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  1. Khazarak

    Nudity go byebye and nobody say whywhy

    You can't turn it on in the options?
  2. Khazarak


    I have never paid a cent to unzip files. I think you are doing it wrong.
  3. Khazarak

    Official Sarducaa Trailer

    I have to is pretty damn epic. Still not as good as the launch teaser, but close. :)
  4. Khazarak

    32 Player Network MOD STYLE MMO

    There is no way you thought that suggestion out before posting it.
  5. Khazarak

    The Hot Girl Thread [NSFW]

    That is Stoya.....look her up and you wont be dissapointed :)
  6. Khazarak

    Hurricane Sandy East Coast USA

    Perhaps you should inquire with SV about providing you MO hurricane insurance for when this happens in the future.
  7. Khazarak


    What because he is a dev, he can't have fun? Show the guy some respect for taking the time to even come and give insight to what they are doing. That alone is more than you would ever get from most game devs and at least tries to make it fun at the same time. This game needs a ton of work yet...
  8. Khazarak

    The Hot Girl Thread [NSFW]

    Don't lie, you just can't help finding reasons to talk about penis. Since sharing is caring.....
  9. Khazarak

    I Think I've Figured it out

    I am all for making use of skinning. Allow players to skin in the field without lores at a 30-40% reduction in overall yield. It would mean more time spent out and give fighters a source of income without having to sack a character slot for a butcher. I don't think the game needs to remove the...
  10. Khazarak

    I Think I've Figured it out

    It is not intended to be purely PvP and if that is what you think, I would say you have minsunderstood the direction. It's been about PvP for too long is the problem. The people who came expecting a sandbox and not a deathmatch have already come and gone in part due to the fact those elements...
  11. Khazarak

    Awakening Patch Notes 14/09/2012

    I am not a blind fanboy by any means. However when you make a post that makes a claim saying it's the end of mining and weaponsmithing cause of an item that will probably have it's damage tweaked based on player feedback, it's reasonable to call you out on it.
  12. Khazarak

    Awakening Patch Notes 14/09/2012

    I would hope that is fixed than if that is the case.
  13. Khazarak

    Awakening Patch Notes 14/09/2012

    And yet again in your zeal to prove me wrong and be a doom crier you have missed the point of my post. Either on purpose or because your reading comprehension skill is missing. You have not test the weapons againist various forms of player worn armour and pve mobs. The armour you hit may have...
  14. Khazarak

    Dual Strike

    Taking away some of the skill up time is not a bad idea, but the delay is not so bad considering the damage it can output.
  15. Khazarak

    Awakening Patch Notes 14/09/2012

    Surely all in a few hours you have tested them to the fullest extent on all types of mobs and armour.....
  16. Khazarak

    Awakening Patch Notes 14/09/2012 take one item that probably needs to be tweaked and say the game is over for two professions? Are you retarded or just a hapless troll?
  17. Khazarak

    Awakening Patch Notes 14/09/2012

    The sky is falling and world is ending! This and more at 11........
  18. Khazarak

    Awakening Patch Notes 14/09/2012

    If all of that works out, looks amazing! Keep up the hard work guys.
  19. Khazarak

    Awakening Patch Notes 05/09/2012

    You can't log in and play? I have been doing just fine and having fun. The game needs a lot of fixes, but it is far from unplayable.
  20. Khazarak

    Missing armor

    Stop slacking Allastar :)