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  1. Speznat

    Mortal Online 2 Graphic Compare to Mortal Online 1

    DIrect Compare of same places:
  2. Speznat

    Mortal Online 2 First impressions :)

    My first impressions about MO2
  3. Speznat

    Speznat Gardening for Braindeads part 1

    With broken english to justify the subtitle xD
  4. Speznat

    Speznat making Avocado snack Cooking for Braindeads Part 5

    I mentioned some Mortal Online members as salty, its just ment funny not insulting xD And it wasnt ment insulting to france (Extremly pronounciation was on wasn't* mh yeah) Better watch with sound:
  5. Speznat

    Speznat Cooking Part 4 Red Sausage and Rosemary

    A few Mortal Online FOrum Members appear, it isnt ment as insult its more Satire and sarcasm xD Better Watch with sound
  6. Speznat

    Chronicles of Elyria is Cancelled. RIP

    HAHAHA what ive always told. HAHHA its funny how everyone always beleive taht development from some random fucks would work, they are not passionate henrik would work with 0$ income these elyria dont do this so they fucked up. what whiny bitches haha. What i always told you haha. New chance...
  7. Speznat

    Speznat Cooking Part #3 German Sausage Pan

    KÄSEGRAINER = Cheese Sausage Listen with Sound. It isnt against najalayah i just cant speak that name out xD Party Hard
  8. Speznat

    Speznat Baking Simple German Bread Tutorial

    Watch with sound
  9. Speznat

    Speznat Cooking German Chinese Stuff watch with sound

    watch with sound Just for the lolz party hard lets drop it here:
  10. Speznat

    Please Remove Squarespace from the Website URL

    it looks for new players or people that are interrested like that sv are completly noobs that cant affort a 16 dolar a year domain. please fix this, it just looks horrible
  11. Speznat

    Falling through world in Haven dungeons with the login

    please repair this, i foyu logout in dungoen and login you always falling through the map, pleas help
  12. Speznat

    Nearest Shrine as yellow flag dont work

    you are not allowed to use nearest shrine as fledgeling please let us use that its horrible if you die and stuck and for example on a sunday or something when no gm is online or something please make it happen.
  13. Speznat

    Falling Through world on noob island

    Is still an issue i think im still falling since 2 mins not sure yeah i set in on dirty fullhd wich is on a 4k screen horrible ugly, please sv fix the 4 resolution.
  14. Speznat

    4k UI is still not working

    its so ridicoulous small i can read the buttons but beside that the noob island is really good i love it also i cant sleect 4k settings on launcher options. would be cool if you could do that because people with 2k and 4k screen join and get dissapointed fast if they cant read shit. would be cool
  15. Speznat

    The Person Above Me | Forum Game

    The Person Above Me - Tell something you admire or hate about the person above you, but you are only allowed to use one word. Rules: Example senstance for the next poster: Speznat is a Shitspitter Shitspitter = Speznat or something like Shittspitting Speznat or the best version just...
  16. Speznat

    The devs are back PARTY HARD Welcome back Henrik and Sebastian

    We missed oyu since months what are you guys doing all the time? we believe in you that MO2 blows us from the chairs. how is it going, or are you on noob siland only the last months? whats up. pleas info :) do you make noob siladn on UE4? and than if you move to main land a port to tthe mo1...
  17. Speznat why still just why? why redirect?

    You have the main domain than fukcing use it. not with a simple redirect. It looks like a cheap startup company domain, wiht the squarespace in it you guys know that you cna actually remove it right? just change udner advanced settings the forwarding and use your domain like a real company it...
  18. Speznat

    Easter Egg Screenshots Update! discussion couldn't copy the whole content from the post sry but the link is okay i guess. Lets discuss about that. Here is a picture of the new Tindrem bank. And here is the much improved interior of the bank. All...
  19. Speznat

    Are we Toxic or not? Is the Mortal Online Community Toxic to new players?

    Just wanna hear our self reflections, what we all think about us all. its interresting. I mean are we more toxic than other communities? or are the most new players just weak asses. IF you have a opinion on this please write lets discuss, if we are all just superior or are we the weak asses...