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  1. Malathion

    The Murnahās Cape

    The Murnahās Cape First entry - It has been three erābu since I last saw any sign of the daiālu positioned around the cave, my supplies are running low and the morale of my pirru seems to be running thin. My orders are to hold this position until the remaining few kutaellatu and...
  2. Malathion

    Will butchery be reworked in MO2?

    They spent a boat load of time on walls, breeding, butchery, guards and necro pets- and the game was much better without all 4. ;) This or you simply gain the skills for butchery and get the old drops in field like .... - a Dire Wolf would drop / 1200 Fullgrain Leather, 3500 Meat , 500 Molarium...
  3. Malathion

    Armours & Weapons, An Expedition

    Really good. Gonna have to add the new stuff that's coming in ;) See pm
  4. Malathion

    MO2 Art Assets

    It was mentioned somewhere .... Quite a few assets are from AAA developers if it fit's MO. (but they still adjust to make it work performance wise and adjust a lot.) All props manually made. Character, weapons and armour are SV. Characters etc are carefully handcrafted to fit lore and based on...
  5. Malathion

    Mortal Online 2 Graphic Compare to Mortal Online 1

    i'm pumped about mo2. Graphics clearly looks good. But Not floored when i see direct comparisons like this. Some of the old MO1 stuff simply has more character imo. Will miss it.
  6. Malathion

    X-Files Cont.

    Looks like you guys are kicking some real but. Nice work.
  7. Malathion

    Mals Archive vids and life on Nave

    These were just guilds i was in. ;) :cool: Cheer bud, forgot about a few of those guys Fact - good to see ya still around bud.
  8. Malathion

    Life as a mage

    Good vids. you can always tell what fighters don't play mages - always the guys that run past mages for heals on the mage back line. Annoying.
  9. Malathion

    pvp the final warmup

    Nice vid man. Good to see this stuff again... Tight as usual Any fighter POV from the fight? and more coms would be nice.
  10. Malathion

    Dentists Appointment 1

    Lots of info on builds but you don't give explanation for stam and bandi at 1:13. Is that a bandi stam glitch or visual bug?
  11. Malathion

    Compendium of things Henrik said on discord

    Are his vids sped up slightly?
  12. Malathion

    Mals Archive vids and life on Nave

    If you want to check out some great stuff hit this link it brings history of Nave that Hooves made a while back.
  13. Malathion

    Mals Archive vids and life on Nave

    Hey all.... Been reminiscing playing MO the last week... I've had a hard time sorting through vids to find them way in the depths of the vids. I was going to post a thread with my vids but decided to archive some time frames also. If someone goes through and remembers a few things then cool...
  14. Malathion

    Killing Orrns Best Player

    nice editing
  15. Malathion

    Statement from the RPK opposition

    Takes very little responsibility, promotes SALT as caring and hardcore by not building walls and moves to propaganda to get sympathy and recruit and rezerg. ok then. GG
  16. Malathion

    Statement from the RPK opposition

    Grab yourself some punctuation and a case of Xanax plz
  17. Malathion

    Chicken Spirit Event

    A quick vid what you'll have to deal with ...