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  1. Marcas

    AI movement and HOTFIX

    I would be ok with this if the Pet Pathing AI would work worth a damn. But getting stuff from your fucking molva to a bank right in front of you should not take 30+ minutes. Ready to fucking punch a baby right now. Change the access range back to what it was until you have pathing fixed.
  2. Marcas

    Arena Now Open

    I really like where this idea is headed. I would definitely spend a lot of time at the arena. I think there should be fights as often as there are people signed up for them. Maybe a prize fight every week between the victors. There is a lot of things SV could do with a properly implemented...
  3. Marcas

    ID Statement 5/5/15

    Do you know what being pedantic is? If the relic dropped at the bottom of the cliff just to the south of Salvia Island, you would have to be pretty dense to not recognize that as roughly "ID territory."
  4. Marcas

    Tracked Pets inside TC walls

    I agree... this bug is almost game breaking for me... My beast master character is useless until this is fixed. Incredibly infuriating.
  5. Marcas

    SV, please make this popular path easier to use

    Where are your trees??
  6. Marcas

    The death of Mortal Online

    On a serious note.. having a basic understanding of coding, much respect to you and the rest of your small team. Thanks for what you do! Don't ever stop!
  7. Marcas

    The death of Mortal Online

  8. Marcas

    The death of Mortal Online

    Damn! Didn't know making an MMO was that easy!
  9. Marcas

    WTB 3 Inspect Books

    Thanks Kenvic, great doing business with you. Great seller, quick service. Highly recommended.
  10. Marcas

    account consolidation - merging characters to account

    Agreed. There should be a way of merging accounts.
  11. Marcas

    [PROJECT] New MO Database site

    Good Job Lithi. Keep it up!
  12. Marcas

    Why the random sword sheathing noise?

    Ok bro
  13. Marcas

    Why the random sword sheathing noise?

    oh ok. Nice response, disagreeing with the whole thread. Lol. Hit a nerve?
  14. Marcas

    Why the random sword sheathing noise?

    Nice. I wonder if it is intentional... If so, I have know idea why. If not, I don't understand why they haven't fixed that.
  15. Marcas

    Why the random sword sheathing noise?

    Haha, that too! Why is there a sheathing noise for anything? If anything there should be a velcro tearing noise when taking out your weapon.
  16. Marcas

    Why the random sword sheathing noise?

    Why does every weapon or tool, regardless of whether it would be expected to be in a sheath make a sword unsheathing/sheathing noise when you bring it out or put it away?
  17. Marcas

    WTS Firmwood in Bakti

    3 Gold per 1000 PM me if are interested. I will give it to you for 2 Gold per K if you will buy from me often.
  18. Marcas

    PC Firmwood in Bakti

    It just took me about an hour of chopping to get 1 stack of firmwood. It was my woodchopper, who is maxed in all woodcutting and lores and my friend who is only just starting his wood chopping. In that time he chopped about 1200 firmwood, and I chopped 8800. This is much slower than mining...
  19. Marcas

    PC Firmwood in Bakti

    There are firmwood trees all over the place here, so I can understand a mark down on prices.. But there is someone buying stacks of firmwood for 3 gold each stack. Is this a rip off? Or should I sell to him? What should my counter offer be? Thanks!