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  1. Aldrous

    house or tower, west central location

    Looking for a house, or ideally a tower, in the central western part of Myrland. Preferably somewhere between Meduli, Vadda, and Tindrem. Please PM me.
  2. Aldrous

    Direptor Armor Book

    Direptor Armor book for sale, in Tindrem, 300g pms please.
  3. Aldrous

    Direptor book.

    A direptor armor book, in Tindrem, for 300gold. pm plz
  4. Aldrous

    Brokered items disappearing without money or returns in mail

    Not all the time, but enough to be costing me gold regularly. I don't know how to repeat the bug. Items I've put on the trade brokers, in Tindrem, MK, and very occasionally Meduli, sometimes just disappear. I don't get the items back in the mail, or the gold for the items. I've reported...
  5. Aldrous

    Several Problems With One Common Solution

    I've been giving this some thought, and although I expect some to dislike or disagree with me, I still think it's an area to be looked at. I'm talking about advanced external macro programs, and the removal of allowance of them. There are several areas of the game being adversely affected by...
  6. Aldrous

    Stables. Another source of player interaction currently unused.

    My understanding is that SV want us, the players, to interact, thereby creating opportunities for social economics. I can think of at least one way to encourage this, not currently in use. Other ideas I have I'll keep to other threads, this thread is for this one idea only. The use of stables...
  7. Aldrous

    Medium Vials in Tindrem

    A quantity of medium vials are available. 4 gold each. message me please.
  8. Aldrous

    Flakestone in Fabernum

    WTS a few stacks of flakestone. 50gold per stack. PM me please.
  9. Aldrous

    Building and maintaining bridges.

    Today Paratus said this: "As of now, player-constructed bridges in the world will now decay over time. This won't happen very fast, and will take about a month for a bridge to fully decay if no maintenance is done on the bridge in that time." I am unclear how to maintain or build a bridge...
  10. Aldrous

    In search of the Oghmium Pickaxe

    I am interested in having an addition to the game mechanics. The ability to craft better pickaxes. After researching various metals and alloys at some length, I feel I should be able to utilise this knowledge to craft not only better weapons, but better tools also. Of course, what I...
  11. Aldrous

    Granum piles for sale in MK

    I have several spare stacks of granum available, in MK. Usual prices, 5g per stack. p.m. me.
  12. Aldrous

    Can houses be re-jigged afterwards?

    If I bought a ready-built house from another player and it came with, for example, a shop but I would prefer a stable, can it be changed by me after purchase (with the appropriate engineer of course)? Similarly, workbenches, can they be altered at all after the event? Any help greatly...
  13. Aldrous

    Property ownership and sheds in particular

    I know I can build one house per subbed account, but can someone please explain the situation regarding storage sheds please? Can I have a storage shed in addition to a house, or does having one prevent the other? thanks for any help.
  14. Aldrous

    Cooking in the East is not encouraged?

    My first alts were spawned in Tindrem, so for my last one I decided to spawn in MK, for a change. I've been there a while now, and although it's very nice here, I just can't find any cooking vendors for basic cooking tools in either MK or neighboring Toxai. I've questioned existing residents...