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  1. KhaoticKaos

    Requesting a chat with the leadership of [Arts] Artisans.

    If anyone in a leadership position of [Arts] Artisans would send me a private message it would be greatly appreciated. I would speak with you about the activities of one of your members.
  2. KhaoticKaos

    The HORRIBLY broken Guard system

    Fix the fucking guards, they are seriously and horrendously broken, the range at which it is possible to call them is absurd, you can call the guards out of town to attack someone that is barely a speck on the horizon, their aggro range is so broken it isn't even funny, We've led guards from...
  3. KhaoticKaos

    WTB - Dominate 3

    Buying Dominate 3. Do not post in this thread, Inbox me.
  4. KhaoticKaos

    Solo PvP - IX-M Palisade

    Just a fun video about an adventure I had. I'm sorry about the water part, I probably could have lived if I hadn't jumped in, but I planned on spearing them to death which didn't work out so well considering my stamina bugged and I couldn't regen. Also I have 0 swimming And 56 def stance...
  5. KhaoticKaos

    Change or Remove The Maul

    One of the things I have always loved about mortal online is the weapons. The fact that almost every weapon is based on some sort of real life equivalent, or is AT LEAST realistic looking has always been something that I had a lot of respect for. That is, until the latest introduction of the...
  6. KhaoticKaos

    Buying Draco crafting book.

    Buying the Draco armor crafting book. If you have one to sell, reply here or message me to discuss prices.
  7. KhaoticKaos

    A History of Butchery - Causes and Effects - SOLUTIONS.

    The following is hopefully an informative history of the butchery effect on the game, as well as a before and after of cause and effects. Some of you may find this a boring and unnecessarily detailed explanation, however I am making this as informative as possible for the sake of members of the...
  8. KhaoticKaos


    Since awakening, I and everyone else I have spoken to are unable to bind the side buttons on their mouses, when setting new keybinds they simply cannot be used. I.E. The forwards and backwards buttons located on the side of internet mouses. This is incredibly irritating, and is forcing me to...
  9. KhaoticKaos

    Gigamo's pimp hand.

    Saw this picture I had taken back when I was in AQ and decided to post it for the benefit of the community. As you can tell from the picture, the source of Gigamo's pvp skill is his pimphand, which he uses to keep the bitches in line. And enigma wouldnt stop corrupting me. I think right...
  10. KhaoticKaos

    Signature issues

    The new forums have grown on me, even though at first I didn't think I would like the change with the new legacy style they are quite nice. The only issue I have with these forums is people signatures, can we PLEASE get back to the old signature rules, only 100x500 so we can keep these forums...