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  1. Saphirix

    Embers Of Caerus?

    Hey Zergi :) And thank you for the answer! I wonder what Rob is up to these days...
  2. Saphirix

    Embers Of Caerus?

    What happened to this project? Is Forsaken Studios still working on it at all? The website seems to be down.
  3. Saphirix

    Life is Feudal

    Saw the Life is Feudal on sale today on Steam. I heard from my friend back in 2014 that is was a bit like MO but very much under development. Do anyone know how the game is at the moment? Is it worth trying out? I Don't feel like playing MO yet :) Thanks!
  4. Saphirix

    WTB Stone, Direptor book and Molarium

    Buying Granum, gabore and calx. Buying The Direptor Armor Book Buying 3 stacks of Molarium //Jadeix
  5. Saphirix

    Comprehensive Extraction Guide: Granum to Tungsteel

    Update prices and implement fabricula. Who makes tungsteel with furnace anyway
  6. Saphirix

    Selling Prepatch Maalite Spears and Inspect books

    How are the Pre-patch compared to crafted ones?
  7. Saphirix

    Sarduca apparently close.

    This is very true indeed. That is why the focus group was created. I wonder if they are summoned again, I have not heard anything about it.
  8. Saphirix

    Sarduca apparently close.

    I do not think they will release a half-well done continent. They can not afford to make many huge mistakes anymore. They will release it when they feel it is ready, and I have faith that they do know when that is, even despite Mortal Onlines development history
  9. Saphirix

    Populated Towns

    Tindrem, Meduli and Bakti. Different tags in all towns
  10. Saphirix

    Henrik in IRC, 15-03-03

    Thank you Casilda! Enjoyed the information
  11. Saphirix


    What happened to this kid? You used to be a okay guy, if I remember correctly. Now you cry here for no reason? Congratulations on the keep!
  12. Saphirix

    WTB Rock!

  13. Saphirix

    Scammed and SV accepted that

    Old Fart
  14. Saphirix

    Scammed and SV accepted that

    I am sorry to hear that. This is a very hardcore sandbox game, so one has to be very careful all the time and check that the players you buy from are to be trusted. I suggest to only make expensive trades face2face with a merchant of good reputation.
  15. Saphirix

    WTB Rock!

    Looking to buy Granum stacks and Saburra stacks! Pm me prices!
  16. Saphirix

    WTB stuff!

    Want to buy ores! Saburra and Granum. Please BUMP
  17. Saphirix

    hi all, sebs twitter :)

    Sebastiaaan! When is the next update coming?! Its friday..
  18. Saphirix

    The Temple Of Pandeus : On Creation

    An excellent read! Thank you, good stuff! Well written words by Dominulf too!
  19. Saphirix

    Old Lion Shield (Red)

    Well, it is a good shield and you cant get it anymore. I would say that something between 200-300g
  20. Saphirix

    Old Lion Shield (Red)

    Hey what is the price for the Old Lion Shield? Looks like red tower shield. //Saphirix