Alchemy for the Masses

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Wondering if neutralizers are even worth...


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I'm trying to volumize as well as neutralize elements of an already ridiculous potion to mass produce it without diluting it terribly.
Nothing bad about the guide or anything, but volumizers and neutralizers are efficient when you dont have hands on 13 good multipliers. The ultimate potion exists out of 1 base and 13 multipliers(ofc I have to note with that, that some of them a hybrids like they do a fair job at multiplying aswel as neutralizing).


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I've re-read the guide and I'd like to add in some more information. In the past years theres more knowledge available about the skills, lores, materials and more and it would be a good thing to add this since some of the information is just a pain to test/experiment with. It would take alot of time off the hands of beginning alchemists.
First at topic 1. Character builds:
Advanced Potion Making (increases number of ingredients and result of potions)
This is completely true, but I just want to add in that the result of potions vary ALOT based on your Advanced potion making.
I came across this when I was teaching a person the ropes of alchemy.
Im gonna spoil some information here(wich has already been done by a person on the forums so, not really a spoil anymore if you would just use the search function).
When making purify potion you need a certain amount of direct healing. For a fact I know that pure sea dew leafs(so 11 sea dew leafs for 1PU) is enough for the reaction of purify to happen, IF you have 100 skill level Advanced potion making.
My disciple at the time had 92 and full lores in botany(+sub skills). He used the same method I was using and was not able to pull it off. Meaning these 8 levels in advanced potion making(at 92 he did have 14 slots though) made the direct healing too low to turn it into purify.
So be aware, if you are planning on making HP/purify potions and using expensive ingrediënts, dont bother if you havent maxed out your advanced potion making, because it would be a big waste.
Judging by the sliders(compared both potions) it showed atleast a difference of 4-7HP(estimated).

At topic 2. Types of materials:
at Base(B) it would be nice to adress that the higher the DH property on the raw material is, the higher the DH on the potion result:
Example(numbers are made up):
90 sea dew + 5 muse fruit + 5 red jamburra = 20hp/10PU
90 Sea dew leafs + 5 muse fruit + 5 red jamburra = 25hp/10PU.
Meaning, If you have a recipe(like in your example recipes) where you have a potion for 26hp/10PU with a base of sea dew, it would become a better potion(more DH) if you'd only replace that base with a higher tier base, like sea dew leafs.

At topic 5. Testing:
I would like to comment on the volumizers.
A volumizer can be very usefull if your base is very expensive. But If we are honest, barely any veteran alchemists use this because looking at your example: 85 salvia + 16 muse fruit = 18hp/10PU wich is equal to 100 salvia + 1 salvia = 18hp/10PU. Now when making a potion, you're looking for that increase in direct healing rather than using less base and keeping the DH the same. If you have muse fruit available, in my opinion its more efficiënt, instead of using it as volumizer to save up 12 salvia, rather than using it as a multiplier. Im not sure about the real numbers, but if you would take 97 salvia + 4 muse fruit it might become 19hp/10PU. Because this way you're at that curve where the muse fruit is at its top as a multiplier.

Im not saying the information about volumizers is wrong, but its abit misleading to new alchemists and they should be made aware that making a potion with 13 multipliers + 1 base is gonna be way more efficient than using 10 multipliers + 3 volumizers + 1 base, just to spare some base material.

Also, I'm not sure how other alchemists feel about this, but theres another kind of volumizer, lets say you have salvia to use. You can make 20PU of 110HP/10PU(using oil) or with that same salvia you can make 60PU of 80hp/10PU(using carpels). Now lets say instead you'd make 10PU of 110hp/10PU and 30 units of 80hp/10PU. Mix them together and you get 40PU of 87.5hp/10PU. This means you have a stronger potion than the 80hp/10PU and more PU than the 20PU you have of the 110hp/10PU. In some cases this can decrease the production costs alot in ratio with selling price.
I consider this as volumizer aswel.

At multipliers:
with 100 salvia + 1 basileus, you switched 10PU / 18.5 HP, wich is abit confusing. I'd recommend to always write HP/PU so 18.5HP/10PU

At 7. Creating kegs:
I've noticed with various recipes that "dry" & "Liquid" materials have an impact on the PU. Something you dont notice in small quantities like 10PU.
Having alot of "dry" materials, like a neutralizer; bor, maybe cause your potion to be abit less PU on a larger scale. on a 10PU basis, it might be that infact you've only created 9.99PU wich is rounded up to 10PU in the vials. If you make a 1k keg, its multiplied by 100, and you notice that you wont have a full keg, but have 999PU.
This can also happen with "liquid" materials, Ive noticed in my recipe that I get a nice 10PU when I do it on small basis, but when i want to make 1k it could be more. Now, Ive once made 1k PU into a 4k keg and noticed I got 1004PU(sometimes even more depending on the recipe). So, in other words, It might be usefull to use a bigger keg than the amount you're aiming for and maybe you get a few bonus PU.
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I've re-read the guide and I'd like to add in some more information. ....
All of your suggestions were great, thank you! I did make a few changes, and your input was very valuable to the community as a whole.
Back from the dead after a LONG while, I was wondering...
Is poison a legitimate thing now? Meaning, is it possible to trick people with potions or food, because before, if I'd give a bad potion (meaning it'll kill instead of heal) the player could just see the stats on it... Is it still so?
Agree or Disagree, but us Alchemists like to have a use rather than pump out barrels of potions "The Braves" are just going to lose when they die on the battlefield =p

The introduction of poison in this game could very well be game changing...

What I would like to see...:

Poison should be able to be applied to weaponheads and/or arrowsheads. We could have a diversity of effects that already are ingame... Like regular poison, food poisoning, stamina drain and mana drain.
Also, being able to create potions or discover the effects of potions. If that was only available to us, well-practised in the art... That would be useful!

BUT... For balancing issues, I would say that potions, that have to be potent, need to be extremely diluted, ergo, needing ALOT of base material


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Read from page 1 to 18. Very good info all round. Thanks to all who helped put this together.


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For 50hp pots PM me


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Is your recipe different from any other 50-52hp pot floating around? You can just help the "masses" ;)
iuno, my recipe is probably alot easier than the other one floating around... it's a custom made one for mass production


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iuno, my recipe is probably alot easier than the other one floating around... it's a custom made one for mass production

I will give you the biggest hug for the recipe? Deal?!?
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