A Guide to Mortal Online History (Updated)

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Hey guys, I threw this guide together to give players a better sense of MO's rich history. I will be adding to it and editing it over time, and I'm relying on you guys to give me pointers for stretches of MO history which took occurred while I wasn't playing. Also, alot of the old forum posts on the old wars are now nonexistent and we can't let these beautiful histories slip away! I'm counting on you guys to inform me if I've got anything wrong or if I have failed to link to critical historical information. <3

Here are some of the time frames for MO, some of which the Archivist determined:

Post Conflux (Beta - 9 June 2010)

Political History
With the end of the conflux civilizations begin to reestablish themselves in every corner of Myrland. This period is marked by widespread chaos and banditry due to the lack of centralized power that the Tindremic and Khurite empires provided.

Major Wars

Major Guilds/Coalitions
Aegis Imperium (AI) - Powerful "do-it-all" guild
Crimson Imperium Reborn (CIR)
Myrmidon (MYRM)*

Famous Players
Godly (PvPer) - MYRM -
Sharantil (PvPer) - MYRM -
Enigma/Scarecrow (PvPer) - CIR -
Achilles (PvPer) - MYRM -
Golohozpenko (PvPer) - RUS
Weedy (PvPer) - RUS -
Cyde (PvPer) - MYRM -

OG Closed Beta Famous Players
Sun Tzu
Russian (note this is NOT russi)
Frog (Ninogan)

The PvP Meta

All PvPers were essentially hybrids, with the ability to cast spells and take part in melee combat. Swords and Spears were very popular and everyone wore fairly light armor.

Cyde - "Combat shifted regularly between combat beta and release. With regards to meta, for the majority of open beta (february 2010 onwards?) heavy armour and short handled thrusting blades were imperative. Myrmidon used to roll around in cronite with nyx shoulders and boots with hundreds of big pots and cronite or tungsteel thrusting blades. If you didn't have metal armour you were at a severe disadvantage. But of course, mage squads could still easily wipe out these melee groups. It's crazy that all this happened over half a decade ago."​

Hoof Magazine's Photos of the Era
Photographer: Legion
A nice scenic shot from beta. Trees didn't look too good, but the landscape & skybox were beautiful.
Photographer: t3lancer
A shot from (I think) Combat Beta Island. Beautiful water.
Notable Videos
Mortal Online Beta Footage
Godly, The Fabernum Murderer
Aegis Imperium Destroys 13's Keep
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Eight States Period (9 June 2010 - March 2011)

Political History
Widespread chaos decreases as powerful states consolidate power in their respective regions. Talusian Kingdom , Chaos and TOP , Ascension, Oasis, Promethean Empire, Monolith Forsaken, and the Duchy of Wessex. For a brief time Talusia, Choas, and TOP consilidate under Shinzon, Aphilas and Vladimir forming the Talusian Empire.

During this period includes the "Great Northern War" - one of the largest wars in Myrland. Despite the defeat of Promethea southern culture flourished under Forsaken, Meduli (under house Elysium), and Wessex. This period came to a close with the "War of Retribution".

Major Wars

The Great Northern War

Factors leading up to the War:
Brewing of the First Great Northern War
Thirteen / AI / TOP
[ Blog Post originally from [ASS] forums .. http://bit.ly/bc8PoS ]

Note: I myself was only involved in a few of the peace talks as a moderator, and not in 90% of the content of this post. I am merely trying to relay my limited understanding of the events that have lead up to our current conflict.What I say is not necessarily what happened. Take it all with a the understanding that this is what I have seen as an outsider who WAS NOT INVOLVED.

What I am trying to say is MY WORD IS NOT GOSPEL. I am often wrong!

Open Beta (13 and AI)

In the earlier part of Beta Thirteen made somewhat of a splash when they showed up to MO especially on the forums. In the early days of the political forums Thirteen had quite a few threads made by themselves and otherswith a large amount of trolling and people getting banned. Well they didn’t make a whole lot of friends with the established forum crowd when they first showed up. A little bit later around March they made a big splash in game with some drama. AI had been building the walls of a keep spot near Meduli and 13 went in and placed a keep. Well AI with some help of AR destroyed that keep. This led to massive forum hurrah and QQ and caused not love between the two.

Also should be mention there was an “Accords” that was formed and agreed upon by all the major guilds in MO around this time. These “Accords” was to prevent a possible Goon invasion of MO. Much in how the Goons polarized EVE, DF, or their AOC server at release and the concern that the same thing could happen to MO on release the large guilds came together to try to not let that happen. I believe that 13 was left out of this discussion on the concerns that they may have been goons. The guilds involved were AI, AR, Prophecy, and CIR (possibly more I forgot). Here CIR and Prophecy’s relationship with AI started to deteriorate. The idea behind these accords was to insure that upon release and the following months after release there would be no one single dominate power. That all parties would stay separate and not really allied. That they would even go so far as to fight each other but not wage territorial wars (keeps and such). And if one group became too powerful then they would be smashed and everyone would go back to the smaller scale stuff. The idea of the Accords being lots of small groups and no one large dominant group as this is what Goons used to polarize the server in EVE/DF/AoC. So they would have to somewhat deceive their own members with these fights and not be 100% honest behind some of the reasons of the fighting.

In the end CIR and Prophecy ended up having problems with these Accords and deceiving their members. This was the beginning of the troubled relationship between those two guilds and AI. Over the next few months there would be many other things (such as the ‘First Crusade’) and other drama that really isn’t all that important. Right before release CIR joined together with a few other guilds to form Prometheus Alliance.

Release (Prom/13th Prophecy vs AI)

Right after release Prom and AI had a very troubled relationship. Everyone was just waiting for the war to start. Prom placed the first keep, and AI had claimed the keep spot on Combat Beta Island, but hadn’t built a keep there yet. Prom had become friendlier with Prophecy and had come to an agreement with 13 that allowed Prom to build their keep on the keep spot where 13 had a keep in Beta. Soon after Prom built that keep 13 and Prophecy with the help of Prom went and build a keep on Combat Beta Island which was the spot AI had claimed. AI declared war on all parties involved. There really wasn’t much fighting in this war other that limited action with Amon. The type of alliances that AI had formed were very lose and not at all binding. And with AI’s lower level of activity and being unable to bring in those they had signed agreements with there was no way they could take on Prom, 13, and Prophecy all at once. So a cease fire was signed between Prom and AI. There was limited talk of a possible ceasefire between AI and 13 but nothing ever came of it and they have been fighting ever since.

Following the building of the keep on CBI and the treaty with Prom, AI went forum silent and withdrew up north to Cave Camp. At this time TOP was running the show up north. Los Banditos had vanished from MO, and AQ and Reign had just begun starting their raids on Cave Camp. The AQ raids started becoming more and more common so AI and TOP formed a little agreement to protect Cave Camp area from PKs. Around this time 13 started sending raids up north to keep their pvpers active. In the Cave Camp area they would find AI and TOP both protecting that area together from PKs. However also around this time TOP had recruited some members who didn’t have the same anti-pk believes as that that of the alliance. So AI had started coming under constant attack from a few members of TOP.

After AI had lost their keep spot and lost their short war with Prom (if you could even call that a war) they had started looking for some sort of real alliance. Obviously their AMA system worked for shit, (just like I had said it would in my thread.) They had thought about TOP but after the attacks by some members of TOP they decided against that. However by this time 13 had already seen AI and TOP defending Cave Camp together against them and also against other PKs like Ascension.

Territory Control Patch

Upon the release of the territory control patch TOP had just finished its Keep, 13 had just finished a new keep, and then the patch happened. With the patch came 3 new keeps, TnA, Chaos, and Wessex. Now Wessex keep came as a surprise to no one. However, Chaos has just advertised the theft of a keep deed so people were not expecting them to place a keep. Also (even though I had posted about it in my thread) no one believed me that there was a new alliance around built around AI. This itself for some reason surprised people that they laid a keep. During also after the territory control patch there were a lot of people going around leveling their engineering skills on random palisade wall sites. This also contributed to some confusion of what was being built where and by whom. So lots of people started killing each other.

The killing fell into the normal patterns. TOP suddenly owned Gaul’Kor. So Ascension wasn’t all too happy about that. TnA had a new keep so 13 wasn’t all too happy about that. Chaos confused the hell out of everyone by building a keep and TOP/TnA/13 and well no one was at all happy about that other than Chaos apparently. I don’t think anyone was expecting to have Chaos as neighbors and they hadn’t communicated their intentions to take that spot to anyone leading to some people not happy about them building there. The result was a likely confrontation between them and TOP. AI at this same time weren’t planning on sharing that territory with Chaos and I don’t think they were happy about that. But they didn’t want to piss on their new neighbors in case they might join with 13. However, Chaos and TOP avoided conflict by signing a NAP so 13 became aggressive to Chaos due to their relationship with TOP. Because of Chaos, TnA and TOP had, had to rebuild relations in the event of Chaos starting something.

During the building process that day 13 attacked the TnA and the Chaos keep and would have destroyed those new keeps had the game mechanics worked correctly. With the patch came siege weapons and there was a bug in that the catapults weren't doing any damage to the 'unfinished' buildings. Had game mechanics been working correctly I believe 13/Harl would have been able to destroy both TnA and Chaos Alliances new keeps. A little bit later 13 attacked TOP Keep with the help of Ascension but due to a server crash removing the siege weapons they were unable to finish the siege.


How the sides have formed and how the aggressions were formed. 13 don’t like AI and AI doesn’t like 13 due to a LONG LONG history of bad blood. AI helped TOP defend Cave Camp and then after Chaos Alliance builds a keep between the two TnA (who AI is in) and TOP rebuild relations. Due to the relations between TnA and TOP 13 doesn’t like TOP. Due to a NAP that was signed on TC day between TOP and Chaos, 13 didn’t like Chaos. But after Chaos’ statement of neutrality posted today in my thread they are cool with each other now. Due to Ascension and 13 having common enemies in the Cave Camp raids they had formed a relationship. I have not talked with Harlequin about all of this so I am not really sure why they are involved at all. I do know they joined the scene after MOR joined TOP, and perhaps this has something to do with why Harl has become involved. For those that don't know, Harl pked a MOR and got like 3k Steel (I believe?) and their relationship has not been the same since. Both where friendly for a while when they both lived in Bakti.
A Wessexian response to the above account:
As the Original Poster disclaims, this (though widely-quoted) is not the complete or definitive record or analysis of the talks to which he refers. He has, as he admits is possible, left out some of the guilds involved.

Also, his belief about *why* 13 was left out of some parts of this discussion and what the reasons for that were is not how others saw it or have it recorded.

These forums still note a slightly more comprehensive log of the discussion over the issue--

what any guild in general and 13 in particular (because of their statements, not mere 'concerns'), should not be encouraged by inaction of other guilds to do (exterminate other guilds, get people to quit the game en masse, etc.)--

really at any time but especially not at crucial expansion points for the game. Relevant to the upcoming Steam Release? Maybe so.

Last Thing First:

The Conclusion & Results of the War
The Great Northern War ( Conclusion)
Written by: The Archivist

Aegis Imperium declared war on the Prometheus alliance shortly after Prometheus aided 13th Prophecy in the construction of their keep at “Combat Beta Island”. This conflict was short lived due to the number disparities between both sides. The Treaty of Amaruk Nuur , drafted by Malachi Drake and Laylah Sothenic, outlined the terms of peace between Aegis Imperium and the Prometheus alliance. With the loss of the southern Sunken Isles keep, Aegis Imperium migrated north, settling in the Talus mountains.

Unknown to the rest of Nave, Aegis Imperium began making alliances with clans inhabiting the Talus Mountains in the following weeks. Aegis Imperium made alliances with the Silver Skulls, Audacian Republic, Utopia, Purgatory, Dog Company, Kohorta IX , and Legio Aquila with the purpose of protecting the Talus region. This became known as the “Talusian Alliance”.

During this time, a handful of guilds east of the Talus mountains, born out of war with the short lived ICE alliance, begun banding together to remove their common enemies from the village of Cave Camp. This would come to be known as the TOP alliance, which was composed of Tindremic Templars, The Professionals, and Outsiders. Much of TOP alliance’s early history was defined by conflicts with eastern Ascension alliance of Gaul Kor.

South of the Talus Mountains and Gaul Kor, near the city of Kranesh, the Chaos alliance was formed, composed of Acolytes, Ghost Division and Wolfszeit. At the time of its founding, Chaos alliance was relatively small compared to the surrounding alliances, thus the Chaos alliance was the target of political pressure by almost all major alliances of Myrland.

Much of the creation and political maneuvering of these alliances was relatively unknown to the rest of Myrland until the “Territory Control Patch”. In the words of Shinzon, the former leader of Aegis Imperium “all hell broke loose”. Alliances raced to build keeps within their territory in order to seize control of their respective region. As a result, skirmishes and large scale battles broke out around these Keep spots. During this time, 13th Prophecy begun attacking various Keep spots and walled towns with siege equipment, most notably, Myrmopolis (now called Myrm’s Barrow). During these assaults, whether accidently or intentionally, TOP’s Keep was sieged by Ascension and 13th Prophecy, and Chaos Alliance’s holdings also came under attack. The events of “T- Day” would mark the beginning of the North-South polarization that would lead to further escalation of the conflict.

[Bloody Red Bastards] Benevolence: “The original reason we attacked the Keep (belonging to Talusia) was because it was Aegis Imperium’s Keep. Seeing as TOP came to help them, we took them on the next day and sieged their Keep. At that time there had been some friction between 13 and TOP, but them coming to help Aegis Imeprium in a siege set the war off. Seeing as Talusia and TOP outnumbered Oasis and Ascension heavily we recruited Harlequin to our side for the TOP siege…”

[Tendrimic Templar] Drakkanrider: “The day Talusia was building their Keep, 13th Prophecy, Ascension, and Harlequin siege them. Since they were our enemies, and Aegis Imperium had been friendly to us in the past, we decided to help. Since Aegis Imperium had helped us build our Keep, a small number of us assisted them in finishing theirs. A few days later, Ascension and Harlequin attacked us.”
During the fighting following T-Day, the Treaty of Amaruk Nuur came into question. Aegis Imperium wanted a revision of the original treaty to include the rest of Talusia, as they claimed to be victims of repeated attacks by Prometheus. Promethea considered nullifying the treaty as Aegis Imperium was three weeks late on their 50 gold payments. Promethea did not want to isolate 13th Prophecy by signing a non aggression pact with Talusia, as Promethean and Oasis’ soldiers often engaged in “friendly raids” and were mutually KOS. This, of corse, did not sit well with the Talusians.

[Prometheus] Nidhogg: “13 and Prometheus live in close proximity; both have active PvP-ers and reds. After several incidents it became clear to both sides that it was impossible to prevent this due to the size of both forces.
Both sides were anxious to prevent a war that would disrupt our towns so an agreement was reached where 13 and Prometheus would be KOS to each other outside palisade gates. No attacks would be launched on each other’s cities, nor would structures be targeted. Apart from that: everything goes.
Should either 13 or Prometheus have a major project (like a siege or a big operation) they can warn the other party in advance for a temporary cease fire.
So far this arrangement seems to work. Members on both sides get killed, PvP and fun is had by all but the player cities of Oasis and Promethea remain safe from attacks by the southern guilds.”
Around the same time, the Duchy of Wessex, fearing an attack by 13th Prophecy to the south or Talusia and her allies to the north, signed a mutual defense agreement with Prometheus. A similar treaty was not signed between Prometheus and Talusia because the Promethean council did not want to isolate 13th Prophecy, or appear as if they were taking sides in the brewing war. Nevertheless, roughly two weeks after “T-Day”, the Treaty of Amaruk Nuur was broken (bottom of page 1, page 2 and 3).

(Aegis Imperium) Necromantic on WSX's involvement:
"Not to forget that in the old days AI always considered WSX to be friends until they actively tried to alienate AI from their allies behind their backs to to gain bonus points with their Masters in PROM. They underestimated the loyalty and friendships that had formed in the past and present between involved guilds. Over a period of very self destructive strive to gain favor and better their own position with the side they thought would win WSX soon had nobody left anymore that had any real respect for them. At that point even the last person had realized WSX would sacrifice even their closest friends if it gave them benefits and their claim of neutrality was long lost."

Shortly after the end of the treaty, Prometheus launched a full scale invasion of the Talus Mountains in order to extract the money owed by Shinzon.

[Prometheus] Nidhogg: “Aegis Imperium still owned us 700 gold due to the broken treaty. Prometheus realized that we would never see this money but the debt was still there. Leaving debtors running around leads to a loss of face so we had to find a way to rid ourselves of the debtor without appearing weak.
We also found ourselves drawn into a war we really didnt want to fight. We had no intention of conquering other territories yet. We also had no interest in destroying TA and TOP's keep as Prometheus engineers had aided in the building of most keeps in game (TA being the exception since they never asked for our aid).
Prometheus decided on an attack plan where we would destroy two houses inside the Talusian keep area. If time and boulders permitted we would also damage, but not destroy, the keep. Afterwards we would make a public announcement on the forums stating that Prometheus considered the war over.
The destruction of two houses would be considered sufficient repayment for AI's refusal to honor their word. As a gesture of goodwill, we would also transfer the remaining debt (700 gold) from Prometheus to Talusia, Aegis Imperium would have to pay the 700 their alliance to aid in rebuilding the houses the war had cost them.
This would have rid us of an unwanted war and an uncollectible debt at the same time. It would also mean that in any continuation of the war we would be the defender, most likely triggering a reaction from the Duchy of Wessex through our mutual defense agreement.
TA itself would have been divided, Shinzon would not have been able to pay the money since then he would acknowledge that the debt still existed, but not paying it to his own alliance would make it appear that he didn’t want to contribute. If he did pay however it would appear as if he paid because Prometheus told him so.
Because not all assets of TA would have been destroyed they still had valuables to lose if the conflict continued, leave an enemy with nothing and you take away all power you have over him. We would have had an enemy for life; Prometheus wasn’t interested in starting blood feuds as we had already demonstrated with our merciful peace treaty with Aegis Imperium. “
The opening battles of the campaign resulted in stalemates – whether this was a result of in-game bugs or northern military prowess is still debated. Nevertheless, this caused a substantial morale blow to the southern forces. Shortly after the raids were rebuffed, the north established, in the words of Shinzon, “ a culture of counter attack”, where in response to a raid from a Promethean force the north would launch an immediate counterattack on southern holdings. During this period clashes such as the Battle of Oasis, the Battle of the Four Armies, and the Siege of the Central Steppe Keep (now known as North Watch) marked the decline of Prometheus.

[ Prometheus] Nidhogg: “the war basically ended when TOP/TA took down Prometheus Central Steppes keep, after that what was left of Prometheus splintered, Ely and SyVi striking out on their own”
Desertion was rampant among 13th Prophecy and the Promethean military in the closing days of the war. The collapsing military infrastructure of the south, coupled with the number of Talusian, TOP, and Chaos soldiers brought the war to a close. Approximately three months later, Elysium, a former Promethean clan, purchased the city of Oasis from the remnants of 13 and took control of the Meduli steppe. Promethea, the former capital of the Promethean people, was handed over to Talar Matar. After Talar Matar was abandoned, the city of “Old Promethea” was handed over RUS, the former military arm of Prometheus.

Further Reading - Half-completed history of the War:

The Great Northern War: Part 1 - The Beginning
The Great Northern War is undoubtedly the biggest conflict in Nave’s history, involving approximately 25 guilds and 6 different alliances. Because of the number of people fighting, though, there are many sides to the story. As a result, the true beginning and causes of the war are often clouded in mystery – and trolling. Every guild has a different account and different reason for their conflict and understanding the history that has brought this war is essential to understanding it.
For most, the conflict goes back into the early stages of Mortal Online’s beta. This was a time when some guilds were first forming and the political landscape had yet to be carved. The first major event important to understand the war is when the guild Th1rt3n first entered the game. At the time, guilds already settled into the game such as CIR (Crimson Imperium Reborn), AI (Aegis Imperium), Wessex (The Duchy of Wessex), OL (Overlords), and RUS, ect. took an immediate notice. As members from both Prometheus and AI say, 13 made their impact through their posts on the forums, largely consisting of trolling, flaming, and bragging. As Bizzy, the leader of 13, puts it, “They didn’t seem to get my humor.” Because of this, most guilds began to develop distaste for 13. Many began fighting 13 including AI, AR (Audacian Republic), CIR, and more. Many guilds, however, found that giving 13 the attention that they wanted only made the situation worse.
As time went by, on approximately the 3rd of March, the first keep of the game was put up by a guild most didn’t expect, 13. At the time most guilds had stopped actively fighting 13. For AI, though, who had planned to put a keep in the very same spot, that was the final blow. They gathered forces as soon as they could manage and with AR began to destroy the keep. Ultimately the keep was destroyed.
Shortly after, an emergency meeting was called. Shinzon, the leader of AI, joined the most active guilds leaders together to talk to them about the threat of 13. He suggested that they were in fact Goons, a guild infamous for ruining (by the account of Shinzon) games similar to Mortal Online. Goons, as they were known, came largely from Eve Online, but played Darkfall as well. They worked slowly on polarizing the server with two large entities to fight. This was done mostly through trolling. Because of these similar signs, Shinzon believed, and convinced the other guild leaders, that 13 were Goons and they needed to be stopped.
Knowing how Goons worked in the past, the guild leaders, lead by Shinzon, set out to break the server’s power up, stopping the Goons from polarizing it. Each guild was to break ties with one another, after fighting 13, and divide up parts of the world to call their own. To keep the agreement secret though, Shinzon suggested that the factions would occasionally fight. As he says, CIR, reading too into the situation, began to have doubts about the idea. Finally, during one of the many meetings that were had in the following weeks, Synlaw, the leader of CIR, backed out of the idea as a whole and, according to Nidhogg the representative of CIR at the time, threatened anyone who “messed with his boys”. After arguing, Shinzon finally replied, threatening Synlaw, telling him that AI would destroy CIR from the inside out.

Band of brothers (screenshot by Airfell)

This single moment in Mortal Online’s history represents the conflict that began the war, as many see it. As CIR and AI, who used to be friendly, began bashing one another on the forums and eventually fighting each other in game. With the destruction of CIR and AI’s relationship came the destruction of Shinzon’s plans. Slowly guilds began to suspect that 13 were in fact not the Goons that had been lead to believe. As a result of this fighting though, AI had also made a lasting enemy of 13.
When Mortal Online was released, these enemies AI had made proved to be disastrous for the guild. Two alliances, both enemies of AI from their dealings in beta, formed. First, Prometheus, consisting of CIR, RUS, SyVi (Syagrii Victrix), ODL (Ordre Démocratique de Landeriel), OL (Overlords), and Drakes and then 13th Prophecy, consisting of 13 and Prophecy.
Since beta AI had set their eyes on the Sunken Isles for their keep, or as it is affectionately called, Combat Beta Island. When release came, though, 13th Prophecy was the first to put their keep on the island with, again stealing the keep spot AI thought was theirs. CIR and Prometheus as a whole, who had since settled their disputes with AI, though still on hostile terms, aided 13th Prophecy in the construction of the keep with their new alliance. Prometheus, as Nidhogg says, believed they were in debt to both 13 and Prophecy as during beta, prophecy had supplied the guilds of Prom with weapons and armor. They were in debt to 13 for allowing Prom to construct their keep in 13’s old spot. By helping them construct their own keep, Prometheus, again according to Nidhogg, believed they had paid back what they owed to the new alliance. AI thought differently.

List of current Keep Owners
Talusian Alliance
The Talusian Alliance is a moderatly sized alliance that keeps the peace in the Talusian Mountains area. Since the outlaw town of Kranesh is a part of this territory the Talusians often get to see action fighting the various outlaws that make their home here.
The Talusian Alliance has survived three failed siege attempts, one taking place when the keep was still under construction. The Talusian Alliance has seen many forces threaten to take them down but so far none have succeeded in even damaging them. During the Great War the Talusian Alliance was essential for the stability of the North, playing a pivotal role in the early skirmishes, giving time for the rest of the North to stabilize politically.
With their enemies much reduced or even vanished completely the Talusian Alliance finds itself in the first peaceful period since its foundation. With friends like the Velden Alliance and the TOP alliance their position seems secure and safe.
The Talusian Alliance is a well established alliance that can now finally enjoy peace. Aside from occasional bandit attacks they no longer seem to have any major foe now that the Great War has ended.

- Shinzon

Aegis Imperium's Perspective of the Preamble to War:
One aspect to consider is what happened in a game called Darkfall - a sandbox game much like Mortal Online, and is the originating game for guilds such as Wessex and many others. A lot of the early politics were centered around attempting to steer away from the huge cluster-fuck that occurred in Darkfall. Where the entire game world was split between two monolithic entities; Goons and Hyperion, a conflict that arguably destroyed the game (Too much drama). By the time Mortal was playable, a bit of hindsight could be afforded, so there was a general attitude of trying to avoid what happened in that other game.

The Accords were agreement between guilds to settle in certain areas, carving up Myrland between the then great powers. Relations soured, and we found the largest official Alliances against us. AI was pretty shaken up, and members were pointing fingers at one another, and if things continued we would have broken apart. So the peace treaty was negotiated despite some loud protest. However in the mind of WSX, and Prom it was actually terms of surrender. I remember arguing about the language and getting it changed to a more neutral tone, and into a "Peace Treaty". The ambiguity introduced with the changed language is what later caused the breakdown in negotiations with Prom and CIR when we founded TA.

No one in AI actually wanted to pay the reparations outlined in the treaty, so I had to make it my personal debt; a fact that CIR and WSX enjoyed tremendously I'm sure. This calmed people down, as their own pride was no longer on the line. However many guild members came to me in private offering their assistance, and the net effect was to create solidarity within the guild. The peace treaty gave us time to breathe, and make some new friends. The fact that we were still at war with 13 also gave an outlet to the more aggressive members of our guild.

Cave camp was always under constant attack, and I remember that we were constantly fighting alongside TOP. I'm not sure whether this is true anymore, but I think AI became the equivalent of shock troops, first in the fight and last out; maybe our exile left some mental trauma in our members, making them a little bit more aggressive than the average. This is where our relationship with TOP was formed; the day-to-day struggle to defend Cave Camp. Later on we would say that our friendship with TOP was forged with blood, unlike WSX which we saw as our sister guild in the beginning, only to be betrayed when we really needed them.

The intention was always to strike back against those who forced our exile, and we knew that we needed to form actual alliances; the days of the "Handshake Contract" were gone. We did consider joining TOP, however their internal situation was questionable, and their officers went missing for roughly a month - a time during which we did our best to repel any attacks on their keep in the hope that they would stabilize internally. We still had friends leftover - some scattered guilds, parts of the "Bakti Crew" and others. We had IX Kohorta, the Audecian Republic with us right from the beginning, Dog Company joined because of friendship between our members, and it continued to snowball from here.

We won SS over when Turkis was leading a patrol that stumbled across them, under attack, and trying to build their first guild house. The patrol fought off the attackers, and then helped them build the house; this secured our relationship with SS. It's at this point where we started to really try and bind the north together, as SS and TOP hated one another, we had to mend the relations between the two, and then constantly expend energy to maintain those relationships. Naturally we did everything in absolute secret, because we knew that the moment Prometheus, Wessex or 13 heard about what we were doing, they would do their best to grind us into dust. I think it's a miracle that we managed to keep the whole thing a secret, right until the moment we placed the keep.

We managed to help defend TOP's assets long enough for their officers to come back and re-establish order within the guild. Our long history of cooperation ensured that TOP would back us up when shit hit the fan. The wild card in this was the Chaos Alliance, who had declared themselves neutral. However it was my understanding that they were under pressure from Th1rt3n to come to their side, but Chaos remained neutral. What won them over, was the actions of our enemies.

Th1rten started dropping catapults like candy and sieging quite a bit of assets. This culminated in their attack on Myrmopolis - Myrmidon's Village. I didn't like Myrmidon, but I did respect them both as fighters and a guild with a spine. They were one of the few guilds that set out to stay out of politics, a feat that they achieved admirably while become some of the greatest PvP'ers of their time. However a small guild is unable to stand against an entire alliance, and so Th1rt3n's actions not only aligned Myrmidon with us, but also gave us the ammunition required to convince Chaos to side with us - lest they become the next victims.

And so with TA, TOP and Chaos we descended into the first server wide war.

Short Version: 13 shows up, AI is not pleased. Alliances form, war commences. 13 & friends disintigrate and reform as other guilds.

The War of Retribution

The Story of the War
War of Retribution

by: Scribe (Hotlinks by Achivist)

The conflict between the Kingdom of the Isles and the Talusian Alliance(today known as SCAR) has recently been called to an end through a formal declaration made by Malachi Drake, king of the isles and arch-bishop of the church of Soldeus.

According to his Grace the latest siege staged by the Kingdom was sufficient to ‘remove this immediate threat’ and the Kingdom has dealt a ‘suitable response’ to hostilities initiated by the Talusian Alliance and their friends: Dark/Derp and Harlequin

The Kingdom recieved aid in this conflict from the guild Elysium and the Ascension Alliance. Who participated in launching three sieges against Talusian Alliance and their friends.

According to the leader of the Silver Skulls(SS) the conflict started when SS and Myrm joined forces to take Gaul’kor from then Invictus/Ascension by constructing a house there. The Kingdom came to the aid of Ascension when they laid siege to this house.

According to a representative from the Kingdom this conflict got started when DERP build TA funded houses inside Kingdom territory. The Kingdom first sought a peaceful solution but they claim their emisarries where killed and their efforts at communication where unsuccesfull.

When the Kingdom send a military force to deal with the intruders they encountered members of the Talusian Alliance in open support of Derp/Dark. The first siege staged by the Kingdom was unsuccesfull but it did trigger a response from DARK, Harlequin and the Talusian Alliance who amassed a sizeable force to defend the DARK house and destroy the Kingdom’s palisade gate in this area. The conflict had escalated and the kingdom was outnumbered and facing a full scale invasion within their borders and so they called for aid.

Ascension and Elysium, for reasons of their own, answered that call and joined the war on the Kingdoms side. In Elysiums case this meant transferring their support from Derp/Dark to the Kingdom. The reasons for their change of heart are as yet not known to us.

The leader of SS admits they supported Derp/Dark, but he says he explained to the Kingdom that SS only did so because Derp/Dark was fighting Ascension, who are sworn enemies of SS.
The leader of SS says he tried to talk to the Kingdom but was called a liar.

The conflict spread to include the lands of Ascension when the Talusian Alliance constructed two houses inside Ascension territory. The Kingdom aided Ascension in the destruction of these houses.

At this point the leadership of Dark/Derp returned, causing a direction change in their politics. They apologised to the Kingdom and negotiated for the Kingdom to buy the house they had build inside their territory. Not all Dark/Derp members where happy with this decision, leading some to splinter of from the guild. As a result of these actions Dark/Derp was no longer a factor in this conflict.

The Talusian Alliance was still actively fighting, along with the mercenary army of BRB. Normally Chaos Alliance would aid the Tallusian Alliance but apparantly they didnt help the Talusian Alliance out this time. A representative of the Kingdom had the following to say about the actions of the Talusian Alliance:

They(TA) were conducting raids against our subjects, they were involving themselves in conflicts that threatened our sovereignty and all attempts to deal with them diplomatically were met with their leadership, mostly Vladimir, threatening or insulting us. They refused to acknowledge anything other than that they intended to destroy our entire “RP paradise”. The conversation on ventrilo was the last straw and it became clear that there was no reasoning with them. This conversation was so insulting that I am told that this was one of the main reasons the Chaos Alliance did not support the Talusian Alliance.’
The leader of the Silver Skulls says:

‘Mykee of Chaos Alliance then cospired and worked out a deal with Ascension for free access to GK for the blast furnace and tephra deposits. TA was stabbed in the back by people they long supported and defended for such trivial things as minerals and rocks. Leaving TA outnumbered for the storm to come’
Shedding a different light on Chaos hesitation to enter the conflict. SS also claims that it was Wessex who was insulting by calling the SS leader a liar.

Rather then waiting for the Talusian Alliance to attack again, Ascension, Elysium and the Kingdom decided to take the fight to them by attacking their keep. In a series of three sieges they managed to destroy the keep and houses of the Talusian Alliance despite the efforts by Dog Company to defend these.

In response to this destruction of assets the Talusian Alliance, spearheaded by Aegis Imperium led an attack against the Kingdom village of Wentus Castrum, destroying a handfull of houses.

The Crimson Horseman Tribe a shire within the Kingdom, conquered the southern central steppe keep area that belonged to Aegis Imperium and the Kingdom war time alliance destroyed Aegis Imperium’s houses.

It was at this time that the leaders of Aegis Imperium began diplomatic talks and withdrew from the conflict; issuing an apology on the forums and offering the Kingdom a house deed as reparations for their actions.

The Ascension alliance led the charge against the Silver Skulls (the remaining powerhouse within the Talusian Alliance) and their houses fell one by one.

Ascension, Elysium and the Kingdom launched an attack on the Talusian Alliance keep held by the Silver Skulls and after several attemps managed to destroy their keep.

The ruler of the Kingdom however did state:

‘I do commend the Silver Skulls for fighting so bravely and valiantly because they had been losing allies one by one during the length of this conflict and yet they still fought with passion’
The Silver Skulls admit defeat in this conflict but are far from finished. According to their leader they are rebuilding and look forward to once again taking the field in the future, though it is not revealed when or against whom this will be.

After the last battle the declaration was made the the Kingdom considers the war over. It has yet to be seen if the other participants accept the offer of peace. Its also unclear how relationships between the Kingdom, Elysium and Ascension will develop now that it seems their common enemy is no more.

Short version: This is the first of a series of wars with tense roleplay at the leadership level, as Wessex and friends took on the Talusian Alliance/Derp. The war ended with an odd one-ended peace agreement and then everyone went about their regular lives.

Major Guilds/Coalitions
Aegis Imperium (AI)
Crimson Imperium Reborn [CIR] - Capable of fielding VERY large numbers
Talusian Alliance
BRB* - Warriors of the north who would later merge with AQ to create northern hegemony
After being one of the most powerful guilds throughout beta,
Cyde: "Myrm remained the dominant PVPers until late 2010, though unfortunately activity steadily dwindled until eventually we ended up allied with SS in early 2011 before some of us went over to BRB and the guild essentially died. (Myrm returned a couple of times but never in any substance)"
SS - Guild under the leadership of Vlad, a colorful leader who farmed many wisents
WSX - Roleplay guild with very strong numbers and political clout
TOP Alliance - Tindremic Templars / Outsiders / The Professionals / MOR
Los Banditos - Large alliance, consisting of Variance, Mahtisoturit, Legion and Rpb.
Chaos Alliance - Acolytes, Ghost Division and Wolfszeit
Elysium [ELY]

* = renowned PvPers of the era

Famous Players
Godly (PvPer)
Sharantil (PvPer)
Shinzon (Politician) - AI -
Vlad (Politician) - SS -
Malachi Drake (Politician) - WSX -
L (PvPer)
ThaBadMan (PvPer) - MYRM -
Nidhogg (Politician) - CIR -
Cyde (PvPer) - MYRM -
Synlaw (Politician) - CIR & leader of Prom Alliance
Aphilas (Politician) - TOP - Leader of TOP alliance, remained notable for a long time.
Bizzy (Politician) - 13 -
Enigma (PvPer) Arguably the best PvPer over the course of 2010
Angarato (PvPer) - MYRM -
Godly (PvPer) - MYRM -
Sharantil (PvPer) - MYRM -
Achilles (PvPer) - MYRM -

The PvP Meta
Very fast-paced, still swords and spears. Initially pretty much everyone possessing magic abilities. Pokey sticks :) This era sees the end of do-it-all warriors as magic becomes more difficult to fit into builds. Damage dealt during this era is very high and stamina is hard to come by, making it quite easy to die. EPIC patch happened.

Hoof Magazine's Photos of the Era
Photographer: Ulf the Adventurer
A picture of the North just days after release.
Photographer: Koli
Title: King of GK
Molvas were not quite as enormously stupidly large as today, and looked a whole lot better. Because of this, people were actually able to use them for mounted combat and molvas were very hype. Players used to call them "Rhinos" because of their horns.
Photographer: Koli
Title: Login Screen
It looked very cool back then
Notable Videos
Sharantil - Bring the Player, Not the Zerg
Franky - Tops Keep Defend
Sakar and Cyde - Fly like a G6
BRB - 3 man Raid on GK
BRB - Disrupting Siege of SCAR Keep (War of Retribution Footage)
Prom v TnA (Great Northern War Footage)
Diphrael - Combat Thieving
Los Banditos Trailer
ES Tower Battle
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Gabarian Hegemony (March 2011 - May 2012)

Political History

Shortly following the "War of Retribution", several powerful Thursar tribes consolidate their power in the Gaul Kor region. Due to their martial culture and their access to the rare mineral known as tephra, they were able to gain vast sums of gold through mercenary services. The nation of Anquer Quare would come to control much of the region east of Faburnum and north of Kranesh and Morin Khur.

Other Thursar tribes on the boarder of this empire often made war with each other and Anqer Quare. This military experience gave them the ability to make war with the Alvarian and Human peoples of the steppes and Talus Mountains. The mass migrations following the "First Gabarian War" triggered political instability in the far south. One notable example is the invasion lead by Kallard clan of Odin into the Brood Isles, which sent the once weakened kingdom of Wessex into decline.

This period ended with the "Second Gabarian War". The Thursar tribe of FEAR, in an unexpected alliance with the Tindremic soldiers of Praetorian, and the Roman alliance of Vadda, destroyed Anquer Quare and their allies the Keepers of the Oath, of Meduli.

Major Wars

The First Gabarian War (Also known as the Crusade or the First Crusade, although the RPers always insist that this was the only true crusade)

General History of the War:
Written by: Archivist

Gabarian War – Crusade
[May – July: Initial skirmishes, buildup of political tension
July/ August: Crusade declared, majority of large scale fighting around population centers
September: Hostilities cease, smaller regional wars begin almost immediately]

Though it can be argued that the events lead to the Gabarian War had its roots in major clashes months prior, it is generally agreed that it began with the Faburnam affair.

Anqer Qure, the rulers of the mining city of Gual Kor and the Gabaria region, began their expansion west in the early summer. As their armies neared the old kingdom of Talusia, their council called a meeting with King Vladimer, demanding that they sell the fort town of Easthold, near Cave Camp for 4000 gold, or lose everything they own. Two days were given for a response.

King Vladimer contacted his southern rivals in Meduli, the kingdom of Ymiria, as well as the peoples of the Brood Isles and the steppe tribe of Monolith. They answered a call to arms – as the Gabarian tribes often raided the lands of these peoples (Ymiria, Meduli and Talusia often fielded raiding parties to attack Gual Kor and the surrounding areas, resulting in the battle ofTephra Mines, the Battle of Grey Cliff) and were greatly disliked for their monopoly on valuable minerals and resources (despite being used as a mercenary force by many of them ). Shortly thereafter the priests of Soldeus declared a Crusade on Anquer Quare .

At the onset of the fighting, many expected Gual Kor to crumble under enemy numbers as the Talusians did in theWar of Retribution. Though Anquer Quare had arguably the finest infantry in all of Myrland, their army was vastly outnumbered and lacked a relevant cavalry force.

In the first two weeks of the fighting, almost a dozen major battles occurred at Gual Kor, Loon, Crossroads , Cave Camp, Kranesh and the Talusian city of Easthold. There were more than three battles at Cave Camp alone, and for the duration of the Talus campaign, Easthold was under constant siege . Despite the number of Crusaders that attempted to push into Gabarian lands, they never managed to secure territory . The mountains of Gual Kor did not favor large armies spread out across valleys and mountains – it favored cavalry less so. Deadly Elysian Cataphracts, known for their prowess on the plains of Meduli, could not be brought to bear on the Gabarian forces.

Bandit clans purchased with Talusian gold proved to be problematic to the Crusaders. As the Crusaders suffered setback after setback, their mercenaries, whether for wealth, out of admiration for Anqer Quare, or because they were unhappy with being on the losing side, pledged loyalty to Gual Kor. This addition gave them mounted soldiers needed to make advances on the plains near Kranesh, resulting in the Second Battle of the Bridge .

The stalemate lasted until Crusader spies discovered that some of their kinsmen had betrayed them to the Gabarians. The resulting distrust splintered the fledgling alliance that was already facing troubles due to divisions in leadership and differences in culture. The catalyst for the internal fall of the Crusaders occurred when Clan Silver Skulls of Talusia executed many of their accused spies, included many favored nobles within the kingdom. Many soldiers that served Talusia, due to distrust or the heavy handed reaction of King Vladimer, deserted the army. Sensing internal unrest, the Gabarians launched a night assault on the undefended Easthold, burning the city and waylaying the Crusader army as they sullied forth .

The sudden defeat sent waves of migrations south towards the Meduli plains and surrounding steppes. With most the lands between Easthold and Gual Kor within Gabarian control, southern lands for the first time were within striking distance; something many thought unimaginable. It was not long before clans began to capitulate under fear of having their people put to the sword. Others continued the resistance. Peoples once united under one banner began to fight among themselves – some wishing to pay tribute to the Gabarian tribes for peace, and others wishing to continue on the fight.

With no united front offered, Anquer Quare began attacking villages that offered the Crusaders support , utterly depopulating the lands north of the steppes. Clan KoTO of Meduli abandoned their Fort City and migrated south as the cities of Elysia and Wentus Castrum were being sieged by the Gabarians.

By the end of the month, Wessex and Elysium, the two clans still intact despite the fighting,signed a truce with Anquer Quare to end the fighting
The end of the Gabarian wars saw the upheaval and overthrow of many old political orders . Clans that were once thought of as inseparable turned against one another, spanning many regional conflicts (ex. War of Four Hammers, War of Red Sand) .

The allies of AQ, flush with victory, invaded the Eastern Steppe, dislodging Monolith from their lands . They would come to be known as Fear. Anquer Quare continued their expansion west, and under the threat of war, annexed the city of Heurgar, sending it’s native clan south to Landfall.

Gabaria (Gabarian Allaince): Anquer Quare, (what would become) FEAR , Spar, Myrmidon
Ymiria: Asgard, Shadows of Myrland, SyVi, Outsiders, Rus, and IVth
Meduli: Elysium and Keepers of the Oath
Brood Isles: Kingdom of Wessex (including the thanedoms of Livonia and Tindrimic Old Guard), Rangers of the Grey Dawn, Aegis Imperium
Talusia: Silver Skulls, Dog Company
Easthold: “Cave Camp Keep”
Loon: “Loonytoons village”
Heurgar: Chaos Keep
War of Retribution: Anquer Quare, Kingdom of the Isles, Meduli vs. Talusia
War of Four Hammers: Wessex vs. Sons of Odin, RuS, ES, Fear
War of Red Sand: ES, Fury vs. Meduli, Dog Company

Brief History: Southern guilds become scared, as AQ begins expanding and controlling more land. Southern guilds fight against AQ and friends. AQ & friends win, and many of the southern guilds fold.

Second Gabarian War
By: The Archivist

War Duration to Date: December 2011 - May 2012, 7 months

Belligerents: Northmen of the West (Apex, Fury), Gabarian Empire (AQ, thursar of Cave Camp), Meduli (KoTO and allied clans) vs. Defiance Coalition (Rome, Fear, Praetorian, allied clans)

In the wake of the Crusade against Anquer Quare, the lands south of the Talus and Gual Kor mountains lay ravaged by war. By the signing of the Gabarian Accords, AQ was the dominant power north of Amaruk Nuur and boasted the largest land claim since the days of Talusia and Prometheus. Many of the clans that declared neutrality early on in the Crusade or aided the Gabarian forces came to hold power in the south. The northernmost kingdoms that stood against them, whether due to the tremendous loss of life or the depletion of coin, began to disband.

The seeds for a new war was sown three months after the signing of the Accords. As the first frosts of the year fell on the north, Anquer Quare and their allies looked west and south for new lands to conquer. In early December, Sinturions, an old clan whose forefathers fought in the Great Northern War, was uprooted from their home and fled south. Dog Company’s strong hold near Faburnum was attacked shortly thereafter. Within the month, the Gabarian Empire turned south, declaring lordship over the cities of Morin Khur and Toxai.

FEAR, a confederation of bandit clans that aided the Gabarians in the crusade, held considerable territory in the plainlands directly south of the two cities. Viewing this as a threat, they launched an immediate raids on the area to halt the expansion of the northern armies. The major clan of Toxai, the Outsiders, declared neutrality and vows not to oppose Gabarian expansion. Envy, a major rival of AQ, attempted to wrest control of Kranesh and the surrounding foothills.

During this period, south of Tindrem, the Keepers of the Oath began to expand their power in Meduli. With the expulsion of Dog Company from their northern border, they expanded north to Fabernum. On their southern and southeastern borders, Fury and KoTO’s sister clan Elysium warred, resulting in the destruction of the Elysian stronghold. Though attempts were made toreform their clan structure, Elysium did not recover, and their assets passed on to KoTO. With the fall of Dog Company and Elysium the Meduli coast, Meduli plains, and the upper regions of the Western Steppe came under the control of the Keepers.

The spark of the war began with the Battle of the Weeping Swords. A Tindremic caravan lead by Lieutenant Grulleod in the name of Prince Rosenante, set out to transport a powerful weapon from Meduli to Faburnum. A large host of southern clans were hired in the defence of the the Lieutenant and the imperial Seer. Anquer Quare,believing that the weapon was stolen from them, set out to reclaim it. The caravan, weakened and distracted by fighting powerful demons trying to reclaim the weapon, were waylaid by a Gabarian raiding party and KoTO raiders. The sudden appearance of the the raiders threw the caravan into disarray and many were slaughtered the the fighting the followed. Shortly thereafter Anquer Quare sent ravens to the major houses of Myrland, and to the Emperor of Tindrem, declaring that any effort to reclaim the Sword of Tears would result in their immediate destruction.

Alarmed that two such powerful clans had entered into an alliance, and outraged at their actions the south set out to destroy Gabarian Empire, the Keepers, and the clans that pledged allegiance to them. Unlike the independent armies and war parties of the Crusade, the people of Rome, FEAR, Praetorian, and lesser clans and tribes, fell under the generalship of Retox. The new banner of this movement would come to be known as the Defiance Coalition.

The first of the northmen to fall to the southern armies was Fury. Shortly thereafter a multi pronged assault was launched from the western and southern plains on the Meduli region. After days of fierce fighting Oasis and Redstone Keep was taken by the Southern Coalition withwidespread destruction of villages and villas.

Achilles of Anquer Quare
“ AQ defended Koto's keep TREMENDOUSLY but the DEFI alliance was literally too numerous and too strong. I probably died around 4 times that entire day attempting to defend their keep with them. I led most of the armies and most of the battles that day. “

With the way north cleared, Defiance launched direct assault across the Gual Kor region, bypassing the western forts of Umbra’s Reach and Umbra’s Gaze. The skilled Gabarian warriors, used to fighting disorganized southern raiders, were unable to stand against the new organized coalition. By the third week of fighting Defiance surrounded strongholds in Gual Kor and were moved on Anquer Quare’s capital.

Achilles of Anquer Quare
“As soon as Koto's keep went down, Koto pulled out of the war and our alliance because AQ refused to allow Koto to move into GK. We asked them to use CC and MK as their base camp for the operations they needed, because we did not want to suffer any future political problems with KOTO after the war ended and we needed them to move out.
Once the DEFI alliance attacked our main keep at Umbras Fist, Koto refused to come to our defense, as we had come to theirs when their keep had gone under siege.”

The fighting that ensued saw the most prolonged and intense urban combat recorded post conflux. Defiance held high morale and numerical superiority over Anquer Quare, yet the fanatical Thursar hillmen continued to fight. Gabarian and Coalition forces waxed and waned within Gual Kor, with groups of soldiers controlling streets and buildings at different times during the day. With the disruption of their supply lines out of the city and mines during the siege, AQ was unable to properly defend their keep.

Prince Reaper of Praetorian
“KOTO siege was the bloodest siege in the war. It was 17 hours of continuous fighting from both sides and I believe that when KOTO keep went down we decided to move on to the next phase of the plan which was to occupy GK so we could move resources and crafters to prepare for the siege of AQ keep..”
“The first day in GK was the most brutal day. It was a 24 hour lock down by all clans on the first day. The alliance took over GK so we could move resources and crafters and prepare for the siege of Gaul kaur. It had been planned for over a long time if I recall but the commanders had any real knowledge of the plan.”

The exact events that unfolded as the Coalition armies marched on Gual Kor Keep is unclear, but according to reports of foot soldiers present at the finale battle forbidden magics were being invoked by Gabarian wizards in hopes of turning the tide of battle. Whether it was the price for momentarily gaining power, the wrath of Umbra descending down on his people, or something else - several powerful warriors manning the keep walls were struck down. Many scattered to the hills, believing that the favor of Umbra had abandoned them, the most dedicated of the Priesthood of Umbra did not yield.

The memory of the horrors their ancestors suffered at the hands of the Gabarains during the Crusade was revisited in the closing hours of the battle. Those who did not escape to Herabalter fell to the mercy of the southern soldiers. Houses that held smithing forges were burnt and their occupants put to the sword. Fighting men that surrendered were cast into the sea with anvils to their necks, those lucky enough to survive had their hands removed so that they would never wield a sword or forge metal from tephra.

The surviving noblemen gathered the remaining hill tribes still loyal to the land and their god, and reformed underChin and fought the southerners at every turn. Though Fury reorganized under the banner “The Frozen”, they did not seek out battle with the southern clans. For a time, there was a lull in fighting.

The Defiance Coalition marched its restless armies back south and disbanded. Despite the intensity of the war, the occupation of the northern lands were only temporary. Because of its wealth and prominence Meduli was left in the hands of Rome, one of the major political forces in the alliance.

Less than a month after the fall of Gual Kor KoTO, whose army had been in hiding among the Meduli populace, rebelled against Roman rule. With the help of the northmen and mercenaries they launched a quick and brutal campaign against their enemies. By the end of the monthSinturion’s Den, Oasis Keep and the surrounding area fell to KoTO and two counter attacks by Rome on Electrum and the Frozen Keep were thwarted. The Keepers regained lost territory and currently continue to push north towards Faburum and south against the remaining Roman clans despite numerous attacks.

Kutai of the Keepers of the Oath
“As it stands KotO has the largest army in game. We can match the entire FL alone. In thesecond part of the war we drove Rome from Meduli and destroyed two of their keeps was due to SiN trying to expell the few KotO that were still playing at the time from Meduli. BH/RLC part of the Southern Alliance had also taken up residence in our keep spot. The one between Meduli and Fab.
The war kicked back off with us retaking that keep spot with weeks of brutal fighting. We then turned south to face the threats made by SiN and FL and quickly took out two of their keeps and held our ground on Meduli.
We are stronger than we have ever been, with more members and territory. KotO stands by itself however. We have no alliances but we will defend anyone who asks for our help and we deem deserve it.”

With no clan controlling Gaul Kor, Envy extended into the area and claimed it as their own. The remnants of Anquer Quare are currently staging attacks on their properties with Envyretaliating in kind; to date there is no victor. In the south, a summit was held between the leaders of the Keepers, Rome, and the rebuilding Dog company - effectively ending major hostilities in the West.

Achilles of Anquer Quare
“ As of now AQ still stands, but not as it was before. We are a weaker and lesser force than the former AQ, but we are waging war on those guilds that took down our keep at the end of the war. Just recently we destroyed everything that Envy owned behind Kranesh in the old TnA palisades, and we now own the palisade gate as our own. “

Prince Reaper of Praetorian
“After AQ keep went down the alliance declared the zone a neutral area, As far as I know that is no more since ENVY breached the agreement shortly afterwards.”
“ Prae shortly went inactive and we plan to rise again very shortly and take on the northern forces again.”

Retox of Praetorian, General of Southern Coalition Army
“Be ready to write a second chapter soon. War is on the horizon”

Results thus far: Unchanged boarders in Meduli, AQ’s hold over north broken with no clan claiming land east of the Talus Mountains


Winter Campaign (General Summary by Bobzer77 )

In early December: clan Anquer Quare of Gual Kor forces Dog Company out of it’s stronghold near Faburnum ; AQ and Envy fight over control of Kranesh; Fury attacks and destroys Elysium (Oasis) Keep ; Chaos leaves the north and pledges allegiance to Clan Odin ; Elysium officially disbands - The Keepers of the Oath become the defacto rulers of Meduli ; Gabarian Empire vows further expansion and claims the Morin Khur area sparking a territorial dispute with FEAR
January: Redemption and KoTO break their alliance - KoTO claims DC’s Keep; Oasis Keep is sold to Clan Sin ; Outsiders surrender to AQ and KoTO forces ; Following the Sword of Tears (summary by Alfie )ambush it is revealed that KoTO and AQ are allied; AQ issues a statement to the Emperor of Tindrem ; Sometime during the month a southern coalition forms made up of Rome (Sin, Odin, Rus, ES), Fear, Praetorion, and several other clans under the generalship of Retox of FEAR
February : Rome attacks Fury and destroy’s their stronghold; Official declaration of war by Rome and Fear (the Defiance Coalition) on the North and KoTO; Southern Coalition launches coordinated attack on the Meduli plains region, securing the city and destroying all KoTO strongholds ( asiaboy summary, video of Meduli outskirts destruction ) ; shortly after, all Gabarian assets east of the Gaul Kor region is attacked in a broad push - Coalition forces surround Gaul Kor region in fighting that lasts for multiple days, Feburary 19th Gual Kor falls after a week of fighting (Iron Fisted 5 )
March: Fury rebuilds under the name the Frozen ; KoTO continues resistance guerrilla in Meduli ; Gabarian soldiers reorganizes under the banner Chin in order to continue resistance in the north; Major lull in fighting (end of war summary battle video)

Spring Campaign (Causes for the second part of the war )

April: KoTO rebels against Roman rule - resulting in the First and Second Battle of Sintourion’s Den; Rome and ES attempt to retaliate resulting in the battle of the Frozen Keep; Rome’s forward keep is attacked and destroyed by KoTO and her allies; Rome attempts a siege on Electrum ; Envy claims Gual Kor
May: KoTO officially annexes the Meduli region; Envy - ICE and AQ engage in war over the region between Kranesh and Gaul Kor (more fighting); major fighting around the Meduli region still occuring (ES, Envy launches full scale attack on Meduli during a festival); On May 6th A Summit is held between the resurrected Dog Company, KoTO, and Rome ending the War

Short Version: You should probably read the long version, this was easily the most important war in MO history. Here's a shameless plug for my song about the war. If you still want the short version: AQ and KotO take on the world, AQ starts to lose and activity slips, so it becomes a guerilla war for Gual Kor. Drama, tears, nonsense, and AQ's keeps go down. The battle for Kranesh Bridge takes place, one of the most memorable in MO history.

Major Guilds/Coalitions
Anquer Quare (AQ)* - Controlled the North during the era
FEAR* - Southern rivals of AQ with strong mounted presence
ENVY* - Mercenary guild that switched sides to fight against AQ during the 2nd Gabarian War
Keepers of the Oath (KotO) - Southern guild led by Kuthara, KotO has battled for the desert throne of Meduli
Wessex (WSX) - light roleplay guild with political clout
Fallen Legion (FL) - Alliance of ODIN, SIN, RUS with a strong Russian core, this alliance provided tremendous numbers during the 2nd Gabarian War
Praetorians (PRAE) - Tactical commanders of the 2nd Gabarian War, PRAE's European force would become Quadra Khans (QUAD)
ELY - Elysium, strong mounted force during the era
Shadow Squad (ES) - strong mounted archer force
Monolith (MONO) - Southern guild whose power was dramatically lessened after the 1st Gabarian War
History of MONO:
The History of Monolith
A Foreword
The history of Nave is a long and tiring one, riddled with war, politics, deception, greed, and a very small amount of good will mixed in. This relatively short document is meant to not only convey the history of Monolith but the history surrounding the guild as well. I reserve the right to improvise in situations that may break the somewhat realistic tone, e.g. GM involvement, individuals logging out, etc. With all that being said, enjoy the read.

The Beginning: From Brigandage To Order
The collective known as Monolith was first founded in Fabernum some time after launch, of course at that point we were untagged and were more of a rag-tag group of randoms more interested in harassing Black Sect members than doing anything productive. I'll keep this part of the story short, as there's not much to tell. Eventually our antics with Sect attracted some negative attention from the Talusian Alliance (with whom Sect was friendly at the time), and we fled the city of Fabernum for the greener pastures of Morin Khur, where we live to this day.
After our transition to Morin Khur was complete, we set out to form diplomatic relations with various parties for two reasons: the first was the empty palisade outside of Morin Khur (which was under Prometheus control as we later found out), and the second was to locate a decent farming location. As a result of these requirements, the first party we established diplomatic relations with was the TOP Alliance.
While we were gathering the money for our guild house, we happened upon members of Ordo Exsolutionis and Dark Falls, two guilds that were planning a takeover of the same palisade we were after to set up a neutral trading post. Seeing the potential for a common goal, the three guilds started working together, and it wasn't very long after that the palisade gate was torn down and all three guilds had placed houses inside.
Of course, matters of land are never that easy. Two days after the Monolith guild house was placed, the palisade had been assaulted, and Syagrii Victrix, part of the Promethean Alliance, placed a Keep. At this point, with the full force of the Promethean Alliance beating down on us, the group requested assistance from the Talusian and TOP Alliances. The aforementioned parties agreed to provide assistance, presumably as they would have preferred a neutral party in the spot than an enemy.
And so a battle was fought over several days, with the Promethean forces attempting to build the keep, and the forces of Ordo Exsolutionis, Dark Falls, Monolith, TOP Alliance, and The Talusian Alliance began running boulders for the impending seige. The fighting stretched across the Central Steppe, and even extended into Moirn Khur, in the form of assassinations and thievery. After three days the keep had been completed, and the seige had begun. The Promethean forces were outnumbered at this point, and after 17 hours of seiging, the first keep siege post-release had been completed.
The Velden Order
After the fall of Syagrii Victrix's keep, the alliance finally assumed full control of the palisade and announced our intentions to the world. Our alliance; The Velden Order, consisting of Dark Falls, Ordo Exsolutionis, Monolith, and Utopia had been formed. The goal of the alliance was to create a neutral trading point, and to protect innocents on the steppe. At this point efforts started towards gathering the funds required to place a keep for the alliance inside of the palisade. During this period, word had been received that Syagrii Victrix and Elysium had left the Prometheus alliance, and that Elysium were selling the palisade to our south. Seeing this as an opportunity to control the steppe as a whole, the alliance purchased the spot.
Unfortunately, prior to completing the keep project in the northern palisade, Ordo Exsolutionis and Dark Falls had both fallen apart, resulting in Monolith's control of both the northern and southern palisades of the Central Steppe. Thus was the end of the Velden Order, even today not many remember the alliance even existed.

A Loss and the Risar Invasion
The Kingdom of the Isles to the south took notice of the fall of the Order. It was not long after that a vassal state of the Kingdom, The Crimson Horseman Tribe, laid siege to the southern palisade with the backing of the Kingdom. In order to avoid an immediate conflict while we were weak, the palisade was sold to the Crimson Horseman Tribe and remarkably little blood was spilled. This peace was of course not meant to last; at the same time to the north, the Risar horde was amassing an assault on Myrland. Significant fighting was reported in Gaul'kor, and the invasion had spread to the keep held by the TOP alliance far to the southwest. While the TOP Alliance had managed to fight off the initial invasion force (In addition to a simultaneous assault by Anquer Quare) as well as prevent them from spreading further west, they were somewhat battered and broken thereafter.
It was several days after the assault on TOP keep that the Risars had reached the mountain pass to the northwest of our palisade. Our initial reaction was actually quite small in scale; we chose to simply clear the pass of Risar, expecting them to simply change direction like they did with the TOP keep. We were not so lucky. The following morning, we awoke to war tents and catapults surrounding our palisade, the owners of which were seemingly missing. It was at this point we knew what needed to be done, (mostly) for our own good and for the good of Myrland itself: the invasion had to be stopped. After clearing the empty tents and seemingly abandoned seige equipment surrounding the palisade, we sent out several scouts to get a clear idea of the overall size of the invasion.
Our scouts reported that the invasion forces stretched from the gate to Herabalter, with their main invasion camp at the entrance to the pass that leads to the Gaul'Kor area, and were further spread out to the valley below Nereb Madgulu, into the Minotaur Cave, and lastly into the pass northwest of our palisade. We knew where our enemy was, and all that was left was to take the fight to them. And so it had begun; a genocidal slaughter of any Risar standing between our keep and Herabalter.
No war is without its heroes, and one such hero had already been fighting the Risar in the pass northeast of the palisade. He was not one of us, none had recognized him, but all would soon recognize his valor. He stood toe to toe with the Risar, fighting with a worn down shortsword, wearing the rags of a beggar in addition to a strange set of boots that shone with such golden fury that they could have been the wrath of Soldeus himself. Some of us questioned his sanity, but none would question the courage of this man, who we later came to know as euopun. Shortly after euopun had joined our little crusade, we had cleared the pass of Risar, and moved into the valley.
It was at this point that several members of the guild Arcturian had arrived to assist with our efforts; our numbers grew. They were not the only other group to see the threat that the Risar had presented; a small band of fighters from the guild known as Asgard happened upon us in the valley and also began to assist in the fight. With these three combined forces, it was not long until the invasion had been pushed back to its main encampment. When we reached the main encampment it was evident that some force had already destroyed part of the palisade wall the Risar had constructed at the entrance to the camp. Irregardless, whatever force that did was no longer here, and there was no shortage of forces guarding the camp both inside and out.
And so we pushed on; but it was not without loss. During the siege on the main encampment all of the involved parties had lost significant numbers, and by the end only members of Monolith remained. With one final push, the invasion had been pushed back to the border of Herabalter, where they dared not return with their numbers diminished so. On the way back to the palisade to celebrate our victory, I was struck by a vision. The meaning of what I saw that day is still debated; but I can describe it as follows: What I saw was a man but not at all a man, a floating robe within which only a blackness that reminded you of the night sky could be seen. He introduced himself as Gradius, and first said that the actions taken this day had changed history. He next asked for the names of all those who had fought against the horde, but never revealed why. Lastly, he permitted me to ask a question, and naturally having invested so much time and effort into this crusade, I asked about a reward. His response was limited to a cryptic comment indicating that it should come soon.

The Eastern Solidarity
It was not long after the fall of the invasion that the Crimson Horseman Tribe had approached us with an offer. The terms were fairly simple; the tribe wanted to break away from the Kingdom of the Isles and seek out its own destiny. In order to accomplish this, they looked to us as potential allies in achieving this goal. As we were looking to stabilize the steppe, an alliance between the groups holding both the northern and southern palisade on the central steppe seemed ideal. After a significant amount of discussion, The Eastern Solidarity had been formed, and the Crimson Horseman Tribe had left the Kingdom. The goals of the solidarity were fairly simple; the first was the establishment of a keep in each palisade. The second was the establishment of a trading outpost based out of the northern keep. The third and final goal was to secure and protect innocents on the steppe. Seemingly straightforward as these goals were, not everything went according to plan.
The first problem arose in the form of the splinters of the invasion that was earlier crushed. The splintered Risar forces had regrouped in the Blood Isles to the south, and had destroyed a significant amount of assets belonging to the Kingdom of the Isles. As all ties with the Kingdom had been broken at this point, and thus it was not our concern; that was until the risar forces nearly reached the southern palisade. As the Kingdom forces had not stopped the splintered invasion from expanding, it had taken over the bandit camp and the palisade nearest, in addition to spreading all the way to Wentus Castrum. As our allies, the Crimson Horseman Tribe had several troops hidden in each of these palisades, gaining entry was not a difficult task. After clearing out the bandit camp, Grunt, the leader of the Crimson Horseman Tribe, wished to let a few risar remain, so that the fight may last longer. Naturally I warned him against this, but ultimately we had pushed the risar back into the Brood Isles and off of our territory.
The next day an amusingly similar series of events to our first experince with the invasion occured. The risar forces had fully reclaimed the territory they had lost the prior day, and were nearly banging down the gate to the southern palisade by the time anyone noticed. At that point Grunt understood the threat the invasion posed, and we worked together to clear the invasion out of the brood isles over several days. The bandit camp as well as the palisade nearest (At the time of this writing JAWA Keep) were cleared of the infestation, and we repeatedly prevented any resurgances by slaughtering any risar in the Brood Isles. That was of course until they had outsmarted us. By way of unknown magicks, they had sealed themselves on a plateau, preventing the construction of any bridges and in turn ensuring that they were safe from all but our bows.
This effectively marked the end of the invasion, as the risar on the plateau either starved or fled into the jungle below. Either way, to this day the invasion has not been seen in the Brood Isles.
As the invasion had been dealt with, it was finally time to start focusing on the development of the keeps; first in the south and later in the north. In a very short period of time, the funds required to construct the first keep were amassed, and an arrangement had been made to purchase the deed itself from a well- known merchant in Fabernum. Things are never that easy, however. Just as the trade was completed the deed was stolen by a thief by the name of Mifheit. Fortunately for us, we had earlier contracted the equally well known and enigmatic thief Diphrael to protect the deed in just this sort of situation. After an extended chase, Diphrael successfully stole back the deed, and we moved out of Fabernum, thinking our troubles behind us. Our troubles of course did not end there, however. Word had reached us that the Argonauts had recieved word that the deed was to be transported, and had an ambush waiting on the road from Fabernum. As the combined forces of the Eastern Solidarity greatly outnumbered the potential forces that the Argonauts could bring in, we chose to walk straight into the ambush. In order to protect the deed, a small contigent of our fighters engaged the Argonauts while the bulk of the group proceeded back to Toxai, where the deed was safely stored away.

The Fall of the Solidarity, The Keep of Northwatch, and the Rise of MERC.
It was not long after that CHT's keep was completed, perhaps at the worst possible time. Due to the peaceful state of the world, a number of soldiers from MONO and CHT became restless. It was this restlessness that led to the creation of MERC, a rpk bandit guild for hire. Originally the brainchild of Econtra ([MONO]Mortalitas), Iconoclast ([MONO]Regret), and Unforseen ([CHT]sirjosh); the popularity of the sub-group increased until it effectively operated with limited outside interference. Just before MERC's autonomy had fully solidified, CHT's leader and a good number of its members completely vanished. Of the remaining few CHT members left, some joined MERC, and a few joined MONO.
Eventually, Mortalitas had to focus his efforts on Monolith, Regret decided to leave MERC and later co-founded VOID, and sirjosh had vanished, much like his CHT brethern before him. This left MERC to its own devices, without influence from the original leaders that had established it (this could be considered the beginning of the end for Monolith's control of the steppe). It was during this time that Monolith had successfully constructed a keep in Northwatch, and continued to build its forces. Eventually, an alliance was struck between MONO, MANU, and LS, and the three parties began to build Northwatch into a respectable town.
During all of this, the leaderless MERC had effectively been taken over by ex-members of the Tindremic Templars (One of the more prominent forces within the long-since disbanded TOP Alliance). The most prominent of these leaders was Aphilas; under his orders MERC had banded together with Lords of War, Black Hand, Outsiders, and RAGE to form the FEAR alliance. As hostilites with RAGE and BH were already ongoing (and tensions between MONO and MERC flared), an all out conflict with the rest of the alliance was likely not far off.

The Fall of Northwatch
Note: I'll summarize this very quickly, as much of what occurred during this siege on both sides could be considered exploitation and such matters hardly have a part in historical records.
As the ongoing hostilities reached a boiling point, FEAR began to launch assaults against Northwatch, eventually managing to breach the gates (under the old siege mechanics, one did not need a key to open a palisade gate from the inside). This gave them the perfect opportunity to transport boulders with the cover of night, and several days later they had begun to siege the keep. Although the forces of the alliance destroyed a number of catapults throughout the siege, FEAR held out. Outnumbered and badly battered, our forces sent requests for assistance to the foreign states of Bloodlust and Elysium. By this time, FEAR had also sent requests for reinforcements to its allies ES and FURY; pushing the odds even further against us. After ES and FURY had shown up to assist FEAR, BL answered our calls; sending forces to assist but ultimately deeming the defense of the keep a lost cause and leaving the battle.
After the forces of BL had left the fight, Wessex (having heard of our plight) joined the battle of their own accord, assisting our pushes against the now enemy-controlled palisade gate. It was not long after that Elysium would show up, lending further assistance, but ultimately the numerical differences as well as the matter of regaining control of the palisade proved too great. The keep would fall soon after, and Monolith would retreat to its southern holdings; then known as Horseman's Rest.

From Order to Brigandage & The Formation of Gutternsipes
Having lost the territory it worked so hard to gain and protect, the members of Monolith became bitter. First, Horseman's Rest was sold to JAWA, who later sold the keep to Bloodlust in exchange for Stoneheight Keep in the Brood Isles. After the keep had been sold, the guild started to resemble the very forces that had sapped them of their former glory; becoming common bandits themselves. This common banditry continued until one day an idea was formed; a group of thieves that utilized the in-town warring techniques mastered by Monolith during the various guild wars fought during its time in the Central Steppe. Founded by Econtra, Diphrael, Pemi, and Sedate (the best player in Guts), this idea would become the first incarnation of Guttersnipes. That being said, the exploits of Guttersnipes are well recorded elsewhere.

After Guttersnipes was formed, several attempts at resurrecting the guild were attempted; the first was via the purchase of Wyvern's Rest from DARK. None of these attempts saw much success or interest, and Monolith eventually officially merged into its sub-guild, the Guttersnipes.
Famous Players
Gigamo (PvPer) - AQ -
CYDE (PvPer) - AQ -
Opkan (Politician) - AQ -
Vlad (Politician) - SS -
Retox (Politician) - PRAE -
Astinos (PvPer) - FEAR -
Achilles (PvPer) - MYRM/AQ -

The PvP Meta
Swords. Swords everywhere. Warriors wear plate armour while many skilled players begin to use hybrids. Mages and hybrids become the backbone of many combat groups, and mounted combat becomes viable and then (with Dawn) becomes unviable. Mounted Archery becomes the flavour of the month, and guilds like FEAR learn to master it. Kiting becomes an incredibly important aspect of the game, with smaller groups strategically retreating from larger groups until they reach advantageous terrain.

Hoof Magazine's Photos of the Era
Battle for Kranesh Bridge
- One of the most famous encounters of the 2nd Gabarian War, the Battle for Kranesh Bridge was fought to prevent reinforcements from arriving during the KotO Keep siege. This means that the battle took place while a simultaneous battle was being waged several minutes away.

Notable Videos
Gigamo - Ironfisted I
Gigamo - Ironfisted II
Gigamo - Ironfisted III
Gigamo - Ironfisted IV
Not only does the Ironfisted collection display some of the best PvP ability in MO's history, but it also chronicles the rise and fall of the AQ, one of MO's most notable powerhouses. In Ironfisted I, AQ is a new guild forging its identity, a merger of experienced guilds with a Territory Control goal, there was excitement in the air. II and III chart AQ's progression into becoming the most powerful and feared guild of the era. The series concludes with Ironfisted IV, shot during the 2nd Gabarian War as AQ's activity dwindled. This video features an empire on its last legs, attempting to adapt to a new patch that has changed the movement and general PvP system of the game, but to no avail. Like a cherry blossom, these videos show how AQ budded, bloomed, and withered in the beautiful cycle of life.
Void vs AQ - because Sakar spent so much time editing this video, it wouldn't seem fair to exlude it
AQ's Christmas Song
Bofis - I wanted to mix it up a bit
Shaking off the Rust - AQ vs ENVY, AQ wins
Battle for Kranesh Bridge - 2nd Gabarian War Footage
Battle for Kranesh Bridge, Alternative Perspective. Part 1. Part 2.
Fear PvP- 2nd Gabarian War
Defiance AQ Demolition Team - 2nd Gabarian War
Fear- Sword of Tears Event - Massive amounts of players!
ES - Battle at ICE Keep
PRAEfectus I
Envy vs PRAE - My first big fight in MO! I was in PRAE. We lost.
Envy vs AQ - the end of an era
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Mercenary Era (May 2012 - September 2012)

Political History

The end of the "Second Gabarian War" was marked by general chaos. Smaller nations and once dormant tribes sought to fill the power vacuum left by the Gabarians and the Keepers.

Mercenary guilds begin to dictate the course of wars, with some guilds like ENVY being employed for sieges simply to prevent the enemy force from hiring them. This led to entire mercenary forces being paid thousands of gold to sit in a field and watch as their employers laid siege to enemies.

Major Wars

The Hundred Year's War

Short version: KotO, under the leadership of Kuthara, and Fallen Legion + SIN get in heated arguments and go to war with eachother. The Mycke (SIN) v Kuthara (KotO) forum shouting matches would continue for dozens of pages, until both players were certain that they were the only two players actually reading the thread. This is the longest war in Mortal Online history, igniting and rekindling over the course of more than a year. But it starts now, in the Mercenary Era, and many mercenaries profit from it. The war never conclusively ended.

Major Guilds/Coalitions
Forsaken (FOR) - Trading guild with strong territory control
Fallen Legion (FL) - ODIN, RUS, SIN - mortal enemies of KotO
Guttersnipes (Guts) - Originally a thieving guild, this era sees them transform into a major political power
Relic [RLC]

Famous Players
Smasher (PvPer) - ENVY -
Kuthara (Politician) - KotO -
Diphrael (Master Thief) - GUTS -
Orcork (PvPer) - DC/QUAD -

The PvP Meta
Hybrids are the cream of the crop and kiting is practiced widely. Mounted Archery remains very strong.

Notable Videos

Envy vs MONO/AQ
Smasher vs Hunted - Hypest Duel of the Era
KotO v GER

Return of PRAE
Quad v KotO
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The Awakening(October 2012 - June 2013)

Political History

The Awakening Expansion brings about the opening of Tindrem as well as the introduction of a new era: a time of potions, bats, and scary monsters.

During this era, IX emerges as the dominant political power, rising to fill the shoes that AQ left behind. This era concludes with the fall of IX and the disintegration of the northern powers.

Major Wars

The Fall of Forsaken
By: Archivist
  • The once quiet shires of the south have been overcome with bandits and raiders. In an effort to protect their land, Forsaken attempted to defeat the most powerful raiding clan, DOOM. The war swung in the favor of the raiders resulting in the loss of several villages in the Sunken Isles, and the major trading hub of Bakti. Arfy and Kailei, high ranking members of Forsaken, claimed the city of Northpoint in an attempt to open the city for trading. Elkantar is currently offering a sum of 5000 gold coins to the force that destroys Northpoint. Both ancient cities of Northpoint and the Vale still stand.
  • A second phase of the war has begun. Forsaken has passed on ownership of the Vale to Deicide (whose origins are unknown). Vengence (volunteers from Bakti?) have declared war on the residents of the Vale, vowing to destroy the city. The Guttersnipes of Talusia have backed the legitimacy of Deicide's claim over the Vale and Bakti.
  • The new owners of the Vale, Deicide, have taken control of Bakti
  • Vengence and Deicide have declared a truce, thus ending the Sunken Isles War
  • Combatants: DOOM Campaign - DOOM + GUTS v. Forsaken; Tradewinds War - Forsaken Civil War (result undecided) Forsaken Remnants + Deicide + Guttersnipes v. Vengeance
Short version: DOOM gets angry at Forsaken. For the duration of the previous era, Forsaken was the biggest territory holder in Nave, but isn't a PvP oriented guild. Forsaken gets destroyed by DOOM in a war of attrition.

The Third Gabarian War

Basic Information About the War
By: Favonius
The fall of Legion IX however is a well documented situation and stands as a reminder to all the cost of hubris and lack of tact. Such was the power of this group that it controlled two keeps and two guilds of great power. Many flocked to their banner as their mighty empire spread over northeast Myrland to include Gaul Kor, Morin Khur and Toxai. Like all tyrants however, the corrupting influence of success and power apparently got to the decision making of the leadership, and reckless declarations of war were tossed about until a great coalition of guilds declared war upon them.

Today the Legion IX militia power-block is no more, replaced by KoV. Even the core of Legion IX has been apparently defeated and now Hellequin proudly inhabits their citadel. Only a handful of control towers remain to remind the world of their presence.
More information & Legacy
The Third Gabarian War began, as many wars do, on the forums. IX members stirred up the pot on the forums, with posts such as this which were negatively received by many southern guilds. Like AQ before them, IX made many enemies. Eclipse (EC), the Guttersnipes (Guts), Fallen Legion (FL), and (Spanish Spaniards) ES forged a makeshift alliance to take down the northern giants. Like the Second Gabarian War, the forces began with somewhat even numbers but activity began to drop off on the IX side as the war became one of attrition. Ultimately, IX was destroyed and a power vaccuum was once again created in the north. This vacuum would not be filled until over a year later, with the re-emergence of the Quadra Khans.

As IX was falling, KOV, under the leadership of Killox, attempted to fill the vaccuum of power in the north, but was promptly besieged by the newly forged alliance which had just ousted IX. This alliance of EC, Guts, FL, ES, RLC, etc. would go on to dictate the political climate of Nave for months, thus precipitating the Wars of the Southern Bend.

PlopPlop - "The end of IX which led to or was part of the formation of the Nutcup alliance that then massed to seige KOV(Killox and co) and also then seiged down RED guild and Wessex keep(Oasis). This was notable for many reasons but mostly for the one sided mass of players that sought out and destroyed KOV/WESSEX keeps outnumbering the enemy in most fights 4 to 1 and this action led to a string of future nutcup activities in the coming wars."

Major Guilds/Coalitions
Ninth Legion (IX)* - Many ex-FURY players and a few ex-AQ, formed to control the North
The Guttersnipes (Guts)
Fallen Legion (FL)
Eclipse (EC)* - Pretty much ENVY under a new name
Forsaken (FOR)
DOOM - Primarily Russian, this group split off from FL and strived for quality over quantity

Famous Players
Warchild (Politician/Alchemist) - IX -
Rankor (Politician) -FOR-
Arfete (Politician) - FOR -
Mortalitas (Politician) - GUTS -
POCKOCMOC (Fast PvPer) - FL -
Smasher (PvPer) - EC -
Retox (Event Organizer/Politician) - TBH/VIS -

PvP Meta
Awakening gives birth to the art of Line Fighting, where heavy warriors take the front line and protect their mages. Kiting becomes difficult and sometimes impossible, and the meta begins to favor larger and larger groups. Awakening brought concentrations of health potions to certain guilds, and created the emergence of the Dominator class as a powerful force. Dominated pets such as demon bats, nitre guardians, combat lykiators, and molvas were able to single-handedly change the course of fights. Any group that left its territory without a myriad of pets were putting themselves at major risk.

Notable Videos
EC vs IX/Bats
Guar Hill Event
Guts Recruitment Video
Bat Kill Squad a
The Fall of WSX Keep - 3rd Gabarian War footage
Battle for Wolf Pass
Kubalay v Paprotny - Hype Duel
Kubalay - Glove Coming Off
KOV Handling a Loss
The Myth of Solo PvP - Hemeth
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The Cuppening(July 2013 - September 2014)

Political History

In the aftermath of IX's fall, relations began to worsen betwixt Eclipse (EC) and her former allies, notably the Guttersnipes (Guts). This became even more problematic when several ex-IX players joined EC. The Guts-led coalition (ID, DA, FL, ES, PARA) would face off in two major wars with EC and her allies (RPK, KDF and, later, Quad, NWO, PAI & Fate). The latter force became known as the Good Guy Alliance (GGA). These clashes would define the time period, which ends with the fall of the G.P.E. (Guts, Para, ES, and others. aka "Nutcup") Alliance and the arrival of the Territory Control patch.

Major Wars

First War of the Southern Bend
My own (EC-biased, likely) point of view:

After relations worsened between EC and Guts/FL/ES/PARA, war broke out over the removal of Guttersnipe control towers which had been placed in territory that EC insisted was her de jure property. The war began with skirmishes between control towers, but this did not last long. Soon after the war began, RPK and Quad offered immediate assistance to EC out of mutual disdain for the Guts/FL/ES/PARA (GPE) Alliance. Because of their limited numbers, this war was set from the beginning to be a defensive war for the northern alliance of EC/RPK and Quad.

On 19 September 2013, the GPE Alliance lay siege to EC's critically important control tower in their home town of Kranesh. The control tower allowed EC's keep to maintain full defences, and removing the tower would allow GPE to siege EC keep much more quickly. GPE arrived at the control tower with a very strong force and met a force almost exclusively comprised of veteran EC players. The fighting lasted for hours, well into the night as the EC squad used their homefield advantage (many had multiple characters logged off in Kranesh) and knowledge of the landscape to eventually win the fight (Find Video: Hoofshoes I below). Unfortunately for EC, the control tower was lost before the fight could be won, and thus it was a strategic victory for GPE.

When 20 September 2013 arrived, the GPE was well-prepared for a day of sieging. One of the largest forces ever gathered in Mortal Online arrived at Kranesh Keep (owned by Eclipse) and began to lay siege. EC called in as many allies as possible, with RPK and some members of FATE grouping up with EC and KDF in the town of Kranesh to launch an offensive on the sieging force. The EC/RPK/KDF force attempted to break the siege but found that they could not compete with the opposition's numbers (see The Last War). As the day progressed, the EC/RPK/KDF force attempted to break the keep siege three times and failed in all three attempts, retreating to Kranesh and regrouping each time. As the keep's health was nearing 20%, the defending force noticed that, although they had not yet penetrated the enemy line and slowed the siege, the attacking force had a more difficult time regearing than the defenders, and thus the GPE lines had significantly thinned. The defenders gave one last push towards the keep and this time, after over 6 hours of stalemate, retreat, and losses, they were successful. The sieging force routed and the keep was saved with only 8% health remaining. That night, 50 players sat in Kranesh keep repairing, and it was up to 80% health by the morning. That would be the last time any keep was significantly threatened during the war, with EC/RPK/KDF launching unsuccessful assaults on FL and DA keeps. After months of warfare, the will to fight was fairly low from both sides and a treaty was signed by myself and Diphrael, thus ending the war.

The Sides:
EC, RPK, KDF, Quad and a few FATE members
Guts, Para, ES, FL, RLC, ID, DA

Second War of the Southern Bend
As it turns out, the peace agreement between EC and Guts would be more of a temporary ceasefire rather than true peace. However, the Second War of the Southern Bend is a very different story than its predecessor. For one, the Second War was primarily spear-headed by two individuals: Lexorn and Pluro. Both of these players had little respect for the GPE Alliance and wished for it to crumble. After voiding the EC/Guts treaty, Pluro began to sow the seeds of war whilst Lexorn and Quad prepared siege plans. Tensions came to boil when PAI, a historical friend of FATE, EC, etc, had their assets sieged by FL. Days later, the Second War of the Southern Bend began. The Second War of the Southern Bend is best known for the relentlessness of the GGA's keep destruction schedule. The pace and effeciency with which the GPE keeps were eliminated was unprecedented. The only war of a similar scale would be the Second Gabarian War, and only two keeps were destroyed during its course. In contrast, 4 keeps were destroyed during the Second War of the Southern Bend within one week. Towards the end of the week, the GGA tremendously outnumbered the GPE alliance and the one-sided war would see the downfall of many southern powers, such as FL, ES, and RLC.

The Sides:
"The GGA"
"GPE" or "Bad Boy Alliance" or "The Nutcup"
Guts, Para, ES, FL, RLC, ID, DA (ID and DA would later switch sides)

Finnley's Siege Analysis

ES siege (October 2014)
Siege won
Siege happend in two days, badly prepared cause all GGA sieges kinda happened on the fly
On the first day we just breached the walls and filled holders with boulders
On the secound day we sieged with three mangs firing nonstop
Quick pic i drew in rage after people did not get the plan and i had to repeat it a million times.

On the first day when we where only filling our holders we got into the keep cause a TBH member Kronic? opened the keep door under unknown circumstances, from what i have heared it cause a bit of Drama between TBH and ES. Since we had acces to the keep we where tempted to do the full siege right away but then we decided to keep it save and stick to the plan. Until the next day we kept gank squads in their keep building and pallisade and made it almost impossible for them to act.

Honourable mention: Rhodri fired a mang into his own group.

Close to the end of the siege we placed a few deamon pillers, one of the rather new members of ES tryed to flee from the demons and opened the keep door, we got in and wiped all resistance forces.
There was already little resistance but this was the final nail into their coffin.

Sadly nothing from ELY keep siege, when they had BakTi keep..
I just remember that they had a shitton of repairers, that the siege lasted over 12 hours and that we calculated that we must have shot around 5-6k boulders at it based on our PP loss.

This is my PoV you might have experienced it differently.

Major Guilds/Coalitions

EC* (EC renamed as 7L during this era)
Imperial Dreams (ID) - true to their name, this politically active southern guild had a strong TC grip
FATE - emerged from the merger of VNG & ARC & DOOM, this southern guild acquired a keep and made colorful political decisions under the leadership of Lexorn
Quadra Khans (QUAD)* - Northern guild with a strong European shift and plentiful resources
RPK* - Some call them "The most hated guild in MO," they turn trolling into an art and feed off the tears of their enemies. They fielded a strong mounted force during this era.
Fallen Legion (FL)
Parabellum (PARA) - Strilan's mighty warriors
Relic (RLC) - Southern guild with strong numbers and top-end material resources, often aligned with
Nave World Order (NWO) - Baktian guild, provided strong numbers and logistics for the 2nd War of the Southern Bend
Shadow Squad (ES) - A key member of the G.P.E alliance. This Spanish-speaking guild has a long and colourful history in Mortal Online, owning various keeps since 2010

Famous Players
Lexorn (Politician)
Mortalitas (Politician)
Pluro (Politricker)
Ademes (Politician)

PvP Meta
During this era, line fighting remained the meta for foot PvP. As this era progressed, mounted mechanics such as bunnyhammer mauls and spearlances made the game heavily skewed towards mounteds, with foot PvP becoming a rarity. This was exacerbated by the fact that there was no working dismount mechanic for much of this era.

Hoof Magazine's Photos of the Era
Photographer: Pampanga
Title: Selfie Mode - FL Keep

Notable Videos

Hoofshoes I - 1st War of the Southern Bend, the night before the siege of Kranesh Keep
Keeping Kranesh Keep Clear - 1st War of the Southern Bend Footage (WOSB)
The Last War - More 1st WOSB Footage NOTE: This is considered one of the largest battles in MO history, with well over 150 players present.
Battle for FL Keep - 1st WOSB, Guts/ES/FL successful defence of FL keep
Seventh - Aka the Battle of Lootbag Hill (EC/7L disturbs KotO keep siege)
Nutcup v GGA - Large fight that began the 2nd WOSB Tukh

Nutcup v Epic Nutcup - 2nd WOSB Footage
The Fall of ES Keep - 2nd WOSB Footage
More ES Keep siege footage
Second War of the Southern Bend - A Chronology
Defensa FL Keep - 2nd WOSB, showing the mounted meta of much of the war
G.P.E. v Zerg - 2nd WOSB, displaying the massive force of the "GGA" as the war progressed

Mortal Online PvP - Solo
RPK - Hayasa 1v4
Doom vs 7L - Probably the most depressing fight in the game for me. I was on VERB and my neighbourhood's power went out right before the fight began. I was in full cronite. Dead on login. RIP. This fight was really the worst defeat that 7L/EC was ever dealt in the history of the guild, and proved that other guilds could challenge them for the best PvP guild title. Unfortunately, the victorious DOOM group didn't stay together for too long afterward, with many names tagged in DOOM during this video never fighting for them again. The DOOM core remained, with Kuzen as their immortal leader/mascot.
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The Shifting Sands (September 2014 - September 2015)

Political History
The sands shift as Territory Control is added and Sarducca is released. Guild come loudly and depart quietly. Unit rises to power in the South whilst many guilds comprising the GGA crumbled in the aftermath of their victorious war. The GPE/BBA returned for a brief time before disintegrating once more.

Major Wars

Third War of the Southern Bend - BBA's Retribution

Quick Summary from Turban:
It was really a cluster fuck of people switching sides and small things leading up to (the third WOSB). Lexorn was the main instigator on his crusade against factions that lost nothing in 2nd bend. Targeted Eyes palisade with RPK and Kuthara(Koto) in GUTS territory, whilst in a 12 hour pocket before the EYES siege, attacking ONYX, QUAD etc assets(previous allies to FATE in the 2nd bend) which ignited the formation of the BBA in response to FATE throwing its weight around.

It had the same agenda as the second bend with the same commanders just a few guilds changed sides due to out of the blue political events. There was a smaller conflict that carried in continuation from the 2nd bend, which was FATE vs ID + DEUS I think it was which saw FATE keep turning to rubble for the first time in this era. While fighting ID etc FATE kind of attacked factions from the second bend which continued past agendas. Through the duration of the war, FATE's allies dropped out of the war which made them severely outnumbered.

Malathion's Perspective + Videos
Aug & Sept of 2014 - Fate keep sieged 3 way Quad / 7L / Fate

November 2014 - Ol Mymopolis (SOS) retaliation including Fate, VH, Rpk vs ID,ELY,Deus,SOS,Req

December 2014 - Random sieges EMR Deuse palisades siege, Req palisade siege
Jan 2015 - Quad dual strike (quad defense)

Random Guerrilla strikes on onyx, guts, para- which led to Fate keep siege and collapse of alliance and strengthening of the BBA.

End Jan 2015 - Fate keep siege

Finnley's Siege Analysis
Siege plan from the first Fate siege (Some where between Dezember 2014 - Januarry 2015)

My biased Pov (Quad)

Hodorian Alliance (Quad+HERJ+HOPE) vs Fate+RPK+Friends

Goal was to destroy their banks and TC structures

Attack failed
We did a few mistakes, our mangs did not do full damage troughout most of the siege cause we have put them too far away and we did not realize it in time cause of the builders.
We where also spotted pretty early on in the siege and the siege was overall pretty badly prepared without any prerun boulders cause we underestimated the enemy repairers.
The defenders mobilized a huge amount of builders to slow down our progress on breaching the walls.
Once the wall was breached they used the inner ring around the keep building as save zone to regear, regroup and harass our mangs. They tryed to outrepair the damage pretty sucessfully and managed to slow down our progress until our lines thined out and EC/7L arrived as a "third" party.
They cyrceled us until they had us sandwiched with Fate.
After we had to give up the siege they left and Fate could rebuild their gap in the wall.


Fate Siege 2 (18 Januarry 2015?)
QUAD / HERJ / HUE / HOPE / ONYX / GUTS / ID / SOS / ELY / RLC vs Lexorn, rest was asleep

Siege Won
A very smooth siege, boulders where prerun and we had three mangs fire nonstop.
Fate morale was lowered by smaller skirmishes troughout the week before.
Siege started in late EU morning / midday.
In the night before the siege date US timezone ppl baited Fate out so they where exhausted and asleep the next morning.

The War of the Relics
I am going to share the story of my POV in previous war. It's old war and I don't care if any hidden information have revealed.
First of all, RPK attacked ELY's relic and the relic went gone due to game mechanic. The next server restart, guys told me they heard a sound of the relic so I went out scouting with few men and we see ID have the same relic on the salvia cliff. Next thing, KotO, ES and one of Quad member brought up to siege remove the relic so I went to design the siege plan to remove the relic from ID on the salvia cliff. However, everyone wants to go for ID keep, so siege plans changed and Quad opt out.
Bam! There are many guild members came from RPK, SOAP, ES, KotO and RAIN were eager join the siege force. In conclusion, we blew up ID keep with Grayfox's crew help. After the keep siege, my siege plan to acquire the relic has began and it was successful. The relic moved to ES keep.
After ID keep blew up, we went for ELY keep which was operate by SOAP. This siege had ton of good pvp fights, DOOM and DRED were involved. The DRED involvement leads to Quad and HERJ joins the siege force to try to destroy ELY keep. However, the siege went disaster. Most of guys became discouraged about Mortal Online after the OP guard that made the game, not the skill based anymore. So the war faded right there, and leaving KotO and ES sitting in the war with some RPK, SOAP, Quad and HERJ motivated members.
DDOS server happened, it delayed and ruined the siege events. The most guys became more discouraged due to unstable server, then Sarducca patch released. KotO and ES sold the keep and moved to Sarducca with the relic. After all, war has faded out and everyone in ESKO side dodge getting sieged by selling their keep. ESKO went inactive, half of SOAP members quits the game, so is Quad and HERJ. Few weeks later, someone leaked the information the password to the gate into ESKO keep and ELY, DRED and ID ninja the relic. ELY have the relic again.
In conclusion, the war was fun and good fights! It was much pleased for me to blow up so many TC structures and watch ID burns!
It was a war of stagnation and server down time
Server down time caused by DDOS
I think a few guilds disbanded and or went inaktiv in the progress.
I was bussy IRL so i wasnt as involved as usal.. someone else should write something about it.
No idea how or when it started i just know Quad did not wanted to get involved at all cause we where really inactive and it was not our war but both sides wanted our support and fed us propaganda on why we should join, at one point ELY/ID started working with Killox and he started attacking our assets so we joined ESKO RPK side.
short version of the war:
RPK sieged ELY pet relic and ELY lost it due to mechanic
Next day ID got the pet relic
ESKO, RPK and SOAP sieges ID keep
ID lost one of their keeps
ID lost the pet relic at salvia cliff
The pet relic moved to ES keep
RPK build the keep on ID spot
Quad joined the war
RPK keep got ninja sieged
Many siege attempts on ELY keep in the jungle
OP guards where OP
It was a back and forth in the jungle with alot of TC assets getting destroyed
SOAP abandoned the keep, moved to their old spot in the vadda village
SOAP got blown up the day before Sarducca
Sarducca released
ESKO moved to Sarducca along with the pet relic
Someone leaked the password information into ESKO keep and ELY/ID/DRED ninja the relic
ELY have the pet relic again
ESKO, SOAP, Quad went inactive that where the war ends right there

Again I think, the war was all about the power of the pet relic

Hoof Magazine's Photos of the Era
Photographer: Rathgar
This screenshot was taken during the 3rd WOSB, the group seen here is the BBA as they were grouping near the besieged ID keep. The BBA successfully lifted the siege. The video of the fight can be found below.

Notable Videos
ID Keep - BBA v GGA (3rd WOSB footage)
Epic Siege Battle (3rd WOSB)
Slaughter at the Gates - Fate/RPK vs Quad/Guts Skirmish
Quad Siege Defense (3rd WOSB footage) + sweet musics
Fate Keep Siege (3rd WOSB's ending)
ID Siege (War of Relics)
Veteran Mercenary one-shotting people (War of Relics)
Soap Palisade Siege (War of Relics)
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The Steam Revolution (September 2015 - Present)
Political History
As Steam arrives, newbies swarm the towns whilst some veteran guilds mercilessly slaughter the innocents.

Major Wars

Major Guilds/Coalitions

Famous Players

The PvP Meta

Hoof Magazine's Photos of the Era

Notable Videos
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Special Thanks to: Pockets, The Archivist, The Scholar, Favonius, Darran, PonyKnight, Turban, Necromantic, NineOneSix, Cyde, PlopPlop, Atros, Eldrath and Casilda


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Fate was VNG + ARC + DOOM guild.

There no Kuzen name in this history page, no word about DEMI, no word about RLC.
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Fate was VNG + ARC + DOOM guild.

There no Kuzen name in this history page, no word about DEMI, no word about RLC.
I did mention RLC! Kuzen would be in one of the most recent eras, some of which I havent filled out yet. DEMI was relevant to MO history? How? I'd like to hear the argument.

I changed the Fate details



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Not to forget that in the old days AI always considered WSX to be friends until they actively tried to alienate AI from their allies behind their backs to to gain bonus points with their Masters in PROM. They underestimated the loyalty and friendships that had formed in the past and present between involved guilds. Over a period of very self destructive strive to gain favor and better their own position with the side they thought would win WSX soon had nobody left anymore that had any real respect for them. At that point even the last person had realized WSX would sacrifice even their closest friends if it gave them benefits and their claim of neutrality was long lost.
A little bit lacking in mention of RLC/Ely involvement imo. Due to our alliance with FL you could lump us in with them for awakening era.

For the Cuppening era as RLC we held two keeps and were heavily involved against GGA (losing 1 keep). Subsequently rebranded as ELY but still the same people, we defended two substantial keep sieges at sunken isles from neo-GGA (thats 3 in 3 months not counting assisting allies) then also pulled a lot of weight as part of the BBA in taking down Fate.

I'm not sure why RPK or Para would be mentioned as a major guild or coalition by comparison unless you still considered us as FL. We were mutual asset defense status by then rather than allies.

For shifting sands era you have the formation of ESKO alliance and the big campaign against ID/ELY. Throw in Soap, Quad, RPK, Herj, Dred, Hawk and sundry others getting involved and its pretty close to a server war in which there were several attempted sieges, one being successful. That might be a more interesting thing to mention than Unit buying BLGD keep and restoring the TC village South of town.

This guild has been around in one form or another since 2010 and for almost 100% of that time been a keep holder. Who other than ES, a guild which also was very involved but not much mentioned, can say that?
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