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    What are you doing right now?

    I am siting at work, waiting for servers to patch :(
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    Crazy Video's

    I found a few that just blew my mind. Share yours here, "No Nudity"
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    Year in review?

    As 2013 comes to a close, what would you have done differently? What did you do that you wish you had not or what did you do that you wanted to do?
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    Voting Begins.

    Here is the poll to start your voting on the winner for this month. I will leave the poll open for 7 days. and at that point I will close the thread and announce the winner. Good luck everyone.
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    Offical Server Status Thread

    This thread is for server status. Off topic will not be tolerated.
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    Just curious

    As everyone knows moderators have player accounts. So from time to time I seek out advice either her or in IRC. So I figured I would ask this question to the community. When it comes to crafters does it pay to just have one slot dedicated to all the gathering lore’s? Or is it better to put the...
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    Who remembers BBS systems?

    I think the downfall or start of my online started with these local based systems. There were two very popular in my state. Richcomm and Firechat BBS. Both offered games and a local chat. I even got my start as a mod there, As I was a sysop on the system and a gameop for the Mud Major Mud...
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    Call of Duty Black Ops 2

    I am sure we have a few poeple who play this game, But I am looking for suggestions on bulid classes that work the best. Post what you got maybe it wil help a new player
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    Looking for YOUR feedback

    The community team has been thinking about how we can make the forums more enjoyable for everyone who uses them. After a lot of reading and note taking we found a few places where we could make them a bit more community friendly. Please note this is for constructive feedback, all trolling...