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  1. Iuhrn

    Hot Pepper Gaming: Starvault

    Hey guys! I'm sure some of you have heard of the youtube channel Hot Pepper gaming. And if not, well, it's a channel where people review games, and occasionally developers go on there to advertise their games. And the catch of the whole channel, and where they get their namesake, is that the...
  2. Iuhrn

    Price Check on Incindiery Arrows?

    For a stack?
  3. Iuhrn

    PC Molarium Tindremic Guard Armor

    Need a price check on a full suit of Molarium Tindremic Guard Armor, with Silk backing, max lores. If anyone has any idea, it would be greatly appreciated. :D
  4. Iuhrn

    WTB Silk, Iron Silk, and Guard fur in Tindrem

    Title says it all, folks! Pm me or message on here for offers!
  5. Iuhrn

    Question about the Lion Capes.

    So, I got the lion capes back when that promotion was going on, the yellow and white capes. I had one on each of my characters, but recently I wanted to delete one of my characters. I know that it's not transferable between characters, but I was wondering if I made a new character, would I be...
  6. Iuhrn

    WTS Log House Tier 3

    So, I've had this on me for a while now, and I don't use these forums too much, but I thought it'd be a good place to sell it. I have the deed, and just came back to the game and need some startup gold. So since the vendor sells them for 500, I was thinking 450 is a fair starting price. Or best...