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  1. Asian

    Unreleased Pvp Vid

    when is anyone gonna help me with account breach, i been gone for 4 month
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    Server Queue and Cant Connect At Character Data

    Been trying to log in for ages when its connecting to character data it just loses connection everytime. Can subscribed player atleast have the priority to load in the game first, i payed for the game and i cant even log in
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    Men vs Rpk Kranesh Fight

    pass the wake and bake limits
  4. Asian

    Pvp 24

    BO, Bakti Online wake and bake harder than viti
  5. Asian

    Tribute To Viti Quiting Mo

    Rip Vitiosus Nwo 2k15, not gonna miss ya babe
  6. Asian

    Mortal Online SoapMen Vs Bakti Militia

    server lag more ty
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    How To Survive Da Mounteds

    either they need to aim better or im literally a god
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    Pvp Compilation

    shitty videos i wanna delete from my comp im garbage why did i resub
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    Pacquiao or Mayweather

  10. Asian

    Mortal Online PvP

  11. Asian

    Bring Stout +5 Constitution Back

    plz <3
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    Jpk broke my dream </3

    I have team speak mostly red char Footfigher,psyfighter,mage,hybrid,butcher,wep smith prefer small scale, foot fighting , living near kranesh to gaul kor area or bakti. Just want to see what options are open for guilds in these areas some friends might tag along
  13. Asian

    Para/Ely vs Meduli Zerg

    so we were getting zerged and was kiting then we found 4 ely on the way so why not group and fight the zerg we werent in the same com could have done better, but they just keep on multiplying like sperms . wouldnt say really good footage but there hasnt been much videos up lately
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    Oghmium Armor

    Selling Oghmium Helm, Torso, Limbs in Gaul Kor pm offer.
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    this happen right after the id siege watch as i hit through cronite with a flakestone spear for 50s
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    Fate Vs Para Then Es

    what is stam what is aim? them equipment hits tho 7v7 para then 7v9 es gf bonus clip dont log out at minos
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    LF Foot roam group

    looking for a footgroup to roam with on my hybrid and fighter, im lonely
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    Es Keep Siege

    Hodor HO HO Hodor
  19. Asian

    Looking For Possible Home

    i play in pacific time zone, most of my characters are red. I have a mounted archer, hybrid, foot fighter. Also i have a alchemist,fisher and a tamer, currently making crafters to be fully self sufficient. Prefer the rpk style better, reply here or pm me
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    WTS Tindremic Lictor Set

    100g in tindrem contact me here or in game Asian