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  1. GM Galenus

    A Warning Regarding Using Any Pets

    Hello everyone, Do not use any pets there is an issue with the aggro and will cause problems. This has been happening a lot in Tindrem with players using them to attack the Discordo NPC. Until Star Vault is able to adjust the attacks of any pets please do not use them to attack while you are...
  2. GM Galenus

    New Players: Join a Guild Today!

    Welcome to Mortal Online! And welcome back to our returning players. We'd like to point out the Guild Section of these forums to help new players situate themselves better in Mortal Online. Players who join a guild early on have access to a wealth of information, tools and resources from...
  3. GM Galenus

    Reminder about Item and Pet Reimbursement Policies

    Greetings all, Now that the server stability issues are sorted out and things are running normally, we'd like to remind everyone about our policy on Item Reimbursement and Pet Replacement. These policies will be fully enforced from this point going forwards. Due to all the server crash and...
  4. GM Galenus

    Common Technical Issues with Mortal Online, the Launcher and Some Solutions

    The following are things you'll want to make sure you do in order to ensure that Mortal Online and it's Launcher software run as they should. First please be aware of our system requirements. Mortal Online will not run on a 32 bit copy of Windows.
  5. GM Galenus

    Game Server/Login Server Status Thread

    Version 3.14159! Please use this thread to report if the server is down, back up, crashed/ing or acting in a funny way. This is not a discussion topic, please keep it strictly OT. Messages will be frequently trimmed to keep it organized. Please note that with the recent Steam launch, it...
  6. GM Galenus

    New Player Survival Guide and FAQ *New Players - Please Read!*

    Welcome to Mortal Online! This is a game unlike you have ever played before. Mortal Online is all about freedom. Freedom to play as you wish, and to do what you want. Be a renown tradesman, gatherer or tamer. Be a feared murderer. Be a erudite mage. Be a subversive pickpocket. Be the leader of...
  7. GM Galenus

    Known Issues with Chronicles, Veteran Points and Verification/Password Emails

    Due to some known issues our Veteran Points, Chronicles and in some cases, account verification Emails are not working properly. Our developers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution. If you have not received your account verification Email, or password reset Email please...
  8. GM Galenus


    Can't wait for this. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of my faves. Mankind Divided looks awesome. Totally believe this could be reality for mankind in as little as a few'ish generations. Kinda scary. And awesome. Totally would get those eyes/eyeglasses augs... :cool:
  9. GM Galenus

    RIP Satoru Iwata

    The world of gaming lost a pretty major player yesterday. 13 year running Nintendo CEO & 35 year long veteran Satoru Iwata passed away today at the age of 55. One of the interim CEO's will be his long time colleague Shigeru Miyamoto (You may know him from Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of...
  10. GM Galenus

    Awesome Beer Dispenser for Beer Enthusiasts

    A buddy of mine tipped me off to this today. It's a kickstarter project that is now complete, and should be launching around September. Very reasonable entry cost, and beats growlers hands down in most cases. Looks awesome :cool:
  11. GM Galenus

    Subscription Processing Delay

    Activating a sub is currently experiencing a delay of up to about eight hours. These will be automatically processed after ~8 hours but if you would like for them to be manually authorized please contact our online support department at Please provide the account...
  12. GM Galenus

    Patch Notes

    Bug Fixes Fixed glitchy mount pitch rotation when players where riding. Fixed a lot of typos and errors in stuff that tutors say. Fixed a bug that stopped players from getting proper taming skillup when successfully taming a creature. Fixed part of the map that had broken server collision and...
  13. GM Galenus

    Veteran Points and Donation Rewards

    Greetings All, We are aware of an issue which is blocking accounts from accessing their Vet points, and donation reward titles. Star Vault is working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Updates will be posted here as soon as there are any.
  14. GM Galenus

    Current Issues with Processing Subscription Payments [Resolved]

    Greetings everyone, Star Vault is working to move it's payment processing behind the protection of CloudFlare, who we have hired to help protect our online resources. Unfortunately this has caused our payment processor, Global Collect to be temporarily blocked. We are working with Global...
  15. GM Galenus

    Issue Regarding Changing Guild Leaders

    Greetings all, Due to a technical issue that is happening when we change the rank 10 of a guild, we will not be able to set new guild leaders for the foreseeable future. We will update the community as soon as we have new information on a resolution for this. Please plan accordingly. Thank...
  16. GM Galenus

    Information Regarding Banker NPCs

    Greetings Everyone, With the implementation of Territory Control many new features, buildings and NPCs were added to the game. Most of which everyone has become familiar with, or were based off things which you may already have been. Some features have been added which are similar to old ones...
  17. GM Galenus

    Important Update to the Mail System. Please Read!

    Greetings everyone, With the implementation of TC will come a new mail system. Players will be able to cancel mail that's been sent, cancel CoD mails you receive, and take all your mail items at once. Mail will also time out after a given amount of time, as well as auto-return when...
  18. OrphenFinrandi

    64 Bit Crash Thread

    I'm having error on 64bit.
  19. A

    32 Bit Crash Thread

    I'm using a 32 bit dx 9 client on the lowest settings. Every time I try getting on my character it crashes at 75 percent of the loading screen. Then the screen goes black and back to my desktop and a pop-up comes up saying I ran out of virtual memory and a bunch of Address cannot be found...
  20. GM Galenus

    How to Update Mortal Online via Torrent Download

    Please note that the torrent method is something that should only be used by people who have a more-than-average grasp of how computers work. It is considered an advanced install. Terminology: * rar file - A collection of files compressed into one single file using a .rar format * Torrent...