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  1. Plaguetongue

    Worth getting back into?

    trial accounts are kinda useless with skillcap at 60, its more for "testing" the game, get in find a guild and have fun :) i wont say anything bout politics since im not much of a Roleplayer, i just kill whoever i feel too :)
  2. Plaguetongue

    WTS wood

    dunno, will figure later
  3. Plaguetongue

    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas and happy new year everyone!
  4. Plaguetongue

    Gods of Nave??

    CYDE is the god of war, Vlad is the god of wealth, Kubalay is the god of the trolls... there are lots. myself im the god of gherkin and firmwood ;)
  5. Plaguetongue

    WTS wood

    Ya lol ill take orders and bring some wood, need to figure something to do with the waste time, let me know whats needed and what ya pay. ill start at 1st january
  6. Plaguetongue

    Your Favorite Pizza!

    Pizzastyle my choise whould be an empty plate, meat and potatoes on the other hand :D
  7. Plaguetongue

    anyone still have characters from day 1 release?

    i may still have stuff in meduli and vadda from around release, since my first char went red and i kinda missed the Murdercount wipe that was once, ill probly never get it out and dont have the guts to walk in there now with the guards and all...
  8. Plaguetongue

    The Meduli King returns

    everyone knows Kubalay is the king of nave :) o_O
  9. Plaguetongue

    What gaming mouse do you use?

    G3 or G5 whatever its named
  10. Plaguetongue

    Horse food

    i have 100 cc
  11. Plaguetongue

    WTB Wood in Bakti

    i can fix the wood for you
  12. Plaguetongue

    PC wood

    prices on Ironwood, black wood, brownwood and the lower tiers?
  13. Plaguetongue

    Horse food

    i dont know what to feed to my horse to get the loyalty up... he dont like lime, roses, beans or mushrooms :( where do i find food for my horse? :D
  14. Plaguetongue

    What is this thing?

    Ty, nice to see alot of the old players are still in the game =)
  15. Plaguetongue

    Anyone know of a better Map?!

    the keeps are horrible placed on that map :D
  16. Plaguetongue

    What is this thing?

    my first reaction was "DAFUQ!" pointed my nose the other way and logged out^ what is it?
  17. Plaguetongue

    Animals Taming and control

    Thanks, ya i got full CC, will look into it =)
  18. Plaguetongue

    Animals Taming and control

    Hello can anyone point me to a guide in animal taming and animal control etc.. i tried on my old tamer to tame a bear and it said "you dont have enough points to tame this creature" idk if im missing skills or so and i cant find anything on the web about it since everyone talking in riddles^ a...
  19. Plaguetongue

    I humbly accept.

    "You have my sword" nice to see ya again Vlad, regards from leethaxx/Plaguetongue (old elysium) bring back the SS guild and i might join :D
  20. Plaguetongue

    back again

    spawned at the keep south of meduli, last time i was online Elysium had the keep there :D sry to the dude in rags who got an arrow in the face x)