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  1. ThaBadMan

    Mortal Online II Group Fights I

    Heres some group fights or more specifically 2v2s. ThaBadMan and PatWins in Mercenary Armor with Norse Cape VS Waalan and Puscifer in Tindremic Knight Armor. Enjoy!
  2. ThaBadMan

    Mortal Online II Duels II

    Some more duels, some before and some after last patch. Enjoy!
  3. ThaBadMan

    Mortal Online II Duels I

    Some duels before last patch. Enjoy!
  4. ThaBadMan

    New Fabernum Backdrop MO 2 Alpha

    Did not want to go around the long way from Kranesh so I simply found the new Fabernum backdrop for a shortcut. Please enjoy!
  5. ThaBadMan

    Mortal Online 2

    Some duels on first recording test in the Alpha. Please enjoy!
  6. ThaBadMan

    Combat changes

    Now with MO2 on its way it is the best time ever to fledge out combat and get it back on track according to the original vision of MO that being about individual player skill and not like traditional themepark MMOs thats based on either levels, gear or numbers. Increase movement speed on foot...
  7. ThaBadMan

    Please use this time before Newbie Island to make the game more along how its advertised

    This is the perfect time to make changes to MO to try to get it back on track while players are waiting for MO2. If you also do manage to make Mortal better and gain back players it would benefit MO2 by having a good base on how to make the basic mechanics that will be present at MO2 launch...
  8. ThaBadMan

    Seperate PvP from PvE

    Lets seperate PvP Player versus PLAYER from PvE aspects like pets who are not players duh. It is wrong and takes away alot from PvP that you are able to have creatures able to interfere interactions between players. Make pets only able to attack creatures in PvE. The fact that pets have been...
  9. ThaBadMan

    Looking for group(s) to PvP with

    Most of you know me, so ill skip the introduction. Some basics however are in order. I started playing first day of beta block A and been mostly playing ever since with some breaks in between. Guilds I have been in are: Myrmidon(Myrm), Bloodlust(BL), Praetorians(Prae) and Quadra Khans(Quad)...
  10. ThaBadMan

    New Armors

    Stadius Armatus Armor: Sarducaan Guard Armor: Legs are bugged atm but hopefully will be fixed soon enough.
  11. ThaBadMan

    Quad vs Onyx

    Quad roaming near Bakti and stumble upon a Onyx group of the same side. The fight of the broken water ensued, good fight to all involved ;)
  12. ThaBadMan


    The retarded fuck happened to this forum ? More importantly how the fuck do I change it back to how it was ? Heres how its changed since yesterday atleast for me: Main page is atleast normal: Ive only been using the legacy version and the other two seems to be like how legacy was for...
  13. ThaBadMan

    Battle of Magefield

    Heres my view of the event: Hope u enjoy it ;) GF to all.
  14. ThaBadMan

    Some needed balancing changes

    I came up with some needed changes that would bring some more skill into the game by countering some stuff and getting rid off retarded shit. * Make knockdown no more than being immobile for 3 secs from the atm 7 secs. The game is about skill, not hitting immobile players from full to 0...
  15. ThaBadMan

    Quad Guard Duty

    Just some clips to get rid off, Enjoy ;)
  16. ThaBadMan

    WTS Steel

    Selling steel in MK, PM me what u want on what character name and ill mail it asap. 1k - 40g 10k - 400g
  17. ThaBadMan

    Refining Bugged ?

    Is refining bugged ? I put 10k Pig Iron with 5k Calx Powder and 5k Coke and got 600 Grain Steel when I should have gotten 6k something Grain Steel from it. Now is it bugged or am I just insanely unlucky with the game ?
  18. ThaBadMan

    Battle for Wessex Keep Gate

    Attacking the garrison at Wessex gate, heres what happened:
  19. ThaBadMan

    Quad Strikes

    Talk of PvP in TS, Quads getting bloodthirsty, this is what followed: First clip: My cape acting as mah shield = awesomesawce. First fight: 2 Quads engage 6 Doom while waiting for other Quads to group up ultimately getting upto around 8-10 Quads so 8-10 Quad VS 6 Doom VS 2 Rage. Second fight...
  20. ThaBadMan

    The Quad Hunt

    8 Quad and 1 IX out hunting for PvP, this is what we found: ENJOY :D