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  1. Saphirix

    Embers Of Caerus?

    What happened to this project? Is Forsaken Studios still working on it at all? The website seems to be down.
  2. Saphirix

    Life is Feudal

    Saw the Life is Feudal on sale today on Steam. I heard from my friend back in 2014 that is was a bit like MO but very much under development. Do anyone know how the game is at the moment? Is it worth trying out? I Don't feel like playing MO yet :) Thanks!
  3. Saphirix

    WTB Stone, Direptor book and Molarium

    Buying Granum, gabore and calx. Buying The Direptor Armor Book Buying 3 stacks of Molarium //Jadeix
  4. Saphirix

    WTB Rock!

    Looking to buy Granum stacks and Saburra stacks! Pm me prices!
  5. Saphirix

    Old Lion Shield (Red)

    Hey what is the price for the Old Lion Shield? Looks like red tower shield. //Saphirix
  6. Saphirix

    Master Crafter

    Hey! Where is the Master Crafter book vendor? I recall I saw him in Tindrem, but can't find him any more. Help? //Saphirix
  7. Saphirix

    WTB stuff!

    Hey there folks! I am interested in buying some stuff. I am in Meduli so transport is always welcomed! Buying: Granum ore Saburra ore Skimming book(s) Tindremic Guard Book Expilator Armor Book Direptor Armor book Lupium Perfect horse breeding pair Sophistication food This is what...
  8. Saphirix

    WTB Silk and Steel

    Looking to buy 10k of both silk and steel PM me
  9. Saphirix

    Mortal Online going Steam?

    Hello Mortal Online Community! I sheldon make a thread in these forums, but it feels like I have a concern that I would like other opinions on. If, and IF, Star Vault gets Greenlight from Steam, and Mortal Online becomes a game in the Steam Collection. How can Star Vault handel the player...