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  1. Zulpitcher

    Hello :)

    I am just remembering old times... maybe some of you remember me, most of you dont... anyway I greet you all. I'm glad to know the game is still alive, a lot of good moments brought me, anyway, is there some ES (old guild) players still playing? Greetings.
  2. Zulpitcher

    A new "almost perfect" horse

    I just wanted to show you the new mount I have been able to breed :D.
  3. Zulpitcher

    The big fall damage thread!

    Post how much fall damage you took ! :D
  4. Zulpitcher

    Spy Rat in Meduli preparing an attack

    Seems that the Rats had sent a spy to Meduli to be ready to attack the city! Be careful! btw.... what the hell was that xD
  5. Zulpitcher

    Easy way to go to the sator dungeon

    It would be fine if you add stairs or a ramp to reach the sator dungeon easier. At the moment, it takes too much time to go there, and if you want to have dungeons "more populated" I think doing this is a way to get it.
  6. Zulpitcher

    WTB Lock picking book

    In Tindrem.
  7. Zulpitcher

    Stop reading a book

    Just a question... I was reading a book with character A, I logged out, a couple of hours after, I logged in with another character (character B), and started reading a book, but i saw that I was already reading a book, so I stopped it and started reading another one. Is there any option to...
  8. Zulpitcher

    VnG Hawk ES vs Quad IX

    I hope you'll enjoy it, I did :) ! PS.: Sorry for the low graphics i was running 2 clients , ill try to record the next one with higher settings.
  9. Zulpitcher

    A lucky day

    Ive just came back to MO, so its time to start uploading some videos like I usually did, this one is not a PvP video, but I hope you'll enjoy it.