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    Patch Notes

    Pretty much Stop cheating ffs
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    Ability to be Robbed (drop all items button)

    Ahah forgot about that command, fun stuff!
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    Proposed change to butchery

    Than increase yield of skinning? Introduce more mobs that drop money? Increase loots of bandits? I see many solutions.
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    WTS long tindremine cape

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    Proposed change to butchery

    Why would any butcher buy carcasses for 1c/unit on broker for a .05 profit per stack? The hunter will have to create a butcher to get full value of his hunting because he won't find any butcher to do it for him anymore unless he goes for high value mobs such as dire wolves or urials but that...
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    MO PVP Event

    Please anyone that plan to attend, report performance afterward, average FPS, your graphic setting and your rig.
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    personally I am not expecting the engine to be updated to be on par with top graphics games of 2015 but I think some "simple" improvements could be made and drastically improve the overall feel such as upgrading weapons texture to fit armors and having more details in some areas that cruelly...
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    Sky is nerfed for performance. Thats it, tree are better than beta, armors, characters models, animation....
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    Proposed change to butchery

    So popular creature like razorback worth 1c/unit on broker wouldnt be worth anything anymore so all hunter could get out of it is that specisl item?
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    Salvaging armors and weapons and repairing

    Off topic but just give control if broker tax to guild, it encourage em to protect it snd gives huge profit if popular.
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    Salvaging armors and weapons and repairing

    Goodidea Besides i understand there might be technical difficulties but i remember devs talking of repairing back in beta...
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    I believe handle hits should count for zero damage!

    We refer to that era by greatblade online.
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    I believe handle hits should count for zero damage!

    It shouldnt exist. Have you seen handle hits in chiv or mb? Do you handle hit in real life? This mechanic only make combat feel clunky and if they would do zero you can be sure i would only use swords. Fuck the pov in mortal does not even properly indicate range.... That is a very long...
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    Why is butchery even a thing?

    I have butchering for a long time, i dont mind it, for anyone that know how to fill up a buy order in broker it is not an issue at all. If sv would return to pre carcasses era though i wouldnt mind i would just delete the butcher. I must say the broker interface to fill buy order suck though we...
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    WTS long tindremine cape

    Not going to sell at 250, this is a long cape. Still available, pm your offer.
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    WTS long tindremine cape

    Still available
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    new armors

    Wow first post on topic! Thank you! What is the third and which sarducan armor is the best? How do they compare to myrland armors? They all seems like mage/hybrid armors.
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    IS my character gimped? Reroll, or nah?

    I have same stats, its not really an issue but i have no idea why my stats are messes up as i swear it was 115 a couple years ago before they change character size.