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  1. The Shogun

    The boxes in Tindrem

    That's because I reported it as a bug. I'm hoping it's because they fixed it.
  2. The Shogun

    Dall Roba Armor book

    I'm pretty sure you find the book through lockpicking means but what do I know? I've never set foot in that place lol.
  3. The Shogun

    Does Balance KB, KD, even work?

    Knockback and knockdown
  4. The Shogun

    The boxes in Tindrem

    I knew it wasn't going to happen but I wanted to believe :(
  5. The Shogun

    Valkran Gold Transfer

    I've used this service a few times now. Always fast and friendly service, would recommend and will use again.
  6. The Shogun

    WTB Calx in Tindrem

    This, no one wants to bother transporting all those stacks of calx for 5g each. The risk is too high given that the area around there has heavy traffic. Guts are a lot more active now too so that makes it harder as well.
  7. The Shogun

    Dominator 3 and 4 Books

    I've bought about 4 dominate 4 books for 100 gold, the Dominate 3 usually around 60.
  8. The Shogun

    RPK vs DOOM #flawless

    Ese maricon nomas te está trolleando. That very nice young man is just trolling you.
  9. The Shogun

    Sarducca House Spots

    Run around with an engineer and a shed deed. If you're near a house spot the house blueprint will pop up. You can also ride around on a mount, if your mount jumps it means there's a house spot there.
  10. The Shogun

    Problems with House Chest?

    This is a known bug and has been happening for a while now. My advice would be to stop putting things in your chest unless you really need to.
  11. The Shogun

    Shroud of the Avatar

    I've been thinking about picking this game up. How is it? What worries me is the online aspect of it. Is it single player with online or online with single player? Also, is there pvp or no?
  12. The Shogun

    its time for some info about magic schools patch

    Dominators also need their skill point distribution looked at. Currently mages have to severely gimp themselves if they want to go with dominating. Animal care and beast influence should be sub skills under advanced creature control. There's no reason why they should be primaries.
  13. The Shogun


    I'll see if I can get Soul on board for this.
  14. The Shogun

    Horse Knockdown - Crime?

    Double tapping is what gives you the speed boost to knock people down. Just don't double tap and you'll be fine.
  15. The Shogun

    Horse Knockdown - Crime?

    I'm falling asleep right now so I can't remember if you can also knock people down from 2nd gear.
  16. The Shogun

    Horse Knockdown - Crime?

    The only way you will knock someone down is if you double tap w while being in 3rd gear. You can run into people in gear 3 without going grey.
  17. The Shogun

    WTS: Spongewood 20g per stack at Tindrem

    Jesus christ, he just said he's unable to deliver.
  18. The Shogun


    "Lord protector of bakti" Lol might want to change that.
  19. The Shogun

    Dealing with Murder Counts

    Blues are the biggest griefers in this game.
  20. The Shogun

    Sleep Paralysis

    "There is nothing to fear but fear itself" I've always believed sleep paralysis is fear itself.