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    The Sarducca patch is getting close?

    This was spotted on the MO website:;O=D
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    Selling keeled scales Vadda/Meduli

    Hi, keeled scales in either of these town for 20g/10k
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    Buying dapplewood in Meduli

    Hello, I am looking to buy 10k to 15k of dapplewood in Meduli. Pm me with your price please.
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    WTB 10k of blackwood

    Preferably around Tindrem/Meduli but I can travel a bit if needed.
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    WTS Overhead strike book(s), 17,5g, Meduli

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    Selling Expilator book in Meduli, 250g

    Hello, topic
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    Selling Overhead strike in Meduli, 15g per book.

    Hello, as the topic states I have several copies of the book for sale in Meduli, 15g per book.
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    Selling T3 Tindremic house next to Meduli

    Hello, as the topic states I am selling a T3 house 1min walk from Meduli. It's next to a T2(?) tower and the ramp leading up towards Tindrem/cougar spawn. It doesn't have any expansions, stable or a vendor. Starting at 1000g.
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    PC messing

    Hello, I'd like to know whats the going price for messing and is there still demand for it.
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    Selling bows in Meduli for 80+ strengths

    As the topic states I am selling quality bows in either of the two towns. The bow damage naturally varies depending on your strength but the maximum damage on pigs is about 54 at 110 str and 56 at 115. The draw time is fast and stamina drain basically 0 when not moving (I have tested this on the...
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    Anyone else had the same feeling after being awol for a while

    I have really hard time enjoying the game after being away for a while. I still enjoy the pvp but farming has become something unbearable. It was tedious to begin with but after all the game changes (pet points, zoology, carcass yields etc.) I just cannot do it anymore. I have tried to farm on a...
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    It's been a while, what are the current must have weapons?

    Like the topic states, I've been away for a while and I'm unsure of what weapons to aim for to be at least somewhat competent in pvp? I know about MC and pets but those are not really my thing. Everyone and their mother seem to be using spear and a shield though.
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    Looks like I should read the loading screen tips more often

    Just noticed a tip saying that holding alt while bending your bow will stabilize your aim at the cost of more stamina.. how long has this been ingame?
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    Just curious

    I have died, a lot, and most of these have been because of being ganked by several people without a chance of escaping. Ok, its the nature of the game, but considering how dark MO's past is when it comes to all kinds hacks, how is it nowadays? Too many times I have died to a person who has been...
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    WTB 4-5 steel poleswords in Meduli

    Hello Like the topic states Im looking to buy 4 to 5 steel short handle gb poleswords in Meduli. I have the steel for them if needed.
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    Mmh, mounted combat

    Whats the most efficient way to protect against this? I mean it would seem the horses can nowadays go up the steepest hill as easily as on flat ground. I keep getting knocked down all the god damn time. Of course you can say that I should get knockback resistance, but still one would hink I...
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    WTS Overhead strike in Meduli, 20g per book

    As the topic states; I am selling Overhead strike in Meduli for 20g per book. I got 5 books total. Pm
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    Mm, how does breeding work exactly?

    This is mostly rethorical question since its just implemented. But I breeded a 70 speed desert with a 37 speed bullhorse and the offspring had stats that were all worse than both of the parents. I mean it was slower than the bullhorse, had less con than the desert and so on.
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    So how does the moving speed function nowadays?

    I came back a month ago or so and I've been having some trouble figuring out how to be the champion in sprinting. I have a 115 dex 105 con veela from before Awakening and it seems every damn 115 to 120 strength character out there outruns me or at least is able to keep up without losing any...
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    Selling good bows in Meduli

    Just bring your archer to Meduli and I'll find a fitting recipe for your strenght. Strenght scale 80ish to ~120str. Damage to pigs is at 80 str around 40 to 45 or so and at 115 str 51 to 56. Add couple of damage points to this at max str. Either msg me or leave your info on this thread. 4g per bow