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  1. Malathion

    MR Vid - Closed Beta Log in for Massive

    In case you missed the announcement.
  2. Malathion

    WTB Molarium MK

    2 stacks ty
  3. Malathion

    Official Mortal Steam Trailer

    This has been up for a few days. Thought I'd post here.
  4. Malathion

    WTB Dapplewood MK

    PM Me asap thx
  5. Malathion

    FTP Warning Launcher

    Any chance SV can show a FTP mode on the launcher? One of the biggest pain in the asses when you are subbing 2-5 accounts and you have a few ftp's. Is to log into one of your active accounts a realize it's in ftp mode and you require a payment. When you sub that account - It unfortunately...
  6. Malathion

    Patching error

    Getting this
  7. Malathion

    All Leadership & Moral Accountability

    This post is to introduce and place accountability of Guild Leaders and your guild policies in general. What is your guild policy? If hexors are in the guild, will u auto ban them from the guild? I'm curious what all the guilds policies are on this. Post your guild name and policies in...
  8. Malathion

    WTB Pansar Scales

    Pansar scales - 2 Stacks
  9. Malathion

    Mals Sig Thread

    Sigs here Following sigs are for sale. Modifications can be made to these. If you wish for something entirely different. I am happy to create any style interested. The more detail provided the better. #1 #2 #3 SOLD #4 SOLD #5 #6 #7 #8 SOLD #9 SOLD #10 SOLD #11...
  10. Malathion

    wtf - reinstall game client????

    Anyone else getting this? Suggestions?
  11. Malathion

    Sigs and Gimp

    Been hacking around with sigs a bit. Anyone with Gimp experience please PM. Thanks
  12. Malathion

    Subbing ETA

    Is there a quicker way to sub and account these days? I usually use PayPal.
  13. Malathion

    Payment Issues

    The fact that I can't get a payment through without the help of discord is insane. For one ..... why would u use up his energy and time on this when its needed elsewhere For two ..... how can you leave players hanging on wait times like this? Comon SV you're better then this. Is there...
  14. Malathion

    Week 10 JonasH

    TGIF! Let's get right into the things I've fixed or changed this week: Tweaked Aur layout and ground texturing a little bit. Reduced interaction range for world loot, i.e. chests and stuff. It was a bit too long, now it's more realistic. Increased mount interaction range slightly (because...
  15. Malathion

    Cutest pup vid

    Trying to keep things a bit light as I'm going through some tuff family things. Thought I'd share a pic of my dog kona when we was a puppy. Can u trump this cuteness? Bring it on!
  16. Malathion

    Bank Stuck Bug - still????????

    Meanwhile back in Myrland ...... SV for FFS. I got nothing but great things to say about Sarducca and the work you're doing atm but ................ maybe u can fix this fucking bug. Seriously. This is border line embarrassing.- this has been around for far too long common Thx
  17. Malathion

    Wtt 50 stacks Galb for Cronite

    Pm me on offers.
  18. Malathion

    Soap Palisade Siege 05/ 16 / 2015

    Last vid before the new continent. Lots of mounted in it and lots of MM's (which I only hope they nerf) but at least it's ground pov. I'm still rusty as fuck but at least you get a good view of the fight. Good fight to defenders Cheers.
  19. Malathion

    Payment Pending Bugged

    I thought SV fixed this issue. Are they aware it still exists? Makes it equally annoying when u can't even log in on ftp since we can only get one in at a time. FFS SV :confused:
  20. Malathion

    Sub accounts Pending

    Anyone having issues with freshly Sub Accounts not going through and showing as pending for over half hour?? Kinda sucks when you can only do 1 ftp and you need to get on an account..... Even worse when there is NO SUPPORT in game :(