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  1. cheaptrix

    RIT political statement

    :oops: ot: best of luck to ya! Was wondering who was sitting in DA keep when I was checking out the map.
  2. cheaptrix

    time for new servers.

    Closet thing I think we will find thats sort of like mortal won't be live till possibly 2017 and that's Revival.
  3. cheaptrix

    Announcing the Formation of the Cornelian Monastery

    I'd lean more towards the shrooms
  4. cheaptrix

    SV vs. Venny: The Wait Debate

    I got a good chuckle out of all this, I think Fooky finally did get into contact with Venny eventually though so... #VennyWaitIsOver?
  5. cheaptrix

    Announcing the Formation of the Cornelian Monastery

    Gonna have to or else you'll be the outcast and everyone will talk about you as you stroll down the streets. Random Guy A " Oh there's that mirt guy, jeeze what a non nice guy he is!" Random Guy B "Com'on Random Guy A, let's go find Venny!" Zeal Member "REPENT!!!" and be all like
  6. cheaptrix

    Jungle developement Info

    Guards are meant for NPC cities/ Player made cities IMO this is just a camp. We will be adding a priest at the campsite as well. So as long as you just keep everything banked while you process the most a PK'er will get off you would be a single mid-processed stack of carcass; and you won't...
  7. cheaptrix

    Looking for UNIT leadership

    Could of been my cousin Vinny
  8. cheaptrix

    Bakti developement information

    So spread the word, small groups looking for fights should go to meduli?
  9. cheaptrix

    Bakti developement information

    Not every Baktian is for zerging groups... If you go to Bakti you may get overwhelmed with players,so might want to check out what Meduli has to offer in the way of non zerging...
  10. cheaptrix

    Crashing in the jungle

    Will probably lose my horse due to crashing on log in.
  11. cheaptrix

    new patch

  12. cheaptrix

    The solution to half this games issues

    I actually keep a lot of my materials so I can always have a ready supply on hand in various towns in case I need it. Once my stocks are at a point I'm comfortable with and no one else in the guild is in need of any or knows anyone hurting for some plate scale, yes to the butcher it goes. Plate...
  13. cheaptrix

    The solution to half this games issues

    Butchers are just the mining extractors of backing and scales, Maybe if Leather armor was more on par there would be a higher demand to not vendor all of it? It seems either light set scales for mages or steel for fighters w/ some filler items if you cant wear the whole set. But leather? WHERE...
  14. cheaptrix

    Proposed change to butchery

    Or what this will do is open up another revenue for Trade companies! If they leave breeding pens unscathed then all one has to do is save up his golden tokens until ready to cash them in. Trade companies could offer a service of trade-in at face value for the golden token. Then off the top...
  15. cheaptrix

    Proposed change to butchery

    I agree this isn't fixing breeding pens at all. Unless only wild animals will drop this golden token and breeding pen animals only drop the 50% reduced cost carcass. What will happen is when the breeding pen farmers get enough gold and enough golden tokens saved up they will do their large...
  16. cheaptrix

    Proposed change to butchery

    Likewise, but if your paying someone for their labor while adding more steps in procuring a profit on your end is it worth it in the long run? Instead kill and butcher it yourself make the full loot and then make armor sets out it for new players to run around in. Take prower buy orders, they...
  17. cheaptrix

    Proposed change to butchery

    Why not just completely dissolve butchers. Why not just have animals drop all it's materials and use all these extra vendors for their purpose? Would free up a character slot that would be better off for something else.