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  1. MasterYo

    WTB Battering Ram

    WTB battering ram for reconstruction of palisade. Post your price or send me PM
  2. MasterYo

    Cultist Armor Book

    WTS Cultist Armor Book 5000 gold Also acceptable: Oghmium book + surcharge Draconigena armor book + surcharge Oghmium book + Draconigena armor book + surcharge contact Vito_Corleone on forum for trade offers
  3. MasterYo

    Plundering towns

    I heard an opinion that currently there is a lack of motivation among players to engage in serious battle actions. I'm agree with that opinion. At this moment the only viable reason for sieging, mass pvp etc is just personal hate. Engaging in sieging leads to serious consequenses without any...
  4. MasterYo

    question to developers: krrrft

    According to lore krrrft is a kind of strong drug or may be potion made from akrep,s poison. So the question is: is there a way to get it in game or it is just a beautiful story and nothing more? I don't ask to tell the recipe, I just want to know whether it is possible to make it in game or not
  5. MasterYo

    Lighting struck the steeple of my university (video)

    It happened yesterday