A Story about a King a Mercenary and the aide

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This story is written from memory so it might not be the exact telling of the story of these 3 great men.
Whose story was once printed on the landscape of the land.

It all started near the cost of Meduli where I met him the King even if he wasnt much like one at the time, he just returnted to this land claiming he would be King(The man liked his drink) He told me a story about his past in this land as one of the generals of a great faction. The King looked at me and sed "You there! you will join me!"

As man who lost his fortune while I was Traveling unexplored lands, nothing to lose and none the less verry intrigued in this man who called him self King even though all he had where the rags that was supposed to be his clothing.

The King led me to a Outpost he had near Vadda on our way there we met a Wandering mercenary who was looking for work and a place to stay
With out new compainion we set out the outpost to build up strenght. We stayd there trained and made usefull Allies in the shadows

As so it begun the Kings guild was reborn Requiem