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    WTS Amarantum, Calx Powder, Bleckblende

    Amarantum 25g - 2 stack Calx Powder 9g - 5 stack Bleckblende 2g - 6 stack Mohki Broker
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    Revert pet following

    please :rolleyes:
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    Where is the slowing down/speeding up of mounts on slopes?

    Mounts used to speed up/slow down on slopes. It even says they do on the loading screen sometimes. If it's still there, its not noticeable. Is there a reason why we can't have that ? Horses should slow down considerably. Like to 20% of original speed when going 50 degrees. Additionally, instead...
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    Why do mines reset at server restart ?

    It does not make sense and is racist. What's the problem with saving those variables ? Those who have the time to log in before reset are the lucky ones, but what about the rest ? So .. what's wrong with your database ?
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    Fist Weapon + Shield swing animations reversed

    When using shield + fist, your opponent has to block/parry the exact opposite of what the animation shows.
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    knockdown online

    New system is more retarded than the old one. Get a certain weapon and you always auto-knock without much effort. Gear>>Skill. Thanks to not having knockdown resistance II book there is not much you can do except grinding that bullshit up for weeks in a row. @SV your definition of fun and...
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    Give us knockdown resistance II

    This skill is pretty crucial in dismount online right now. It would take roughly half a year of constantly knocking our toons over to get it to like 90. Please fix :p
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    Overhead strike hits before the animation

    This makes it almost impossible to block unless you guess it.
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    Skill System Overhaul

    Premises: Going wide should be cheap and useful Specialization should be expensive but useful Motivation: Current skill tree is rather inflexible and leads to overspecialization/overretardation It is difficult to balance due to its binary nature: either a skill is free or has the same cost as...
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    Make manual mining more efficient

    Manual mining should always yield more than passive mining using mines. At the moment it is not worth it at all. Mining skill could just be removed from the game without anyone noticing. This is bad. There are obviously multiple ways to fix that. The most simple one would be to just double the...
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    0 blunt damage resistance for spiders

    Is there any rationale behind this change ? Will you ever stop nerfing/changing things arbitrarily without any basis ? Especially blunt damage ... isn't that damage type good enough already ... like for everything ?
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    Dominator tools should work without being in combat mode

    Megnaton Brains Megnaton Swords Azur's Gloves (lol) Queen Egg Now that they are finally fixed, they need to work when you have them equipped, regardless of combat mode or not. Nobody is ever going to use them for what they were intended for if you force us to be in combat mode all the time. It...
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    Remove NPC collision from tc structures

    Common, just give it up already ... its not working. Simply remove it so that our pets don't derp around anymore. Sick of being busy for like 5 mins trying to get my molva through our gates EVERY time I wanna go home ...... even if you only go near it chances are they randomly go haywire for no...
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    Make the name label above your crosshair movable

    Especially when doing archery it is really annoying to have random name labels hovering below your crosshair, obscuring your vision to your target (since you aim higher). It needs to be movable and more discreet/resizable. The game does not need to tell me that I can hit V to use in the middle...
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    Can't dismount when mount is stuck

    Can you make it so that you can at least dismount when you get stuck yet again with your mount ? .... happens all the time, especially on fat lykiators :/
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    Remove all but thurkurs and flanged maces

    * mounts * races * magic * archery * weapon choices * weight classes Back then the good ole days those things would have been considered features. But nowadays it is widely agreed upon that they only introduce unnecessary variables. They make balance impossible and introduce things like FOTM's...
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    Arena TS

    How about an arena as TC building ? Should have adequate size in order to be able to have group fights. Maybe have different versions of it. If you fight in there and die you are in mercy mode. You can add all kinds of fancy stuff to it, but mercy-on-dead would be the core of it. Background...
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    Are rituals still planned ?

    If rituals are not planned, then what's your roadmap ? What role will those extra attribute points play ? Is that something you want to expand on, seeing that it did nothing to improve diversity ? I know, this is not exactly feedback. Let me fix that: 90% of all the race combinations still...
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    Fixed Mount Equipment disappears when it is 'too far away to equip'

    When you try to equip stuff to your mount when it is too far away, you will have to relog to get it back into your inventory.
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    T3 long wall towers

    So those stone walls come with that big ass tower with battlements but you can't go up there ? What's the point ? :D