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  1. LGrayFoxL

    [drac] Political stance updated.

    updated [Drac] Information Writen by Commander Outtlaw Moved away from the Jungle lands we now live in faberNUM. We own and build a player city there for our mercenary opperations. Joining forces with [guts] We beccame elite guild: 1.Inflitration experts 2.Master Assasins 3.Master Thiefs...
  2. LGrayFoxL

    WTB dall roba armor book

    thats all ty
  3. LGrayFoxL

    GrayFox Revils hes true face

    Kidding this is a famous football player
  4. LGrayFoxL

    Extorting [ID]

    DracoTale wants 2000 gold coins in cash and we will stop inflitrateing ur pallisade and killing ur crafters/fighters. Think about the offer,u can be safe once agein in ur own homes :cool: I kno Aralis is a politician he will give this thread a though .Save ur people Aralis do the right thing.
  5. LGrayFoxL

    New Thievery Video for u guys!

    Enjoi part one! This time i done something kinda new while edditing the video :) Subbscribe! PART2 -comming laiter today [Part 2] Part 3 is in PRODUCTION! PART3
  6. LGrayFoxL

    BloodOre for salle!

    100k pm me In fab
  7. LGrayFoxL

    Leaveing MO

    Im leaveing Bye,im leaveing gameing. *But grayfox who will fight Aralis now* my job is done
  8. LGrayFoxL

    New Thievery video!

    THe Return Of The GrayFox New amazing heist is being uploaded right now ! I give u a litle hint,a house have been robd and there will be solty tears. After [weed] killd one of our guys,we did this as a response . Edit:dont yell at me for not takeing the granum its all stolen :D Small...
  9. LGrayFoxL

    To Draco"Tael !

    My bellowed friends i will be with u soon keep strong ! much love grayfox.
  10. LGrayFoxL

    Sarducca thief armor

    This should be a new thief armor in Sarducca patch,with special abillity when u wear it ur name is hidden :D
  11. LGrayFoxL

    [Tael] Frst contract.

    I was informed personaly about the ID siege weeks beffore the prepperations. I received a contract to infiltrate and destroy ID by all means necessary. The mission was Millitary support and espionage to bring down the deffenders of the ID keep. We had 5 mercenerys redy ,4 of them was going to...
  12. LGrayFoxL

    Imperial Dreams Eliminated!

    U kickt me once out of my home land, now i kick u out . Fredoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom ! GrayFox, the true king of the east.
  13. LGrayFoxL

    Selling Vet cape

    10 point cape 400 gold any choice u want. Tindremic cape Velaa shevraa etc.
  14. LGrayFoxL

    Thief video i made 4 years ago.

  15. LGrayFoxL

    Draco'Tael Politics and Discussion.

    With war comming on eweryone's doorsteep Tael's offer there mercenary services ,we have 6 of our best fighters to ur disposal redy to fight for a bag of coin. We can naggotiate the price of the contract ,and to remind eweryone what kinda services we do: Stealth Contract 1.Spying 2.Assasinations...
  16. LGrayFoxL

    Dayz mod

  17. LGrayFoxL

    Dayz funny vid

  18. LGrayFoxL

    Dayz standalone

    If u see this guy just run
  19. LGrayFoxL

    DracoTael Plays Dayz .

    Maybe im just to high today Had to end the video got attackt by a chopper,some1 dident like our party down there! **** the police