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  1. Nyarus

    WTB materials in Bakti/Meduli

    I buy animal materials in meduli, bakti and tindrem. Ironwool 2 stacks 100g/stack Emalj 3 stacks 40g/stack Iron Silk 1 stack 600g PM me for details.
  2. Nyarus

    Make veterinary and akreps less useless

    Right now veterinary heals for almost nothing. For a skill that is oly useful when outside battle, it's power is very underwhelming. At 50 veterinary I heal my pets for 22 at best. Since you can only use one bandage on a pet every 10 seconds, the health per second is really close to nothing...
  3. Nyarus

    Make dominators' lives easier

    Right now dominators are inferior to necromancers in every way possible. Their pets cost less skill points(200vs600), They can have a horse and a battle pet at the same time(Death knight and death steed combo), there's more depth to each pet(dom pets have no stats like strength or dexterity)...
  4. Nyarus

    Is there anything I can do to get access to my account back?

    I stopped playing for a year and when I wanted to log into my main account, I couldn't. I guess they blocked all accounts when the data leak happened. The email I used to create my main account has had it's password changed and I have no way of getting it back. I used it only for games so...
  5. Nyarus

    Promience ?

    So, my character now have like 900 promiance and I don't know what is it for. Is it just used to unlock new titles like sophistication or its useless ? Waiting for answers.
  6. Nyarus

    Do lores increse my damage ?

    Do animal lores increse my damage and defese to animals or just incresing my pet's stats ?