows us from the chairs. how is it going, or are you on noob siland only the last months? whats up. pleas info :) do you make noob siladn on UE4? and than if you move to main land a port to tthe mo1...
  17. Speznat

    What made you quit/take a break from mo?

    this is rust a really good game i have like 3k hours in it. its hardcore and have really good game design. it have also some flaws my main concern is that it dont have a sub model that means rust will die in the future some day and that smake me sad, the devleopment is really slow in my opinion...
  18. Speznat

    What made you quit/take a break from mo?

    exactly PARTY HARD! by the way anyone can join if you want we have one more buddy to play with us. I play other shit until SV figure out a away to communicate with us all again. and until soem major stuff is changing or mortal online 2 is coming until than see you in 10years xD no im still...