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  1. The Shogun

    Wtb coal and calx powder in Fabernum

    Looking for at least ten stacks of each.
  2. The Shogun

    Buying Dapplewood in Fabernum

    PM me
  3. The Shogun

    "An unknown thread error has occurred in the Mortal Online launcher"

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I keep getting this error when I run Mortal on my laptop. Tried restarting and I am running as admin and no dice.
  4. The Shogun

    The boxes in Tindrem

    They weren't there before this morning's patch right?
  5. The Shogun

    Bug: Boxes in Tindrem can be mined for Saburra

    I was walking around Tindrem when I saw a few guys mining these boxes. Apparently you can get saburra from them. Edit: Confirmation
  6. The Shogun

    WTB inspect book

    Tindrem/Fabernum PM
  7. The Shogun

    Bug: Spell book not opening

    With the Steam release rearing its head this bug needs to be addressed seeing as how it's one of the most annoying bugs as a mage. Sometimes the spell book will bug out and refuse to open and you are forced to spam open another window (such as inventory or pet window) in order to fix it.
  8. The Shogun

    WTB Health food

    Tindrem/Fabernum send me a PM
  9. The Shogun

    Selling in Fabernum

    1 stack of Steel 280g for the stack Grain Steel 200g a stack PM offers
  10. The Shogun

    The rap, rhymes and poetry thread

    Because not all of us enjoy writing battle raps. Post anything that isn't a battle rhyme here. I'll start us off. I met this girl a while back the whole thing was an oddity She was gorgeous and lovely like straight out the Odyssey Heaven she embodied, the goddess aphrodite, never quite got...
  11. The Shogun

    I want your sheevra cape for my tindremic cape

  12. The Shogun

    Wtb coal, coke and calx powder

    Medulli, Tindrem or Fabernum. Pm
  13. The Shogun

    Wtb Pansar Scales

    Tindrem/Fabernum Pm please
  14. The Shogun

    Wtb Dominate 3/4

    Tindrem or Fabernum send me a PM
  15. The Shogun

    WTB house in the north

    Near CC or somewhere around the area. Must have granum nodes nearby.
  16. The Shogun

    WTS T1 log house NE of Medulli

    Next to the ramp coming from Tindrem. Asking for 300g PMs only please
  17. The Shogun


    Are bull molvas the best for PvE purposes?
  18. The Shogun

    TC question

    Do you need to have money in the tax manager if all you have is walls?
  19. The Shogun

    Let town criers alert the players of towns being raided

    What do you guys think? Why not make it possible to have town criers alert players of cities being raided? I haven't thought of how it would be implemented but in my mind this would increase the pvp a bit. Let's say for example VH decides to attack bakti. Through whatever system is in place, the...
  20. The Shogun

    WTB Dapplewood/Coal in Tindrem/Medulli