1500 gold in goods stolen - New Thievery Video



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Hi, dont cut videos, we both know that you died and lost donfreecss"s loot near the thief vendor. But nice try ahah


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I am disapointed grayfox you did lack some good materials in this video compared to many others you did.
Scamming... not nice.

What are the devs stance on this?
Cbf dealing with it, so if you dumb enough then your own fault?


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TFW thievery mechanics are so shit, that even grayfox gave up on them and just shoots people in the face :(
They really need to make owners chest not carebear . Thievery would be so much better if you could sneak into houses and take from the super duper unlootable chests . And also they need to remove that stupid teleporting feature unless the character glitches to get in the House .