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  1. cheaptrix

    Crashing in the jungle

    Will probably lose my horse due to crashing on log in.
  2. cheaptrix

    Unity has control of Pash?

    There seems to be an overlay issue with TC. I just saw a broadcast saying MenoftheWest lost control of Pash, Unity has control of Pash.
  3. cheaptrix

    Crashing at bridge.

    So I died getting my tamer into Sarducaa, went across the bridge as a ghost; game crashes and now I can no longer access this character. Tried several times to log in and every time Mortal Crashes no Fatal error messages just the Mortal Online has stopped working. Character's Name: Kravinoff...
  4. cheaptrix

    Ich's Shore Prower spawn

    Right outside Ich keep where the Shore Prower breeding ground is at there are some nasty node lines. I encountered 3 ES on my upcoming MA and they did a total of 814 damage to me before I finally died. My character was wearing low grade scale gloves, pants and boots. I also have 0 balance at the...